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  1. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    I agree, We must keep Tate, because since he join us back in 2011, We haven't missed playoff. We are in playoff because of him.
  2. Off Season Wishlists

    I am VERY fine with his 3 game suspension. Bengals was 6-0 without him this year.
  3. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    seriously bother me sometimes, why is he "your boy"? I understand when a black guy say that, it is because they are gangsta morons. but from you, that i dont understand lol
  4. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    It is Staged, fake ass video.
  5. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    I love how Cam look at end, EGOISTIC MORON GUY LIKE HIM NEED THAT.
  6. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    Carolina is not giving this away. Denver is taking this away
  7. Pro Bowl Selections

    that is not my point, it is obviously Dalton is not going, only morons will not figure this out, my point is Media's neglect to say that Dalton decide to not go or list him among other QB who decide to not go. that is what I am having problem with.
  8. Pro Bowl Selections

    what u mean eventually, HE IS FIRST ALTERNATE. look at first post of this thread.
  9. Pro Bowl Selections

    today several QB got replaced, and they even mentioned Rivers who is one of Alternate is not going. and not even 1 word mention about Dalton ANYWHERE. one example here. (on PFT) On a day that already has seen Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers join Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers as Pro Bowl quarterbacks who won’t be at the Pro Bowl, Brady almost certainly will make it No. 6. Brady almost certainly will make it No. 6????
  10. Pro Bowl Selections

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/01/22/eli-manning-replaces-ben-roethlisberger-in-pro-bowl/ Why Eli? I thought Dalton is next
  11. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

  12. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    over 1,000 fans already talk about this everywhere, maybe to their brother or father or wife or kids, but plenty of people already say it, what made Kazkal special that he need to be "SHHHHHH" about it. not like it is him who cause it to happen if it did happen
  13. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    what jinx??? i already post about Dillon win Superbowl with Patriots, there is no such a jinx lol sometime you people made me laugh for being superstitious or believe in jinx. there is no such a thing.
  14. First of all, if we cant beat our own Division and we need they to stay weak, we will never be a superbowl winner. then we dont deserve to be in playoff. I welcome the challenge to our divison, I want them to be super hard so when win division it is because we are the best and when we play other team in playoff, they will be too easy compared to what Bengals have already play against. as you notice any division winner of a very weak divison rarely last long in playoff.
  15. If I was Bengals I would call other teams to see if they are interest in offer something better than 3rd round, if there is none then I would trade him to Browns, what good is it to let a very good QB sit on our bench wasting away his years, while we could use that 3rd round pick to get possible new starter at other positions. yeah it might made Browns a better team, WHO CARES,
  16. there is no such a Curse, Corey Dillon. He was at Bengals at 2003 with Marvin Lewis and he win Superbowl with Patriots.
  17. me too and I still have my Palmer Bengals jersey to wear.
  18. state of the Bengals

    Bengals was 6-0 before he come back this year, so I am very fine with that 3 game suspension.
  19. Steelers @ Bengals II Pregame Thread/Game Thread

    thanks, I have been trying to change my Signature too, but I couldnt find way to do it :(
  20. Steelers @ Bengals II Pregame Thread/Game Thread

    I am sad that you didnt win, but if you win tomorrow, I will go only if you are able to get Tiffani Thiessen for me instead of regular hooker. DEAL?
  21. Steelers @ Bengals II Pregame Thread/Game Thread

    I know this is nice Dream but Patriots blew it, wish they win against Dolphins. Then this would be a possible, Bengals VS Steelers then Broncos then Texans then Cardinals. ALL REVENGE GAMES
  22. Clinching Scenarios

    even if this happen, Lewis will still use Starter against Baltimore if Patriots lose to Jets this sunday. I know Patriots lose to Dolphins at last week is make u guys laughing, but Lewis will not play around with this and fight for 1st seed if possible.
  23. Bengals @ 49ers Pregame Chatter/Game Thread

    So are you saying that if Steelers vs Patriots, I am required to cheer for Patriots. I say HELL NO.
  24. SB 50 Prediction

    Oh Please, Superbowl will be between Bengals and Cardinals.
  25. Dalton's TD move

    One of my friend ask me a question and I was embrassed that i couldnt answer why Dalton do this. http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/229/files/2013/12/8044784.jpg