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John Wendling, poor man's Archaleta?


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From seeing some of the results of the combine, this guy did it all. Many reports say this guy is just a freak...I know that word gets tossed around a lot, but...clearing a 66" hurdle? Plus the guy is big and fast. Can this guy be a early second day maybe second round pick?

Three other guys that stood out on the stat sheet, Poz ran a middle of the pack 40 time, which with his instincts makes him look even more like a first round pick at this point. Sticking with the Big 10 theme, David Harris impressed with his 40 time. If the Bengals go DB in round 1, maybe Harris will still be available in round 2. Lastly, Timmons was a huge disappointment. First he measured 2 inches shorter than he had been listed at, then came out and choked on his 40 time that he boasted would be in the sub 4.4 range. Instead he came out and ran a 4.6. He sure lost a lot of money at the combine, unless he can fix things and run better at his pro day.

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Wendling can cover. Teams won't view him as just an in-the-box safety. He liked Sabby Piscitelli helped themselves a pretty versatile big bodied safeties and either could be enough to convince a team they're worth a 2nd.

If Poz is a 1st round pick, I sure hope it's not by the Bengals. I'd rather see them take David Harris is in the 1st than him.

Or Lawrence Timmons who is a big time blaster and would fit the Bengals far better than Poz, Harris or Patrick WIllis. Anybody disappointed by his combine perfromance should watch him play. His velocity at the point of attck and short area coverage skills couple with instincts of an attack dog trump what it's perceived he didn't do at the combine, which was plenty good enough to keep him where he was. Could he have fared better? Sure and maybe the question of how he is going to be used was narrowed by how he performed but that difference is between Top 10 and Top 20 IMO. All Timmons did IMO was stay put.

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