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  1. 1 hour ago, HoosierCat said:

    NFL confirms that Rams will be kicked out of their locker room for the game.


    I come here to share my excitement for Superbowl but very sad that Billy wont see this.

    but I end up have something to say to this. it obviously say Rams will stay in their locker room, while Bengals use Charger's room. so basically I guess it mean Chargers is the one who host this Superbowl, not Rams.

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  2. 9 hours ago, membengal said:

    For any out-of-market fans on the board who also do not live in DC/Balt area - NFL Network is picking up the Bengals/WFT pre-season game live. Pre-season Game 3 v Miami was already grabbed by CBS. That will leave just pre-season game 1 for out-of-market folks to find some way to watch (at Tampa). 

    I am a out-of-market fan and my cable provider doesnt include Nfl Network in extended package, to have it I have to pay more for it. but I have NFL Game Pass, so no worries for me I will be able to watch all 3 no matter what.

  3. I am here to ask this because I have read news where team is struggling to get their players or coaches to take vaccine. and news where players say they wont take vaccine.

    I haven't heard anything from Bengals side at all. and OTA is full attendance does it mean everybody already take vaccine on Bengals side? THANK GOD Bobby Hart is not Bengals player anymore for this.

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  4. On 4/15/2021 at 7:13 PM, COB said:

    I’ll look for that link when you post it.  Her face looks somewhat like Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron’s wife.  Also DeviantArt is one of the great website names of all time.

    that artist still haven't post it. I know I shouldn't post this kind of picture here but fuck it, enjoy it lol.


  5. 49 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

    Hey Dimster.

    Who's she gonna pounce on?

    come back more often, we miss all the old regulars (except Pushy)

    Yeah but I just couldn't come here anymore as It doesn't feel same since Billy died, he is the main reason why I stay here for years. without him I just lost interest to come here.

  6. On 4/6/2019 at 6:06 PM, COB said:

    When people use the word “think” in this way it has a bit of a double meaning.  

    First, it is meant to convey belief.  “Who believes they’re going to beat them Bengals,” would be an accurate interpretation.

    Second, when “think” is used in this way there is implied a sort of taunt, a doubting challenge.  For instance if two people are in conflict over money, one may say to the other, “You think you’re going to walk in here and take my money?!”  What that speaker is meaning to imply is that there is no way in hell the other guy is going to take that money.  In fact, if said during a conflict or under duress, that speaker is probably meaning to convey that a physical struggle, a fight, will commence if there is an attempt to take that money.  

    That is the why “think” is used in the chant.  Until I read your question about “think”, it never had dawned on me that certain words, for the deaf community, may not hold the same nuance and undertone they hold for the speaking/hearing community.  

    yep it is possible it is because of my deaf culture is different. but unfortunately I dont know any other deaf person who are Cincinnati Bengals fan since I am not from Ohio, so I couldnt find out their point of view and see if they feel same as me or not. 

  7. 4 hours ago, COB said:

    I like that the team has a unique chant.  Not even that many teams have anything like it.  A chant, a song, just some kind of collective thing the fans can do in unison.

    I don’t know about the Saints Dim, but my recollection is their chant came along way after, and was inspired by, the Bengals’.

    this is maybe why I look at this chant differently, I am deaf so I will never be part of collective thing the fans can do in unison lol. that word THINK in chant seriously threw me off and confuse the hell out of me. can you explain this part of chant

  8. I know most of you guys will hate me for this. but I have been thinking and research on this. I have question related to Who Dey.

    first part focus on who invented first, Who Dey or Who Dat. my biggest puzzled part on is DEY and DAT is black culture words. Cincinnati is black Cultured town?? I dont think so. New Orleans is black cultured town? HELL YES. so I think it is obviously it is Cincinnati Bengals as the copycat one.

    second part focus on chant, correct me if I have it wrong, "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals? Nobody"

    I am going to focus on one keyword "think" I think it is pretty obviously every team go into game thinking they will win, if a team dont do that, they dont belong in NFL. so it should be EVERYBODY not NOBODY, they all think they will win but they dont all win in end.

    so in end as I always say WHO DEY thing is idiotic.

  9. I know I said I will never come back to this forum ever again, but I am here for this. I check this forum today because I havent heard from him for a while. didnt expect it to be this reason. it hit me hard than I expect. He is one of guys here who always care about me as he always say, I am his ARIZONA BRO. I will never forgot him for rest of my life. even on the day Bengals win Superbowl it will be sad day for us.

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