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Official Patriots at Bengals Game Thread

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The bastards firewall'd me at work from this fine site.

It's been a s**tty two weeks, made s**ttier by not being able to share the pain with everyone.

Maybe tonite will be a miracle to counter the s**t in Cleveland a few weeks back.

I can always hope.

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no Maroney is good for us.

We HAVE to get Brady on the turf early. Someone also needs to step up and smack Moss a good one. One thing Moss is not is a tough guy.

Schlegel, Jones and L. Johnson need to play out of their minds.

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OK, finally sitting down in the comfort of my home in from of my big old HDTV ... ready for game time. It was another one of those classic days in Pittsburgh sporting my orange and black, only this time I think these local marble brains may have actually gotten to me more than the usual other way around. Anyway ... let's get 'em Bengals!

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Wow this is really bad (typical ESPN) - they all picked the Pats and are now talking about baseball with a minute left until kick-off...geesh

Well no one is giving Cincy a shot in this game. What else is new?

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