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Palmer promo / Picks FA's vs Cuts


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We got a little side tracked @ another topic site about free agents vs cuts ... where they are etc. Got me to thinking about Akili, Klingler, and now Palmer.

I have mixed feelings about Klingler. On the one hand he was totally mishandled so we won't ever know what he could have done. On the other, he did act a little Ryan Leafish at times, so you don't know that he would have done better with good coaching.

I hate to say it, but I thought Smith was a bust from day one and I don't think any coach in football could have done anything with him. He got a fair shot on a new team that has good coaching and couldn't beat out a 5th round draft pick for the 3rd spot. Going in, he stated he was confident that he could learn from Favre for a year and then be ready to take over.

Brings us to Palmer. I'm glad that coach Lewis is sticking to his plan. Palmer is going to be the guy next year, but I don't think it would be fair to not let him on the field this year and then try to settle it in training camp next year and causing a potential controversy.

As long as we're in contention and Kitna stays healthy, I don't think there's any way Palmer sees anything but clean-up when the game is won or hopelessly lost. Either way , late in the 4th quarter. Even if we fall out of contention, I still don't see Palmer starting a game before the last 2 or 3. I've heard what a few people are saying about " if Kitna has a meltdown" . Sorry but Kitna doesn't melt down. I said on the other topic that I'd like to see Kitna here next year because he would still have a lot that he could teach to a 2nd year quarterback. I think he would do every thing he could to help Palmer and the team, and I think that Palmer has the respect for Kitna that would make him open to the advice. When he's done playing I think Kitna is definite coaching material.

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