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Bengal Fines


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I saw an article on how 3 eagles and a viking got fined for different defense plays where someone on their defense got fined. I would be willing to start a pot to pay for a fine if someone on our Defense would step up and hit the hell out of someone.

Our WR's go across the middle or up in the air, and they get hit hard (even by the browns mind you if you remember Chads hit last year). I cannot recall one of our DB's/ linebackers laying a hit on someone that I thought would hurt. Madieu has the potential but, he hasnt even shown it this year. All the good defenses have the one or two individuals that will straight put you on your arse, but ours has not had a punisher in many years. Think of the good teams and I gurantee you will find a hard hitter that other offenses shy away from.

Indy: Bob Sanders

Washington: Sean Taylor

Patriots: used to be Harrison, now you can pretty much pick a player

Steelers: past porter, present Troy P.

Baltimore: past Ray lewis, not sure now

Philly: Brian Dawkins

Dallas: Roy Williams

We thought we were getting a hitter in DJAX but I have yet to see a hit which made me jump. Not that one player makes a difference to the aggregate but it has to shy away the WR and at least get the Defense pumped up. I know it got me pumped when someone would hit the snot out of someone.

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Anyway, it just furthers my point that this defense plays with absolutely NO FIRE !!!

You can't blame anyone but the coaching staff for that. They're the ones who hold the matches to start the fire. If they don't strike it, the defense simply won't ignite. <_<

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Billy, ever since I have come to this board, it seems this is one area (there are others as well) that we can FULLY agree upon. The defense blows and the coaches are the ones that need to shoulder the responsibility. Now, where we may differ slightly is, I believe Chuck Bresnahan is ULTIMATELY responsible for the failures of the defense. I know the LB issues we are looking at, but all in all, since his time here, this defense has been rediculously HORRIBLE !!! All little Chucky had to do was field a mid level defense (say #16) and this team goes deep into the playoffs year in and year out. But no, we as fans have to sit by and watch in amazement as the team wastes the offensive talent due to the poor play of the defense. I will be more than happy to point the finger at the offense and it's particular issues, but this defense is beyond BAD !!!


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