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  1. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    sorry but you are the one who sound like a douche at this moment lol
  2. Other NFL games.

    I wish they were. I would love to see Bengals and Browns fight for 1st in division and Ravens/Steelers stay in basement for next 10 years or so, made it more fun for me and one of my brother who is fan of Browns.
  3. Other NFL games.

    it is weird to see a team with record like this 1-1-1, have this happen before?
  4. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    I disagree with 24-20, I believe it will be 34-23
  5. Other NFL games.

    yep, too bad Cardinals lose badly, bet you many Arizona Fans miss Palmer already
  6. Other NFL games.

    yep, only 6 min left but yet I am still nervous lol, FUCK PATS.
  7. Other NFL games.

    Brady always sucks at Florida, guess too hot for him, still 1 more to go, Dolphins, wish Buccaneers is on schedule as well lol
  8. Other NFL games.

    another TD
  9. Other NFL games.

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/16/teammate-says-bills-vontae-davis-retired-at-halftime/ love this one, lol. I remember him as Dolphins player. wonder if he is first one to retire during game?
  10. Other NFL games.

    good 2 weeks for me and my brother, both Bengals and Dolphins 2-0, and so far 5 team from our div lose this week, Pats last one, LETS GO JAX
  11. Other NFL games.

    oh yes, lets go JAX
  12. Other NFL games.

    hope Browns win and Steelers lose, so Steelers 4th place
  13. Other NFL games.

    what the hell, seems nfl.com stop update their games, all game timer is frozen for last 10 min or so
  14. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    cool same final score as last week
  15. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    yep that what i thought, was not sure if it was him or not
  16. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    was it not Williams who sealed the game for us last week??
  17. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    how many times have Dalton pass to Ross this game and nothing come out of it??
  18. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    so nfl.com is mistaken when it says split by atkins and hubbard?
  19. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    I know it is strange but I am excited about this more than I am about Bengals win
  20. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    ok both qb get their first int of the year out of way, now lets get back to playing lol
  21. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    dunno, I dont have cable anymore, but here is the website i used to use http://506sports.com/nfl/index-m.php
  22. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    damn I thought I am up too early, but nope you up 2 hours or more before me lol
  23. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    sound like we might have same chair. mine is the brown one in picture https://www.la-z-boy.com/p/recliners/crandell-powerreclinexrw-reclina-way-recliner/_/R-P16433
  24. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    to guys who are saying game is boring, WE are old guys. thats why this forum is dying because only old guys like us left here, all younger fans are using reddit, twitter, instgram or whatever is out there. when I was 20's Football was so excited and fun to watch and I remember older guys fall sleep during game. it was boring to them. now its our turn to be the old guys who fall sleep during watch the game lol.
  25. I am glad we have Geno Atkins, contract get done while Donald and Mack still being a bitchy.