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Bobcat Bengal

Bobby Cat Bengal Mock Draft

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Here's my shot in the dark, day 1 Picks only:

1st-Donte Whitner

alt. Antonio Cromartie

2nd-Gabe Watson

alt. Marcedes Lewis

3rd-Anthony Fasano

alt. Rod Wright

OK, have at it.

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This draft would certainly put a smile on my face. Cromartie or Whitner in the first are my current two favorites (along with Kiwanuka). I don't think Watson will fall to #55, but if that were to happen then hell yeah that'd be a great pick. I could see us going for Marcedes though. The third round looks good as well, alternating the options in the second...

I like.

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Your wording has me confused, Army.

Do you mean, you don't want to say anything, because you're angry at the picks?

Or, do you mean, you can't say you'd be mad if our draft went down like that?

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I'm saying I would be ok with that !!! :D

I guess I need to stop with the Yoda talk...

"These players you seek yes ? This would be good, yes ?"


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Mock Update:

1. Donte Whitner, S:Versatile player that can support the run as well.

ALT: Leonard Pope, TE: Mismatch creating TE to make this Offense complete.

2. Marcedes Lewis, TE:Coach Lewis gets his sleek TE to compete with the studs in the AFCN.

ALT: Claude Wroten, DT: First round talent, but 'character concerns' leave Wroten with a stigma that could negatively affect his draft status. Much like last year, Coach Lewis and the staff 'do their homework' on him and roll the dice.

3. Eric Henderson, DE:Pass-Rushing is still Coach Lewis seeks. Undersized and suffered a multitude of injuries, however, this guy might be something special if the trainer's can work with him.

ALT: Pat Watkins, S: Tall, rangy, play-making S that can spend time bulking up before he assumes a full time role.

4.Titus Adams, DT: Run-Stopping DT needed for the physical AFC North

ALT: Reggie McNeal: Big time playmaking abilities.

5. D.J. Shockley, QB/WR: Could be Hines Ward-ish in due time.......

ALT: Darrell Hunter: Athletic CB provides depth.

6. Chris Gocong OLB: Bengals were one of only 4 teams at his workout, which was conducted by Ricky "Suge" Hunley. (he's been everywhere, hasn't he?) Great Instincts and a great developmental project who doesn't have to get on the field RIGHT away, but could gradually contribute.

ALT:James Wyche: Adds pash-rushing DE to the mix.

7. Domenik Hixon- Might not be here by the next time we come around, but this player is durable, tough and has good size and speed. Could return kicks, alongside Tab Perry, for a formidible KR game.

Good Value pick, Bengals have shown interest.

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