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  1. 2021 NFL Draft

    oh shit, youre right, sorry
  2. 2021 NFL Draft

    wait....why dont we just go ahead and WIN the superbowl, and ergo pick at 32?
  3. 2021 NFL Draft

    one can only hope.......
  4. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Lets hope we never reach the point where you address Joe Burrow with those OTHER two words :-)
  5. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    The 7th rounder isnt in yet as I type this, but it really isnt gonna change anything Love Burreaux. Not to the Mem level, and certainly not to the amourous escapades level of COB, but there is just so much to love about New Guy and thats even before you look at his tape and stats I like both of the LBs even though they came from small schools I like the overall focus on high character.....these guys are coming into a very, very bad situation and strength of character will be tested mightily but The failure to acquire decent help for the OLine and ergo protect the investment in New Guy is like building a mansion next to a live volcano .....it is damning Overall: C-
  6. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    joisey: got a TLDR on that?
  7. 2021 NFL Draft

  8. Farewell Andy Dalton

    this could not have been handled more poorly, imo they got NOTHING for him N O T H I N G I will always be an Andy fan, tho, and truly and sincerely wish him the best
  9. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    this needs read again :-)
  10. Round Eight: UDFAs

    Are any of them long snappers?
  11. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    Jonah did practice during the last week of the 2019 season, and he has by now fully absorbed the playbook, so theres that.......not disagreeing that he desperately needs reps
  12. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    Yeah, agreed - for me, the lack of addressing OL was damning, especially given the huge investment in New Guy
  13. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    if being a gawdawful team many times over can be considered "quirky" - yeah, we're quirky as hell :-) with an especially "quirky" front office
  14. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    I am presuming they'll bring a UDCFA or two as they do in most seasons to compete as a LS Oddly enough, Miami did use a late draft pick on a LS https://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/20200425/nfl-draft-miami-dolphins-select-long-snapper-blake-ferguson-in-sixth-round
  15. Seventh Round Pick: Markus Bailey, LB, Purdue

    CRAP another LB https://www.nfl.com/prospects/markus-bailey?id=32194241-4955-7328-a2e1-9433ac97ac10 https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/markus-bailey/OtGYSwyJNA coming off two major knee injuries, including one in 2019
  16. Seventh Round Pick: Markus Bailey, LB, Purdue

    we're on the clock
  17. Seventh Round Pick: Markus Bailey, LB, Purdue

    please gimme this guy: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/alex-taylor?id=32195441-5900-6932-22fe-74da0f8f248d
  18. Day 3 Pre-Pick Thread

    Eagles just took Tega near the end of r6, so its down to Taylor for me
  19. Day 3 Pre-Pick Thread

    now that we've taken a OL in r6, I still want one of the two guys linked above in r7
  20. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    T H I S anyone up for another Greg Cook scenario?
  21. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    yes but will our johnson be big enough
  22. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Id prefer New Guy to be pressured LESS than that as a Bengal strongly prefer itd help him a lot if our RB had some running lanes every now and then as well controlling the line of scrimmage on offense means our D gets a breather, too
  23. Sixth Round Pick: Hakeem Adeniji, G Kansas

    an OL, but not the right one https://www.nfl.com/prospects/hakeem-adeniji?id=32194144-4545-1329-dcd7-27e4940351c6 https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/hakeem-adeniji/hS6ZHDPiqA https://throughthephog.com/2020/04/01/kansas-football-hakeem-adeniji-projected-fourth-round/ can't hate, but can't like either my best guess here is that since he played 4 years at OLT in college, and they really dont have a solid backup for Jonah, he can compete for that
  24. assuming Burrow survives until 2022 behind this terrible line, he'll need protection then too so you get one or more of those guys to train NOW
  25. Sixth Round Pick: Hakeem Adeniji, G Kansas

    https://www.nfl.com/prospects/princetega-wanogho?id=32195741-4e53-2090-9e0a-56f56bf22fa9 or https://www.nfl.com/prospects/alex-taylor?id=32195441-5900-6932-22fe-74da0f8f248d