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  1. I am tending towards thinking its bullshit as well, COB, but I'd be glad it it turns out to be true, and I think you would be as well
  2. wait - didnt the other guy have 5 loaves and 2 fishes to work with?
  3. I'd love to see it, honestly. We've paid him a lot of coin and it'd be great to see him actually start to earn some of it
  4. Unnamed "source" said this....well, uhh, I think that speaks for itself. If anything can be coaxed out of Oogie at this point, I'm all for it. He is rock bottom as far as I am concerned - even making a horrendously bad player like Jeffro look good by comparison at times - so of course theres no where to go but up. The problem remains, tho - how far up can he go? He is a long, long way from even rising to the level of below average
  5. Rule Changes

    in 88, we had a safety who weighed more than one of our DEs
  6. 2018 season

    I dont understand why Woodside is not getting in QB reps at the OTs. this is __THE__ time for the young players to get reps
  7. Rd. 3 78&79

    Yes, it is
  8. Rd. 3 78&79

    Hearing all the right things about Ross at this point - healthy, restored confidence, impressing in OTAs. This is how last year should have (in a perfect world) gone for him. Looking forward to seeing what he can do on the field. Heck, his reverse was - until the fumble, of course - pretty damn impressive, actually
  9. Rd. 3 78&79

    well, I dont consider the round. Bust is bust for me, though yeah, I concede that if a 1st rounder busts thats a bigger deal for a team, financially in particular, than if a r7 player busts So I'll add that I think Auden Tate will bust as well
  10. Rd. 3 78&79

    Calling it now - Sam Hubbard will be a bust. As always, hoping I am wrong, and will be happy to be wrong.
  11. UDFA signings

    no, that can't be, as that is MY name....
  12. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    did you say sphincter?
  13. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    uhm.......you ever gotten to feeling like you are the only one in a group that isn't "in" on an inside joke? Yeah, me neither
  14. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    COB: Someday, I hope to understand your last post. Someday :-)
  15. I am excited about the possibilities with this basic technique change It's certainly possible that our OL could be worse this year, but I think it is far more likely it'll be better. Hopefully this technique change will make it a LOT better. One even wonders if it could salvage the careers of Oogie and Fisher? Hope does indeed spring eternal. As I said last year, we will go only as far as our OL will take us - and its the same this year
  16. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Stripes: yeah, the Brandt list is poorly done in a number of ways. Anyone who uses the number of picks we took that happen to be on the Brandt list as an indicator of a teams success or failure at drafting knows little to nothing about football, and about drafting in particular Army: I'll stick with my C for the first pick and a solid F for all picks after that
  17. cant wait to see analysts wondering why the offensive line in Dallas falls apart this year - I will be happy to provide them with the answer
  18. I am not sure which departure I liked best - Alexander or Jeffro Both departures swelled me with happiness....couldnt stop smiling all week long thereafter The perfect offseason would have included one more departure - Mediocre Marvin - but I guess we cant expect perfect when we have the icon of imperfection embodied by SoaG at the helm of this ship
  19. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    No one will be able to say the Browns made the right choice at 4 for a a few years yet, but their thinking for this particular pick is correct - the greater need was at corner, especially with Ogbah at the other DE spot You'd have to be a moron to not recognize that the right decision was made here, or similarly thought-challenged to use the "logic" that on the basis of their failures in previous drafts (which were not presided over by their new GM Dorsey) that all picks in this draft must therefore be a failure as well.
  20. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Army: there are still morons out there that preach BPA on every pick yet if the BPA at every pick was (for example) a linebacker, do you take 11 linebackers? The morons that preach BPA BPA BPA would say yep, take the linebackers, all 11 of them If you dont have extreme needs like we do, yeah, sure, take the BPA. Particularly in the later rounds, ie 5 and after But early on, rounds 1-4, when you need plug-n-play starters like we do, BPA makes no damn sense, no matter how the BPA morons choose to spin it. The only use at that point for the BPA concept is to decide between two players who are both at positions of extreme need. Ie a tiebreaker, AFTER need gets first consideration
  21. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Thing is, a point system like that fails to assess the meeting of needs as well as fit into system. Said another way, a pure zone corner might have a rating that is better than another corner who is pure man-press, but we'd be MUCH better off with the man-press guy even though his point rating in such a system would be lower. So the Brandt thing is a fun read but carries little real value
  22. Rd. 3 78&79

    They will be wasting Lawson if they convert him to a true LB. He should be played solely as a DE....except if we run a 3-4 look, in which case he probably shouldnt be on the field
  23. Rd. 3 78&79

    started down the offtopic track with COB's remark about special counsel sadly, something in our network config here at work blocks the scripts that would be blocking out Amphars ignorant posts for me, so I still end up seeing them. Ah well, guess its the cross I bear to be here with the rest of ya'all. He's not quite as bad as Gizzle, I suppose getting back on topic - I am warming a bit to the r3 DE but I still say we took 2 young DEs last year and we should have therefore used this pick on another spot, like, oh, I don't know, lets see, maybe.......ORT?
  24. Rd. 3 78&79

    This is what happens when you are crazy rich and get caught banging porn stars and having them pee on you while married to the current First Lady (fixed it for ya, Army)
  25. Rd. 3 78&79

    well, if you dont want to get political, it would probably be best to not claim that Obama is worse than the obvious worst - racist, sexist, bullying, lying, philandering, non-diplomatic, unrealistic, egomaniacal, and (very possibly) treasonous (for starters) - American president of all time. A man who claims that he'd date his own daughter, that Mexico would pay for a multi-billion-dollar-wall that they had no desire to see erected, and also that as long as youre rich or famous its perfectly ok to grope a woman's genitals whether they are willing to be groped or not. This disgusting embarrassment cant be impeached soon enough.