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Rookie Premier - from Harmon at FoxSports

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Apparently, EA Sports, Topps, and some other companies invite 30 or 40 top NFL draft choices to Southern California for some fun and games. It must be a fairly big deal, 'cause some of the rookies missed team OTA's in order to attend (Anthony Gonzalez of the Colts and Brandon Jackson of the Packers to name two). In addition to the photo shoot they do lots of silly stuff, including a Madden '08 contest and an endzone celebration contest!!

Anyway, of this crop of rookies, Mike Harmon and the guys at FoxSports were most impressed with Kenny Irons. To wit:

The most animated player at the event was unquestionably Cincinnati running back Kenny Irons. The man was a ball of energy! Irons was engaging and clearly thrilled to be sporting his black Bengals uniform. He even trash-talked the camera during one of his photo runs.

Apparently, videos of the interviews will be available shortly. I have no idea if any other Bengals (i.e. Leon Hall ) were represented. For mo' info, here's the link: http://msn.foxsports.com/fantasy/story/6842336

I know it's soft soap, but I'm *&^$%#$ TIRED of legal wrangling - let's open the damn camps !!!

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I remember seeing Kenny Irons in the College Skills Challenge or whatever it's called and thinking, "man this guy reminds me of Chad."

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Irons was the star of the event... he told us a story about a prank he pulled on his brother David after he (Kenny) was drafted. He had a family friend from an unlisted # call David like he was the coach of a team that was going to draft him. When their pick came and they passed on him David was confused and Kenny and his cousins started cracking up, the best part though was Kenny could barely catch his breath even telling that story... Our favorite player there and mine for obvious reasons... B)

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