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Pick the score of the Patriots game


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Patriots 45

Bengals 10

Bengals will score 1 TD and 1 field goal

Patriots will recover a fumble made by Bengals special teams and score 1 more td than they normally do.

This is going to be a royal butt kicking

Next week the only thing we will be talking about in this forum is coach firings

Patriots 38

Bengals 17

Wes Welker will have a field day on us, play him if you got him the Bengals will be concentrating so much on Randy Moss not beating them that this little guy will have a field day on them. I don't expect a run back for New England but damn sure every kick off return will be past the 30 yard line. A lot of built of frustration will come out after this game, people will be wondering if Marvin has lost the respect of the team after this one.

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Pats 4-0

Bengals 1-3

It'd be so sweet to be 2-2, but we have to much going against us. Rudi is out, Def sucks, DC sucks, ST sucks, DC has no idea how to game plan, etc. You know we might have a chance if Marvin contacted the Buckeyes and asked if we could use thier Def Monday night.

Screw that, UC's defense baby!

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I registered on this board to wish you guys luck on Monday night. I hope you kick the hell out of the Patsies*. :sure:

Welcome IndyDrummer, and thanks. Cincinnati will need all the support they can get in this game. :sure:

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The Patriots always seem to score 38 points. The Bengals high powered offense never quite wins shootouts against balanced teams.

Patriots - 38

Bengals - 24

Palmer throws 3 TD passes and 2 picks. TJ catches a buttload of passes and scores once. Chad is Chad. But the game is decided by the Bengal's offensive inability to convert on 3rd down in too many critical situations. Well, that and the 2 or 3 big plays surrendered by the defense. As for special teams, squib kicks all day long....resulting in a much needed turnover...which the Bengals can't turn into a TD, settling for 3.

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Patriots 45 - 31 Bengals

Air-out of a game. Pat's too good in all departments. Bres fired after the Monday night humiliation!

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