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BENGALS vs bills


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While the Bills are a better team than the Browns, this game is winnable for the Bengals.

The Bills looked unstoppable after the first two weeks of the season, but now they aren't looking so hot.

Dillon won't be in this game, but I'm confident Rudi can get the job done with a little help from the O-line.

My prediction is:

Bengals 23

Bills 21


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Another big game. Already. A win here guarantees the Bengals stay only 1 game out at worst, and if Cleveland manages to beat Pitt then the AFCN would be knotted at 2-3, 2-3, 2-3, and 2-2 (Baltimore's on a bye) after next weekend. But a loss here combined with a Pitt victory and we fall 2 games back.

I agree it's a winnable game. Buffalo's o-line is nothing special and they're all beat up at RB. I haven't heard whether Henry will be back or not. But they do have talent on defense and players like Spikes and Sam Adams are very familiar with Cincy (not to mention Buffalo coaches like Dick LeBeau and Tim Krumrie). And Bledsoe and Moulds could quite easily kill us with just one or two big plays.

Then, of course, there's the $64k question, how do the *Bengals* react to winning? Is there a letdown? My bet is no, Marvin Lewis has shown he can keep this team playing hard week after week, but still it's possible. And beyond that issue, there's the Rudi question. Is he ready for prime time? He's always looked good in preseason, and he did good last week, but this is a big test. I'm concerned about fumbles, Rudi hasn't always had the best ball security.

I'm also concerned about how they let wideouts get open in Cleveland, and the trouble they had forcing the Browns into third down situations. The Bengals made plays when they absolutely had to, but most of the time, they "had to" because they hadn't made a stop earlier. And I'm sure Bledsoe & Co. will be looking carefully at what Couch kept doing to draw the defense offsides & you can bet they'll give that a shot.

But...bottom line, I picked the Bengals to win the first 3 weeks and they lost. I picked them to lose in Cleveland and they won. So, hoping the pattern will continue: Buffalo 27, Bengals 13 :D

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Well, I've said all along how overated the Bills are, and I think there past two games show I was on track with that call. I don't think they'll be able to handle the Bengals. They don't have a running game, and only one wide reciever, I mean the Eagles shutdown the passing game for 3 quarters with three rookie DB's. I would expect the Bengals to use a similair defensive stragety to the Eagles to shut down the Bills. The Bills defense is a good unit, but the Bengals have to be commited to the run to keep them honest and the passing game will open up. The biggest issue will be how the Bengals run the ball. If they can get 100 yards out of Rudi the game will be ours. I think the score will be somewhere around 17-10 for the Bengals in a defensive game.


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This game is going to be crucial. how will the Bengals respond after their win?

The Bills are probably bitter after dropping the last two. They might look past the Bengals but I doubt it, not with Takeo, leBeau and Krumrie and all the connections.

I see the Bengals defense coming up big on Bledsoe, who is prone to INT's. His come in droves. We could have 3 take-aways, always good. We just need to establish the run and let Chad get in open space for TD's.

My pick.

Bengals - 20

Bills - 16

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