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Bengals had a room for Odell - Sights from the Bengals' arrival


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Sights from the Bengals' arrival


Georgetown News-Graphic



Apartment No. 321 was reserved for linebacker Odell Thurman. Thurman's petition for reinstatement was denied by the NFL Thursday.

Pimped out rides, bumping music, millionaires and hoards of sports writers/photographers turned paparazzi can only mean one thing in these parts - the Bengals are back in town.

The team once again invaded Georgetown Thursday for its annual training camp, and here are some sights and sounds from around the parking lot at Toyota Stadium:

The Cincinnati Kid: Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis sported a Cincinnati Reds cap when he arrived at training camp. When a reporter mentioned it, he simply exclaimed, "The Reds, baby!"

ODELL'S HOUSE: The Bengals appeared to have room for Odell Thurman before finding out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell denied the erstwhile linebacker's petition for reinstatement. A piece of paper taped to the door of apartment No. 321 listed Thurman as a roommate of linebacker Eric Henderson, defensive tackle Matt Toeaina and safety Herana-Daze Jones.

CHUCK'S "D": Bengals defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan knows his defense needs to improve after allowing an average of 355.1 yards per game last season.

"We played lights out, then we went to sleep and you can't do that," Bresnahan said. "It's not necessarily one person. We have to pick ourselves up as a unit."

However, Bresnahan believes the defense has the potential to be a team strength.

"We have the youth, athletes and speed combined with the veteran leadership," he said.

GETTING COMFY: Linebacker Rashad Jeanty can rest easier now that his roster spot is no longer squarely on the bubble.

"I'm more comfortable than last year at this time," he said.

Jeanty played in the Canadian Football League for three seasons before signing with the Bengals as an undrafted free agent last year. Jeanty was a long shot to make the squad in 2006, but did and eventually became a starter.

Jeanty plans to spend his time in off the football field in the bed this training camp.

"After practice all you want to do is sleep," Jeanty said. "And I'm a guy who likes to sleep."

15 MINUTES: Everyone is supposed to get 15 minutes of fame, but in my case it lasted about six seconds. In search for another nameless rookie, approximately 10 media cameras quickly pointed towards me as I emerged from my car dressed in a pair of pressed khakis, a button-up white shirt and aviator sunglasses. However, a quick glance at my 170-pound stature, as well as a reporter's notebook and pen, gave away my true identity. Oh well, I suppose fame is fleeting.


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