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  1. Time to begin the rebuild

    We have zero hope this year and several aging players who could really help a contending team....and they should all be considered tradeable at this point for younger players and/or draft picks Love and/or respect almost all of these guys, but they deserve better and we need to ammo to get better over the next few years Geno Dunlap AJ Gio Eifert Kirkpatrick and of course Andy
  2. Zach Brown

    Is that his brother or son with the fred flintstone-ish 5 oclock shadow?
  3. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    my dead gramma may have to suit up in a jersey numbered in the 60s or 70s
  4. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    sad, but am I wrong? :-)
  5. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    so with both our corners out, it's time to call that pizza joint in Covington that his wife runs and get PAC MAN off the couch and back onto the field *laff* anyone got Chris Crocker's cel? How about George Iloka? I bet Reggie is available! http://www.nfl.com/player/reggiemyles/2504822/profile
  6. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    praying this guy can be our new ORT
  7. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Although I agree wholey that the best chance an NFL team has to rebuild is with high draft picks (and lots of them), and indeed I have gone on record wanting us to trade veterans with a little left in the tank for draft picks -- but honestly, this teams drafts in the last few years have been pure excrement Given an inability to draft quality players, I dont see any hope for this team until the draft decision process improves. I dont know if thats on the scouts, or on SoaG, or on Tobin, or whoever......but whatever the source of the sewage is, it has to go away (or be removed from the draft decision process) before this team will have any chance whatsoever of becoming even mediocre/average
  8. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Is the top rated college qb significantly better than the 2nd rated one? I dont follow college football but am hearing that there are multiple excellent qbs to be had
  9. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Mark me down for 45-3. To be clear, we will be supplying the ass, not the kicking
  10. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    how late is it in the UK? like I said, they left too much time on the clock
  11. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    they scored too quick....another mistake
  12. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    that was the play of the game from my point of view......a mini version of our season should have been a sneak
  13. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    I love AJ in stripes, but I agree - go get yourself a ring, sir....
  14. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    I guess the Miami game is a coin flip
  15. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    0-16 will absolutely come as no surprise whatsoever to me at this point first 5 picks in 2020 should all be lineman and linebackers
  16. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    one can always dream.....
  17. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Personally, I really, really want to know if our high draft pick needs to be used on a qb in 2020, which means I want to see what Finley can do in more than janitorial duty in one or more 3+ score losses If we dont need a qb, we can trade down so we can take multiple day 1 and day 2 linemen and linebackers
  18. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    I'd like to start seeing Finley in instead of Dalton when we are down 2 scores or more (or up by 2 scores or more, hahah!) in the late third qtr or after......basically treat this season as a long "is Finley a quality starter in 2020" analysis. Finley to be told to treat each such situation as if it is a 0-0 ballgame and simply get valuable in-game snaps/experience all linemen (and Pratt) with 4 or fewer seasons under their belt need to get plenty of snaps as well, season them for 2020
  19. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    self inflicted is right they are at least aware of the issue now, 2-3 years too late.......using a 2 1's in the last couple years has at least indicated awareness, but its been much too little and much too late incidentally - the two other Centers that we were looking at when we took Price? Ragnow is already approaching pro bowl level, and Daniels, after a solid year as a started OG, is now the starter at OC for the Bears
  20. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Linebacker is of course a problem as well, known before the draft and FA, little effort to correct/adjust. I am sure Pratt will help in a year or three
  21. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    I am surprised that the defense is playing so very very poorly, but I think they'll (somehow) be ok......and yeah, it is this unit that take most of the blame for this loss of absolutely no surprise to me is that the offensive line, playing with starters that would be backups on most teams, and now with a 3rd stringer who probably took single digit practice snaps at OLT, is flailing. We kept taking shiny offensive skill players like Ross, Mixon, and Sample when we knew we couldnt block well enough let those players do their thing Lap just said that the game is won in the trenches and I couldnt agree more. GIMME A LINEMAN. err, several of them. the 4-12 prediction I made a few weeks back is looking vastly optimisitic ,
  22. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    I agree with Mem on all of his points I had already written this off as a loss (good opponent on the road in arguably the loudest stadium in the league while missing several key players) but there was a LOT to like in this loss, far more silver linings than I thought were even possible If only Bullock had not missed that easy FG.......ah well, we played well enough to win, and I am happy about that. Bodes well for the future
  23. 3rd- Wide Out

    You forgot about The Smokey Adventures of Flash Gordon
  24. 3rd- Wide Out

    I dont think the new UDCFA starter will be able to seperate enough to be effective my theory is that they will keep rotating one wr in from the practice squad til they find one who is productive on game day. I dont know if they will give them 1 game or 2 games to show they can
  25. Offensive Line

    Ill have to check and see if my dead gramma can suit up as backup OLT