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Chad takes on MeShawn on Sportscenter...


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How did this go? I didn't get to see it.

In short, Chad bristles when Keyshawn very correctly describes Chad's behavior as an act. Actually, a bad act. Chad defends himself by saying he learned everything from Keyshawn.

All of which reminded me how the Jet's traded Keyshawn.

BTW, I guess I like the new act...because seeing an angry Chad is more entertaining to me than watching him clown it up.

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2 Stew's and Skip talking about the interview on first and 10. Two stew's are right on about this one.

skip got owned! And the two Stew's make Keyshaun sound like a douchbag.

Probably because he is.

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While I agree that Meshawn has no place questioning Chad on this, I think it was fairly obvious that the interview was staged. They're both showmen (and decent friends from what I understand). I'm guessing they planned this bit out ahead of time...

IMO ESPN thought it would make for good (ironic) theater to have Keyshawn do this interview. Kinda like Irvin interviewing TO. Now that Key is a "broadcaster" he really doesn't need to be too concerned with his reputation -- he can ask CJ with a straight face why he doesn't act less selfishly -- all that matters is that it gets eyeballs. From what I can judge from my non-Bengal fan friends (I know, I gotta get some new friends) it accomplished that goal.

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