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Does this bring any Bengal to mind?


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Despite his immaturity, I don't get the impression right now that the Bengals' players dislike Chad in the way that the Giants players apparently can't stand Tiki. I do think there's a point where the time the team has to spend trying to get Chad to act like an adult could be spent elsewhere.

The question is, what Chad do we get this year? He's still one of the best WRs in the game if he gets his head straight. He runs precise routes when he's not running the wrong one. He can make incredible catches, but he also gets a case of dropsy sometimes (like this past year). He has the best sideline technique of any receiver I think I've ever seen. Only hole in his game is whenever he has to be physical, which shows up in his inability to get YAC or blocks downfield.

There are a lot of issues to work out. Can he and Carson get on the same page in terms of routes? Can he get his hands back to where they were? Is he going to keep trying to weasle a trade out of town? Is he willing and able to dedicate himself to winning next year in Cincinnati?

I don't know if anyone other than Chad knows the answer to those questions, and that's the problem.

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Sounds just like Kevin Kaesveharn. Glad he left. Our defense got much better.

C'mon, that's not fair. He was a capable backup coverage safety who stepped up big when forced into a starting role. And, if memory serves me correctly, iced a couple of games with big-time picks.

He wasn't an all-pro, and he's not a guy you'd intentionally enter the season as a starter, but let's give the guy some credit.

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