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  1. 2021 NFL Draft

    Thanks for that, Joisey I'd love to have the complete list but probably most folks just want to see the upper tier list If I am reading this right they only have first round grades on 29 players?
  2. The Knee

  3. General Free Agency Thread

    I dont hate him. I'd just take him in r4 or later. *shrug*
  4. 2021 NFL Draft

    Its be awesome if someone with paywall access can paste this list to this thread
  5. General Free Agency Thread

    Pretty cool watch even if you hate the Patriots (like I do)
  6. General Free Agency Thread

    There's been no Notre Dame lineman drafted since 2018 *shrug* I've evaluated the player, not the University, when I say I dont want Eichenberg in r2. r3, maybe. r4, sure I already know pretty much anyone will say he wont last til 3, much less 4.....so no need to point that out
  7. General Free Agency Thread

    did Moss play any Special teams at LSU? he's probably no better than the TE2 (for now, at least) so he probably needs to play some special teams for us, especially with Carter gone
  8. General Free Agency Thread

    I am at the point that I am Ok with Chase as the pick at 5 as long as we get a starting quality OT not named Eichenberg or Radunz and a starting quality ORG who can also play center (or vice versa) not named Dickerson with the r2 and r3 pick. No, waiting til round 4 for another OL will not be acceptable. not this year
  9. General Free Agency Thread

    Very glad they picked up Moss. Hopefully it is a vet min contract with maybe some performance incentives, so once he is here they can cut him if he's not good to go without any dead cap impact. Hopefully TE coach gets him in to run him through drills soon I love love love that he had no drops in 2019. None.
  10. General Free Agency Thread

    uhm, we arent in the Canadian Football League, tho? If this set of moves were made, I'd advise Burrow to get his will up to date and triple his life insurance policy
  11. XSF, Spain, and Jordan are all OLGs Spain proved he could play just about any OL position last year......I will always love him for how well he handled jumping right in without even a full practice and held his own But that said, Spain's natural spot is OLG, and the team knows that, and yet they did nothing to fill the hole at ORG Trai Turner and Larry Warford are both career ORGs, and still street Free agents Hopefully our OLG depth chart for 2021 will be XSF and Spain as the starter and primary backup (either player could win the starting spot), and Jordan will be released
  12. General Free Agency Thread

    we should on on the phone to him now we could use depth at TE with Cethan Carter leaving and Uzomah questionable for 2021, and the Burrow connection cant hurt. I would think he's at bare minimum at least good enough to make the practice squad, based on what I read of him prior to last year's draft
  13. unless they plan to play Spain out of position again - his experience prior to coming to the Bengals was as an OLG - we will be starting a rookie at ORG I suspect Micheal Jordan will be released before the season starts
  14. General Free Agency Thread

    Joe Burrow's 2019 TE is now available as a free agent https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31223638/washington-football-team-releases-te-thaddeus-moss-son-hall-famer-randy-moss I would say he's worth a plane ticket and a few meals for a looksee, myself
  15. It took them all these decades, but they are finally doing something right Now if only they could do something right that matters for the current team
  16. when SoaG is named, I will be at the pitchfork and torch riot
  17. 2021 NFL Draft

    It really doesnt matter that some teams are low on Sewell and Fields and <whoever> it only takes one team to be high on them
  18. One must of course simply look to the left for a perfect first-year inductee also.....Fuck You, Carl Powell!
  19. 2021 NFL Draft

    not really a quarterback on on his back or in the hospital does not complete passes but I do understand it isnt Sewell or bust
  20. 2021 NFL Draft

    Here's the baseline analysis of Sewell vs Chase (yeah, i still want a tradedown) Option B makes me think of Bobby Hart for some strange reason Not audible in the option B scenario is a cracking and ripping sound as bone and tendon are ripped apart
  21. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I think Chad is planning on being the new ORG, and so he bulked up on the potato soup and rolls at OCharleys
  22. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    with good reason buncha morons, the apple fell very far (and then rolled down a hill and fell into a sewer) from the Paul Brown tree
  23. General Free Agency Thread

    I saw a moronic statement from Amphar about running backs being easy to find.....no, you moron, a Gio ****is**** hard to find. really fucking hard. a running back who works just as hard at pass blocking as running or catching, which is all most running backs seem to are about There was NO good reason to let Gio go. None whatsoever. I am furious
  24. General Free Agency Thread

    not at all, given that he asked for his release only after they asked him to take a pay cut. just a staggeringly stupid move by the nfls worst front office