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Some tips

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RB's I have

TJ duckett,Rudi & kevin Jones

Think I should start Duckett over kevin till portis is back? and see if kevin starts out strong?

WR's I have

Javon Walker(risk in 4th),Jerry Porter,Arnaz battle(sleeper mybe) and andre johnson

Opinions on starts?

TE's I have Cooley (TE) then figure merc lewis for my w/t

Overall my name










BN:Kevin Jones-rb(3rd if I could do it all over again I try grab em early 4th or later)

BN:mark brunell (12th)i was afk and wanted take brees in earlier round so missed out)

BN:Anraz battle (14th)just read hes possible sleeper and looking to be SF's leading WR


BN:Andre johnson(5th i was in the bathroom)

I'm so gonna lose week 5...think I should drop Battle or janikowski and get another defense?

Defenses available










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I don't think you'll really need another defense until the Jags bye, so you're good there. I'd start Kevin Jones over Duckett... I think Porter and Walker are your best two options at receiver... Battle will struggle to breakout when his quarterback sucks.

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I really think Andre Johnson is a sleeper pick personally and I think Porter is REALLY going to struggle with Aaron (I can't hit the broad side of a barn) Brooks starting at QB. In fact I go so far as to say the Raiduhz will be picking first in next years NFL draft.

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I also have Kevin Jones on my team. I really don't have a choice but to start him. My starting lineup is,

QB- Peyton

RB- Westbrook

RB- Jones

WR- Burress

WR- Houshamazille

TE- Cooley

K- Graham

DEF- Pats

I really didn't want Manning but I couldn't let him go by. First round, pick #7 out of 12. Then to get Westbrook in the 2nd I think i did ok.

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