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Bengal's players want Steinbach to stay

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from foxsports.com

The veteran has been a major cog on the Bengals offensive machine the past few years. Steinbach is sturdy, smart, never makes mistakes and is versatile. He can play guard, tackle and center in a pinch. That versatility is a huge key. When the inevitable injury strikes, he has the physical and mental makeup to simply shift on the offensive line.

Chad Johnson has said forever that he considers Steinbach a star.

Linemate Willie Anderson has echoed those sentiments.

Yesterday on the radio show, T.J. Houshmandzadeh made a plea for the Bengals to re-sign Steinbach.

"I don't like to do business, but Eric Steinbach is a great player," Houshmandzadeh said. "I hope management has a change of heart. He can do everything for you. He helps out Rudi Johnson and the running game. The way he pulls is amazing. He is a body guard for Carson (Palmer). He is a tremendous worker. Steinbach is a great person in the locker room. I have always believed, when healthy, we have as good a line as any in the NFL. And Steinbach is a huge part of that."

Teams are going to line up for a player like this.

Expect teams ranging from Dallas, Cleveland, Arizona, Miami, Houston, and Jacksonville to find out how much it will cost to bring Steinbach into their respective cities.

Also expect the Bengals to do everything possible to bring Steinbach back without disrupting their salary structure.

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I'm excited to see what Andrew Whitworth can do at guard till he moves to tackle...Not worried about seeing him get over powered like steinbach did...whitworths weakness seemed be little speedy rushers (dwight and elvis) but at guard he wont be facing those.

who broke the bank.

Besides TJ though its sweet money to us fans still not braking the bank in football.

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He was overrated when he let carson blow his knee out a 2nd time...he was overrated when he played like crap this year...Steinbach is a good guard but just like a few other bengal players he's overrated by fans...Ya there is no other linemen you'd rather have on a pull....but when he's not pulling he leaves much to be desired.Whitworth may not pull like steinbach but he also seems like he'll be a upgrade over steinbachs weakness's

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