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Kilburn hits it big !!!


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Don't worry TDB, you are still the largest single ticket winner !!!

Might I breathe a sigh of relief to know that my record is left unscathed! :P

I feel like a cheater knowing I only played the lottery once. I am undeserving.

Ok, fine... Please deposit half of your guilt ridden winnings into my account !!! :lol:

That would cheer me up after spending the past week in Seattle with all the crappy weather !!! I was never so happy to come back to good ol' San Antonio !!! After going to Seattle, I understand where the grunge music genre came from.


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Thanks guys!

I feel guilty as well. This is the second time I've hit the lottery. I will use the winnings to pad my 14 billion ZD bank account :D (At least I'm honest)

I suppose I can spare a hundred million for everyone here, so you can buy the beer of your choice.

Personally, I hate Miller Lite and couldn't force myself to buy one, so heres the funds instead.

I prefer the darker beers. Warsteiner Dunkel and the "Abby" beers. I have been drinking a lot of Blue Moon lately, though. Maybe there is hope for the American breweries.

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