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My Apoligies/Good Site

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This morning I believe I got a little "short" with a few members in the mock draft section. I formerly apoligized to those in that thread.

But to anyone I may have offended anywhere else I do apoligize. I'm pretty used to taking A LOT of flak for most of the prospects I pimp, and I get a lot of hostility back and it's made me rather "uppity" about this whole draft stuff, sorry if I have misplaced any of my personal anger on any member here.

I must say, this MB is honestly the best Bengal MB to talk Draft. One MB has about ZERO draft activity and it's boring talking to the same 3 people. Another has a great amount of activity but are rather childish in there "discussions", if thats what you can call them.

Everyone here is really cool here, they want to have ADULT discussions about players and are competely open to new and different players.

This place took to Eric Henderson a lot better than some others, granted I may have had him a little to high (I think I had him @ #24 at one point) but most people actually read my reasoning and saw what I saw, unlike most other sites where people just looked at a name and made some snap judgement.

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I had no problem with your opinion - we can disagree, that's cool, that's why we discuss - I just wanted to know your reasons other than "poor mock", especially since I have put a lot of time into it

I do need to re-eval Jolly, that's clear now. In January, I listed him in 7 since several draft resources I use had him low, but they have all since raised him and I haven't.....

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