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What do you think the practice squad will look like?


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This is players I predict that will be on PS :P

Wilkerson-inless someone snatches him up

Reggie Mcneal-der

Tahi-I liked him alot in the colts game and I still like the idea of mybe using him as a future Hback/backup TE and mybe even short yardage guy ala TJ duckett and the bus.

Rhonnie ghent-Backup for if we lose a TE durring the season but I really dont see him getting a real roster spot till tony stewart is gone

Eric Henderson-only if 4-3 is our future

John Busing-safety nuff said

Well thats all i got :P can we grab players off the waiver wire and then PS them? ^_^ if so timmy chang lolz

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Like someone else pointed hobson later said we can use whitworth on goaline and tab on receiving dutys :P

As Hobson points out... we better pray no one claims Ghent off waivers. I suppose if they did, we could go out and pick up someone of similar talent... but it's nice having a guy who knows the offense well.

Well theres always chance of the LSU TE sticking too,I woulden't be suprised if they kept both 8 spots right? :P

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