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Who wins this years Superbowl?

The Giants or the Patriots?  

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  1. 1. Call the Superbowl in relation to the spread.

    • New England wins and BEATS the spread.
    • New England wins and DOES NOT BEAT the spread.
    • New York wins and throws the spread out the window.

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I'm going with NY on this one guys.

If you all have noticed there has been a steep decrease in the patriots games after there BYE. Ever since then they have been beatable, teams just crumble at the last quarter and let them take control again. But with two weeks to study films and perfect plays that will most likely work against NE. The Giants have as good of a chance if not better of winning the Superbowl.

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1. If New England managed to tape New York's walk through, and tap into their helmet microphone stream, Patriots wins and cover.

2. If New England only taped the walkthrough, but can't listen to New York's helmet calls, Patriots win but don't cover.

3. If New England tapped into New York's helmet communication system, but didn't manage to tape their walk through, then New Eng..., aw, forget it, you know damn well they taped the walk through.

New England wins and Roger Goodell says everything Bob Kraft tells him to say,

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Is anyone planning on hosting/going to any Superbowl parties BTW? Even though it's presently snowing here in Prescott Arizona, I'll be grilling outside at a neighbors house, and watching the game on his new, HUGE HDTV!


I'm STOKED! 4zch639.jpg

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