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Bengals want Gold?


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New Orleans is turning into the Bengals of the NFC, if they haven't already. It figures both teams are reported as looking at Gold.

I'd pass.

Considering they took a couple of our corpses last year, I'd say they've taken it up a level. :D

Edit: Jets are shopping Vilma (or more accurately, letting him shop himself to anyone but the Patsies). Any interest?

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Key up Hoosiers "Old...

Actually I think membengal started that...fits here tho, you're right. :lol:

Every time I turn around there's another trade rumor. For example, Schefter over at nfl.com thinks we'll trade for both Shaun Rogers and (because of our "need" at corner :huh:) DeAngelo Hall.

And of course we're still trading Chad just as soon as he agrees to pay back his signing bonus...:rolleyes:

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Sounds like there is plenty of guys out there to improve the defense with...question is how much the Bengals actually do. If you go by past history, the Bengals will probably sign away a couple water boys from a team or two.

If the Bengals could trade a 4th rounder for Vilma...a 5th rounder for Rodgers...I am willing to bet the get they compensatory picks to make up for it. Really if the Bengals are going to improve this year a great deal of it is going to have to come through trades and the draft, because a great deal of the top tier free agents got tagged by there teams. Boy I sure am glad to have the Bengals paying Stacey Andrews $7-8 Mil per year. :rolleyes:

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