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Terelle Pryor

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Here is an interesting read from the Detroit press.

"JAMES JAHNKE: Why nation's No. 1 recruit Terrelle Pryor should pick Ohio State over Michigan

January 10, 2008



If Terrelle Pryor, perhaps the No. 1 football recruit in the country, wants to start as a freshman, he should go to Michigan. There's no doubt about that.

He's a quarterback in the mold of Vince Young, tall and mobile. Given the depleted state of the Wolverines' depth chart, the Jeannette, Pa., product would be the first-stringer the moment he signed on the dotted line.

But if his ultimate designs are on the NFL – and whose aren't at that age? – he should go to Ohio State. There, he won't be thrown to the wolves before he's ready.

There, he'll have to earn his position. And there, he'll better learn how to be an NFL signal caller.

Rich Rodriguez's zone-read offense is tailor-made for Pryor. But what will that do for him at the next level? West Virginia quarterback Pat White – Rodriguez's former pupil -- is a terrific college player, but his best bet for an NFL future is as a cornerback or kick returner. Granted, Pryor has better physical tools than White. But NFL teams will be skeptical of a QB coming out of a zone-read offense, no matter how talented he is.

Ohio State certainly would add some zone-read facets to its offense to best utilize Pryor, but the Buckeyes likely would fold those into a more well-rounded scheme – incorporating the traditional play-action and downfield passing attacks -- similar to what Texas did when it had Young. It's critical that NFL evaluators see some drop-back passing on film. How often does White drop back at West Virginia?


The other advantage for a quarterback avoiding a straight-up zone-read offense is longevity. Every time Pryor runs the ball, he risks blowing out his knee. He would, of course, also run at OSU, but not as much as at U-M. You can get hurt in the pocket, too, but it's much safer in there than out on the edge, trying to juke safeties and linebackers diving at your legs every play.

The final point in the Buckeyes' favor is the trusted theory that quarterbacks, like offensive linemen, are best served by easing into the lineup. How did Jimmy Clausen look at Notre Dame this year? And Ryan Mallett at U-M? They were the consensus top two freshman QBs in the country, and Pryor could face a similar situation if he starts from day one at U-M next season. If he were to attend OSU, he'd probably back up incumbent Todd Boeckman next fall, playing a series here and there and causing havoc in the red zone. Then, after Boeckman graduates, the offense is all his in 2009. Sound like Tim Tebow's career to anyone?

We won't even get into the fact that Pryor is tight with most of OSU's verbal commitments – they stuck a Buckeye sticker on his helmet at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl last weekend, and he didn't take it off.

This will be mostly a business decision for Pryor. If he wants to start right away, it's Ann Arbor. But if he wants to groom himself for an NFL future – and know what it's like to win the last game of the regular season – it's Columbus."


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If his ultimate goal is becoming a Pro QB he should go to UCLA and learn under Chow.

Can't support you there. I hope Ohio State gets him adding more hatered from the lowly Wolve fans as the Bucks continue to dominate the rivalry. Nothing would make me happier then to see the Wolves continue to lose to the Bucks!!!!!

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I know this was me being naive to the ways of the NFL but I was genuinely shocked to see Troy Smith go in the fifth. I thought he was at least a third round pick. I never thought his height would be such an issue. He's already a better QB than some of the so called superstars, IMO. *cough* VY *cough*. How the hucking fell Brodie Croyle was picked ahead of him, I'll never know.

The Ravens hopefully pick a QB in the first though so that they neglect their aging defence somewhat and squander an opportunity to actually let a QB capable of passing the ball short and long and running when necessary from starting.

I wish the Canes had some real top notch QBs. I'm hopeful about Robert Marve but not as excited as some about Jacory Harris. I think Cannon Smith is the real gem in our ranks. A smart QB at Miami again. Whoda thunk it?

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As good as Ohio State has been recently, he's got a better shot at winning a national championship at Michigan.

OSU is used to going through the season having the better athletes. Period. But when they are going against equally athletic competition, they don't do anything offensively to put pressure on the defense. They run their off tackle plays and will make an occasional big play, but you saw what happened in the LSU game. LSU had multiple packages and formations to confuse them, and a ran read plays that put pressure on the defense. Ohio State doesn't do any of that. And until they do, they'll keep losing national championship games.

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OSU wins more w/ less than majority of College football. They mold their best players from 2 to 3 star players that were barely recruited by any other schools (Hawk, The Animal). They did choke against Florida becuase of their offensive line but last year was a rebuilding year and they still made it to the National Championship. Michigan hasn't won a outright championship since I've been watching football so his chances their are slim considering they are worse off now than they have ever been. OSU did win the championship in 2002 w/ a team that didn't have near as much talent as Miami. Tressel is one of the best coaches out their and he fiinds a way to get the best out of his players. It is down to OSU and Penn State, Michigan is out of the running. He did manage to get laid by a sorority chick when he made his visit to Michigan so his trip wasn't wasted. The girls that Rich set him up w/ to show him around had a contest of who could get him in bed and somebody won.

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