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Bengals at Lions

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A little grainy/pixelly but viewable.

That may work for my porn, but for my NFL Football enjoyment I require a pretty damn good picture. Since I don't get the NFL Network, I'll be bellied up at the local Sports Pub out here in Arizona! :sure:

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Since I can't see the game, (I'm stuck with the Colts @ Cowboys) I was wondering which Bengal defensive back got owned on that 83 yard TD pass from J.T. O`Sullivan? I fear it's the same ol' crap defense again this year.

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So far, the DB's look like crap. Haven't covered a WR yet!

Doug Johnson sucks! Why did we get rid of Anthony Wright?

TJ looks great

C. Henry looks good. To bad we can't use him for eight games.

S. Graham looks great

The punter looks great

Chad is chad!

D run stop looks ok.

O line looks good.

Water boy is kicking butt!

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How has Leon Hall looked? Has he played? I'm in Grenada trying to get as much info as possible.

He has lined up against Calvin Johnson a few times, and Calvin got the best of him. He hasn't been terrible though, about what you'd expect in his first game.

Wow you think from the Bengals.com message board that he has sucked and we should cut him now.

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