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Rivals Early Mock

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Yikes, I surely hope RB isn't the direction they go in with the 1st pick, let alone Slaton who I don't think would be a good value top 10 pick.

As if this team doesn't need a LB, OT/G/C or DT/E?

They can get by with the RB's they have on IR and on the roster for now I think.

Is this shaping up to be a weak LB draft? Figures if so!

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Yeah, I saw that too.....

lol, as if our RB was convoluted and muddled up enough as it is....

Cincinnati cannot possibly go RB with the #1 pick 2 years in a row. Please God no!! Once every three years is more than enough. (Unless maybe you reach two rounds too early and waste one of those picks on a porcelain P.O.S. from Michigan! <_< )

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The new Rivals mock have the Bengals takin DT Sedrick Ellis from USC. I prefer Vernon Gholston, but I could be fine with Ellis if the Bengals go to the 3-4 and use him as a DE, as long as they get a Big NT later in the draft. As for Slaton, Rivals has him going (if he declares) to Seattle.

Rivals New Mock Draft

It would be great to get Ellis...

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I would be fine with Ellis, or Gholston, or Keith Rivers.

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