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  1. Going into Free Agency, I wrote the following items that the Bengals needed to do to have a successful period....the Bengals did none of them: I wrote that it was imperative that the Bengals make a splash signing. This is as much about giving the fans some hope as it was about winning football games. There were many different avenues they could have taken. Signing Joe Thuney or Trent Williams would have been the simplest options but Kenny Golladey and Shaq Barrett would have also been options, just someone that would make people sit up and say wow the Bengals are really going for it. None of that happened....they were apparently close to Kenny Golladey but ultimately failed to seal the deal and close means nothing to these fans. I wrote that we needed some consistency and bringing back two young playmakers would be a good start. I think all of us expected that bringing back Jackson and Lawson were the minimum going into this free agency but they brought back neither, instead they took that money and spent it on replacing those players with players that graded out worse in both respects and going back to the first point most Bengals fans know nothing about Trey Hendrickson or Mike Hilton or Chidobe Awuzie so those moves did not move the needle of public perception at all. These might be fine football players and the Hendrickson gamble on greatness may pay off...their secondary is deeper without a doubt but....better? this is debatable. They needed a wholesale overhaul of the coaching! Yes they let go some of the assistant coaches but the offensive and defensive coordinators remains (as does special teams). I would bet the Bengals are the only team in NFL history to have 6 total wins in two seasons without AT LEAST changing a coordinator. Again, this looks bad, this looks lazy, this looks like no one cares about winning. Anarumo at a minimum should have been fired, he disenfranchised most of the existing player base, it has been widely reported that he is disorganized and does not have a set system, that players were often left unprepared and his defenses in two seasons were 29th in net yards allowed/game and 26th in net pts/game in 2019 and a barely improved 26th in net yards per game and 22 in net pts/game. They had to address the offensive line with multiple veteran signings. They signed one, Riley Reiff...an average starter historically.... to a one year contract...It is a mark of just how bad this offseason has been so far that a player who has not graded above a 75 in the last five seasons and is 32 on a one year contract is the highlight of the offseason...but he is. Now the Bengals did not fail just because they did not do what I had hoped they would. They failed because the fan base has let it be known on several online polls that they did not do what the fanbase as a whole had expected them to do. We will once again be the butt of every pundit's joke, we will once again be viewed by players, owners and media as the armpit of the league, once again. So far, the Bengals have failed in every element. Can they turn it around and salvage the offseason, maybe? but, history does not indicate that this is likely. They are on track to once again be one of the least talented teams in the NFL. They are on track on once again waste a super valuable year of Joe Burrows rookie contract and have nothing to give hope to a long suffering fanbase. They should feel ashamed at what they have done with their incompetence, unpreparedness in a very important offseason, their disconnect from how business is done in the rest of the NFL, and their lackadaisical approach. But they don't....instead they continue to sell us nepotism and doing business the same way that has failed the team, the city and it's fans for 30 years. I should be done with this team, all they have done is let me down for most of my life but I will continue to root because of some mental deficiency on my part. They had every advantage in this offseason and proceeded to muck it up royally but I guess this is just what we should expect from this moribund organization. Hey, at least there is always the draft to look forward to....
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