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I was checking out some of the videos over at:


Things I learned from limited footage:

-John Beason is all over the field and very instinctive, plays fast and quick... not a forceful or intimidating tackler but at least he gets there

-Poz, plays like Beason with stiffer hips (bad sign I assume)

-Timmons makes plays but plays out of control

-Willis, most intimidating hitter at LB period

-SS Sabby Piscitelli looks like a football player, good range and can tackle with some force

-FS John Wendling looks like less of a football player and more just an athlete

-FS Weddle is all over the field but i havent really seen a solid tackle, makes plays though

-SS Rouse can hit, but not hard enough to make you say "ouch," looks really stiff in the hips too

-Michael Griffin plays like the kinda safety we need, but getting him 18 might be too early and he prolly wont be there in the 2nd.

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