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Who's going to be King of the Hill?


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Who's going to be the new football god here?

Bad news for you, Spain. If I recall, the rules for the pick 'em contest stated that any participant had to have at least 200 posts that weren't just stupid rantings or attempts to inflate the post total. Basically, you need at least 200 posts that make sense in order to play the game and possibly be "king of the hill", as you put it.

Though you have well over 2,000 posts in your career, you are nowhere near the required 200 intelligent posts that are required to play. I guess Spain will not be the "king of the hill".

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well as the l ast winner of the ike

Perfect evidence to back up my earlier post about the Spainer.

I wonder if Spain puts a Foreman grill next to his bed each night so he can put fresh bacon on in the morning, a la Michael Scott.

Geeze Tecmo, give the guy a break will ya'?. It's probably 4:20 over in Spain.


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