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  1. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    or that pick just give us new triple wr threat like Cj, Housh and Henry was
  2. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    with green and ross on field, our other wrs will be better due to less defense focus on them, I like the pick
  3. Let's talk playoffs, shall we?

    I don't understand why nobody is talking about Bills, I can see that Dolphins and Bills is biggest problem for Bengals, as Bills have to beat Dolphins. And Bills beat Browns for sure and Patriots beat Dolphins for sure as well. So that mean Jets have to beat both Bills and Dolphins, I don't see this happen at all
  4. Eagles @ Bengals Game Thread

    because of one simple reason, orange jersey and black pants which is still undefeated i believe
  5. Eagles @ Bengals Game Thread

    who did he pass to? nfl.com say he pass that to huber, lol
  6. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Nugent must be happy because it wont be his 2nd missed extra point at end that cost us the game.
  7. Bengals @ Giants Game Thread

    what the hell are u watching or reading??? PFT have one of them pick Bengals, ESPN have 3 of them pick Bengals, and few other site have pick bengals. yes more people pick Giants than Bengals but it is not EVERYONE
  8. Washington @ Bengals (London) Game Thread

    at least Marvin Lewis can try and get record in something
  9. Washington @ Bengals (London) Game Thread

    for Cardinals game which is on tv now, I am fully support Panthers for this game fuck Cardinals for ruin my day.
  10. Washington @ Bengals (London) Game Thread

    I hope Arizona fans enjoy that fumble td for Panthers instead of watching Bengals overtime game. fuck Arizona
  11. Washington @ Bengals (London) Game Thread

    yeah i am yelling and throwing stuff, arizona 1st qtr IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT than Overtime game
  12. Washington @ Bengals (London) Game Thread

    I am well prepared for this, today I woke up at 6 am, I should have no problem tomorrow lol
  13. Bengals @ Patriots Game Thread

    hey Billy, Iwant to say good news but I dont think it can be consider a good news since Bengals didnt win any games show on tv here in Arizona. But the news is this sunday game is going to be on tv for us AGAIN. 4 time on tv out of 5, AMAZING. I didnt count thursday game because anybody who have nfl network can watch it which I dont lol.
  14. Bengals @ Cowboys Game Thread

    of course it was never Marvin, remember the days of Chuck Bresnahan's defense?
  15. Bengals @ Cowboys Game Thread

    I alway stya positive but I cant today, Bengals have Bungled badly today, if anyone on any football forum call them Bungles, they have right to do so today.
  16. Bengals @ Cowboys Game Thread

    hey Billy, Bengals on tv AGAIN for us here in Arizona.
  17. HOF 20??

    thank for the recommened but I will still miss it no matter what as i dont have nfl network.
  18. Dolphins @ Bengals Game Thread

    good news, on my brother and my weekly picks, he almost always pick Dolphins to win, yeah fanoism pick lol, but for tonight game he actually pick Bengals.
  19. Broncos @ Bengals Game Thread

    yeah as most of you know I support Dolphins as well due to my brother. look at this, http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2016/TNF nice huh? both Bengals and Dolphins have 2 games each but yet all of those 3 games is nfl network only with plenty of games before or after them broadcast on cbs or nbc
  20. Broncos @ Bengals Game Thread

    sadly no thursday game for me as i dont have nfl network, NFL assholes seems forbid Bengals thursday game on CBS as this happen 3 years in row.
  21. Broncos @ Bengals Game Thread

    good news for u and your buddy, the game is on tv here in Arizona for us
  22. Dolphins @ Bengals Game Thread

    my brother (Dolphins fan one) will come here and watch the game with me on tv. hope no Wake safety this time
  23. I am happy that he go to Miami Dolphins, so I can enjoy hear excuses from my brother when he read Miami forum
  24. Schedule Out Tonight

    No CBS or NBC for both of Bengals thursday game and one of them is vs Dolphins, FUCK NFL!!!!
  25. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    I am not worry about losing Marvin Jones and Sanu, Dalton and Aj Green made those 2 look better than they actually are, easily replace in draft or free agent.