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  1. Madden 2007 for the Playstation 3

    i will never play on any console, i am pc gamer, i love madden 2007 on pc, i am playing with my brother on a franchise, yeah 16-0 and 1,000 yards per game can be boring if play alone. but we made it more fun by try best each other in everything inculde ints and sacks.
  2. Colts v. Pats

    u sure brady is best qb in world??? i think he is lousy who happen to have media on his side, thats all. here to prove it. my brother's favorite team is miami dolphins, and manning did a lot better than brady P. Manning 22/37 282 2 td 0 int T. Brady 12/25 78 0 td 0 int and vs our bengals P. Manning 29/36 282 4 td 0 int T. Brady 15/26 188 2 td 1 int

    i would like to have sig use that pic i attached on this, with dimster on it, do whatever u want with it to made it looks good
  4. Ravens Bengals Game Thread

    that what warrick is for, and he is still free agent, i always love watch him play as a returner
  5. Happy Birthday !!!

    thanks, i know i will enjoy my age this year, as i am 28 now so i can say dimster28 stand for my age not dillon anymore lol
  6. Bengal Cartoon

    yep palmer is back up for my super star mode as super star is all about me and nothing else, but on regular franchise, palmer starter of course lol
  7. Bengal Cartoon

    it was very boring for me, i almost fall sleep, basically because i cant understand 1 word as i am deaf lol
  8. this is what i am

    i am from arizona and i was born in columbus ohio, been a bengals fan since i was a kid, i play as bengals on madden all time. does this looks cool?? a fast strong tall QB for my superstar game in madden i would like to know how to made this into a sig for my own sig.
  9. Carson Press Conference 12:30 Today

    can someone please tell what have he said in that video, i can watch it but i cant hear it as i am deaf guy, i have been disappointed in bengals.com, few years ago it always got transcript comes with any video, but not anymore.
  10. Die Hard Bengal fans

    so are u saying that it is wonderful thing that parent dont let their kids have their own free thinking???
  11. Anyone Want this Wall?

    i have been looking for damn good wallpaper of bengals all over websites, and i have to admit urs is best one i find, so wonder if u have any on other players as well?
  12. Bengals Games - Downloads

    does anybody know where i can find bengals vs jaguars game, i cant find it anywhere, i have every game from week 1 to week 11 but missing only bengals vs jaguars
  13. An Open Letter to New Bengal Fans

    i have been bengals fan since 1985 when i was 7 years old, why Bengals, becz my favorite color is orange, and my favorite animal is tiger. my best memory is super temco bowl game for nintendo, where i play as bengals, and nobody can ever tackle james brooks, so i got td every time i rush, lol and this year is best year for me, as my brother is a miami dolphins fan, so now he understand what i been thur all my life, about time miami dolphins sucks.
  14. Notes and Stats on the game this Sunday

    he will break the record easily
  15. Chad talking about his Checklist

    i believe it should be no, since he did get a touchdown in that game
  16. Bengals.com First Day Interviews

    do anybody know where i can send a email to file a complaint. i would love to know what interviews said, but i am deaf so what happens to transcripts that they always have that comes with the videos??
  17. Boomer Predicts 10 Wins

    yes i love the game vs dolphins last year. in fact we bet 500 bucks on that game during june, way before ricky williams quit, lol it was nice sweet 500 bucks i get from him, look forward to vs dolphins in play off
  18. Boomer Predicts 10 Wins

    thanks for a big insult, yes my sentence sucks. so what i have a good reason for it. i am deaf and we talk in american sign language, our sentence is way different than writing sentence, so it is well known for us deaf people to have bad writing sentence. why i post only 4, becz i know u guys would insult me just like now......... thanks, glad to see this day comes by the way dolphins is my older brother's favorite team, so i see him talk about dolphins allll my life.
  19. Boomer Predicts 10 Wins

    know your history before you type it in, it was 1972-1973 season that miami dolphins was undefeated not 1974
  20. Big Orange

    do u guys know about bit torrent?? my brother is a fan of miami dolphins, he have been downloading dolphins historical games, he own after 50 games by now, one of fan have been released them in bit torrent, he even made his own site where limit number of people can access to his site to download them, i think we should do same for bengals. one person in dolphins site proudly announce that only they do that no other team fans have this, would be nice if we are 2nd one to do this for our own fans to enjoy bengals historicial games
  21. Wow...

    where is that site u speak of?? i would like to see pics and video
  22. The hardest part for me being a Bengals fan since born, is having a brother who i am very close to, who is Dolphins fan, so imagine how he being sadist on me since kid, Bengals always have losing record and Dolphins always have winning record, so this year game on sunday night is the must win for Bengals to me.