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Any advice?

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Hi all. I hope some of you who are more experienced with fantasy can give me some tips on my fantasy team. This is the first yr I've had time to join a league and draft a team, so I'm a newbie. My league starts 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 QB, 1 TE/K/D each, and 1 Flex(RB, QB, WR, or TE). My team:

QB: Hasselbeck, Trent Green, McNair

RB: L. Tomlinson, Mike Bell, Warrick Dunn, Mike Anderson

WR: Fitzgerald, Chambers, TJ Housh, K. McCardell, Kevin Curtis

TE: Heath Miller(was an accidental pick...I meant to pick Witten, but hit the wrong button on the computer)

Def/ST: Seattle

K: John Kasay(I was pissed...Shayne went two picks before mine).

I am going to try to pick up Ben Troupe on my bench, so if he is successful this yr I can drop Miller, and I still get to pick up another bench spot(RB or WR), gonna try to get Wali Lundy, TJ Duckett, Doug Gabriel or Troy Williamson.

So what do you veterans think of my team? And who should I start? Most teams will start a QB as their flex based on the league scoring rules. Thanks in advance for the help. WHO DEY! :bengal:

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I think Heath Miller would be a better option for you than Ben Troupe.

I'd say you should start...


Tomlinson, Dunn

Fitzgerald, Chambers, Housh




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I agree with TDB except Dunn. I would start Mike Anderson over Warrick. I have Anderson on my FF team and I think he will do pretty good this year. Especially if J Lewis stays banged up. You seem to have a pretty good team. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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