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  1. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Hello All, it's been a very long time since I got in here. Now I know it's only preseason, but this team looks worse than Lewis Bengals! Horrible! And I haven't seen any improvement from the 1st game. Penalties, missed tackles, missed kicks....

    Well Folks, Like I said after week three - Bengals season is over. So now where do we go. 1st thing to address is the HC. Speculations are that Marvin leaves but then Marvin came out and said he didn't start that rumor. He did say that he would love to be a GM; Brown will never step down as the GM, he's to cheap to hire a football guy as GM. . If Marvin leaves, who do we want as a replacement? I don't want anybody from within the organization; that won't fix anything. I wouldn't mind having Jon Gruden come out of the booth and take a crack at the Bengals. I think he has more discipline than Marvin does. But then we don't know what happens behind closed doors; Marvin's hands could have been tied on some the issues. Now, before any games are played this week, the Bengals are sitting to drafting at #10, 11 or 12. That could change after this week. So what type of player do we go for in the 1st round? I don't think they'll draft a QB, they love Dalton. RB we seem to be ok. WR - who knows. TE, our 1st string TE has been on the shelf more than he's been on the field. We need OL men really bad! We could use a stud at DB! Any thoughts?
  3. Just not feeling it

    I went to the home opener and haven't watched any NFL since week 3. Lewis should have been fired but still remains our coach. The team is a joke. As of right now, we're playing for the 3rd through 6th draft pick. However Marvin will find a way to F that up. He seems to win enough games to where we pick at # 9. The protest has kept the wife and I away from football as well. I served this great Nation for 22 years. I understand that people have the right to protest. But I also believe that there is a time and place for everything. As a member of the US military, it's your job to fight and protect the American life, but we are not authorized to protest. I wasn't a big fan of the last administration, but they were our leaders and I executed my duties to the fullest and respected the position of the Commander and Chief. The only thing I seeing this protest doing, is ruining this great game that we love and dividing this nation even more than it's divided. The message that these players are trying to send is not the message that is being received by the American people. I think they should do it on their own time. Use their popularity as a pro athlete to go out in the community and get people talking and working with each other. Doing a ride along with the police and firefighters to see and experience what they do on a daily basis. Get business owners, churches, schools and to community coming up with a game plan to bring folks together. They want to be heard, then try something more positive. Now back to the Bengals, if and that's a big if Marvin is let go after this season, The Brown family will only promote from within which will not fix anything. I think Marvin is a good coach but I think that his hands have been tired. This team hasn't had discipline in years. On paper we've had super bowl winning teams but they always came up short. This was due to poor time management, play calling, lack of discipline, and not playing the right players. I hope all of this changes and quick. Shoot the wife won't even let me spend money on NFL items any more. I haven't even bought the new Madden 18 PS4 game....
  4. Packers Game.

    We've gone as far as we're going to go with Marvin Lewis. He got us out of that nasty 90's play. This was a typical Marvin game. We kept giving the ball back to Rogers giving him a chance to tie then beat us. We do the same crap with Brady, Rotten Booger, Flacco, etc. We did look a lot better in the 1st half, but we couldn't finish. Under Marvin, we never seem to be prepared to play a full football game. I love Marvin, love what he's done for us, but it's time for new fresh leadership! I say PROMOTE Marvin to GM or let him go, bring in a new HC who has fresh ideas, schemes, discipline, drive, etc.
  5. Zampese just got fired

    I do recall telling everyone bfore training camp even started that we were in trouble with the O line. Last year they sucked and what do we do, we let our two best linemen leave and we didn't address it in free agency nor the draft. Trons of people bashed me saying our young guys will step up. Well now we're two games into the season, we're 0-2, haven't scored a TD yet.... Yea, we're in trouble. Now the question is, are we going to win a game this season? We got Green Bay next week and then the Browns. No way we win in Green Bay and the Browns are playing better than we are at this point. I see two possible wins as of now - we play the Colts and Bears. Going to be a long season!
  6. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    One last thought comes to mind. I think the organizations leadership spent more time and work for the 50th years celebration then they did improving the team and getting a competitor on the field. That 50th birthday crap is just a poi to get more people in the seats. Here's a bright idea Mr. Brown, put a winning team on the field and you just might fill those seats.
  7. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    I remember during the off season and after the draft, I said we were in trouble; we lost our two best linemen and didn't do anything in FA or the draft to address the loss. Well we did bring back injury prone Smith. A lot of people on here said, no worries our young guys will step up and fill those roles. Well after four preseason games and a pathetic outing today..... it's not happening. I went to the game and it was horrific. Play calling sucked as usual and predictable! The O line didn't do crap. Dalton gave the ball away 4-5 times. Def couldn't tackle or cover... There was no sense of urgency as usual. No discipline - that'll never change under the current leadership. My god, 1st play of the game and we get a false start in our own stadium! How does that happen? We got three studs at RB, why can't we put two or all three of them on the field at the same time. Try to confuse the def... which stud is getting the ball? I'm baffled!
  8. Ravens @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    I'll be at the game - anybody else going?
  9. 2017/18 Campaign concerns.....

    #1 I know it was only preseason and we just ran basic plays but we looked like crap! #2 I love Eifert but this guy seems to be always hurt and yet he's hurt again! #3 We drafted Ross @ #1 and he was already broke. He recovered from that and now he's injured again. #4 Jones and Burfict suspended again! Now I don't think Burfict should be suspended but that really doesn't matter. He won't be contributing until Oct. We could be 0-3 by then. Fingers crossed we're not! #5 Our DB's scare me. #6 Tackling seems to still be a huge concern. #7 3rd string QB is out - we can't have Andy go down! Positives: #1 Mixon looks good! #2 Green is healthy! #3 Kicking game looks better this season! #4 That Rookie on the D-line got a sack in every preseason game! #5 Marvin is on his last year of his contract; he needs to perform!
  10. Our O-line

    I normally don't agree with the so called football experts, but these guys are saying what I've been saying since the end of last season - our O line is horrible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIdQNB-GAcc
  11. OK, so, our Oline sucked last season and we let our two best linemen go. They didn't address it in the draft so, there maynot be any holes for our RB's to run through and our QB won't have time to get the ball to Wide-outs! We never used Hill and Gio on the field at the same time and I don't see our coaching staff doing it with Gio and Mixon... Going to be an interesting season. In years past we've had Roster that were stacked and we didn't produce, so time will tell how we do this upcoming season. I hope it's great but not holding my breath.
  12. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    OK, last season, our Oline sucked. So we start the off season by getting rid of our two best linemen. Got it, they wanted to much money. We bring back injured prone Smith to help with the line. Our TE has be out and may not be ready for the start of the season, or RB my not be back from injury and now we pick a WR in the first round who is projected to start on PUP! Goof Grief!
  13. Question for the Die Hard Fans?

    So if you could take any player in FA to improve the team, who would it be and nobody better say Tony Romo!
  14. Question for the Die Hard Fans?

    Good point! He is a game changer on the field,
  15. A few of us Bengals fans were sitting around at work pondering things today and came up with a question. When is the last time the Bengals signed a game changer/super star player that improved the team? Seems like all we sign is one year deal or no name players. NE is always singing high profile players that change the game. Example - They brought back Randy Moss and re-energized his career and he improved the team drastically! There are other teams that are always successful with this as well. We did sign James Harrison a few years ago, but he didn’t do too much for us and went back to the Steelers the next year. Then there was the time we signed washed up TO who was average at best for us. This year We brought back Smith, and they are saying he’s the answer to our O line. Well that’s if you can keep him off of the injured reserve list and on the field! Any thought?