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Found 1 result

  1. I've mentioned various things on my wishlist for this team already - departures of Oogie, Jeffro, and the man who has never had an Offensive lineman fail - but I want to emphasize everything I want at this point is all about 2018 2017 is a lost cause. It is (or should be considered to be) a lengthy 2018 preseason, 8 games to help get experience and seasonign for players who will be starters next year, not this year. With that in mind, this fella aint gonna be helpin anyone soon but he did land the starting OLT job in Detroit and starting OLTs dont grow on trees http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21363481/detroit-lions-waive-left-tackle-greg-robinson So let's sign this guy, put him on IR, and let him complete for the starting OLT spot in 2018. Yes, he's been oft-injured, so yes, he's a risk. But at this point, we need to take some risks. A lot of them. Especially with a starting caliber player at a position of extreme need who has plenty of years left (drafted in 2014) And yes, I was not and still am not a fan of the pick, but Ross needs to see the field, ready or not. Nothing develops a player like live game snaps.