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Bengals greats by number

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Si.com recently posted their top sports players to ever wear their respective numbers. The Bengals had 2 players come out on top. Anthony Munoz #78 and Tim Krumrie #69. Any ommissions in your opinion? If so, back it up with your reasoning...

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In hindsight, Ken Riley should have picked a number that QB's don't wear.

Anderson and Riley are two of the best players not in the HOF. Riley's #'s are better than some of the DB's already in. Anderson was the QB of his era, but is still waiting while others from that time are in already.

Losing that SB has kept both of these great players from getting the respect they deserve.

Even Montoya, in the HOF, was recently snubbed by a writer at SI. He was not even mentioned in an article about the best Offensive linemen of all time. He is the best I have ever watched and I have seen/heard many commentators/writers say the same thing.

It makes me angry and sad when great players are treated with less respect because they lost a/both SB's they were in. Almost as sad as watching the 88 SB on NFL network last night, all they needed was a play from the defense to stop that damn Montana(one of the best QB's ever) from ruining it.

Come to think of it, there are Buffalo players that have been inducted into the HOF when they lost all thier SB's also. Maybe the Hall has a vendetta against the Brown family.

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