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  1. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    I come here to share my excitement for Superbowl but very sad that Billy wont see this. but I end up have something to say to this. it obviously say Rams will stay in their locker room, while Bengals use Charger's room. so basically I guess it mean Chargers is the one who host this Superbowl, not Rams.
  2. was that toward me? I was just saying that not everybody have Nfl Network to see that 2nd game automatic.
  3. I am a out-of-market fan and my cable provider doesnt include Nfl Network in extended package, to have it I have to pay more for it. but I have NFL Game Pass, so no worries for me I will be able to watch all 3 no matter what.
  4. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    thats why I said your source is wrong, I never said you are wrong ;)
  5. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    I get it, and am glad they are close,, but the point is your comment made it sound like they are already there when they are not.
  6. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    guess your source is WRONG. as Bengals is not 1 of 2 team. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/17/report-85-percent-of-dolphins-saints-players-fully-vaccinated-or-on-path/
  7. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/16/joe-mixon-sounds-off-on-unions-role-in-covid-restrictions-for-unvaccinated-players/ that say a lot about his IQ. hope Bengals get rid of him. don't need moron on team like him.
  8. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    that is GREAT news
  9. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    I am here to ask this because I have read news where team is struggling to get their players or coaches to take vaccine. and news where players say they wont take vaccine. I haven't heard anything from Bengals side at all. and OTA is full attendance does it mean everybody already take vaccine on Bengals side? THANK GOD Bobby Hart is not Bengals player anymore for this.
  10. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    let you know the nude one is there now
  11. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    I know I haven't been here for 2 years but I have to share this with you guys. I commissioned one person to draw this for me. I know jersey's sleeve is wrong but it is expected. I am very impressed with background.
  12. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    don't worry, that artist should post it soon. that artist just post one of 3 today. keep eye on that for another 2 art. https://www.deviantart.com/mikamipinup/art/Tigra-Commission-876827944
  13. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    hope that one works for you
  14. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

  15. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    that artist still haven't post it. I know I shouldn't post this kind of picture here but fuck it, enjoy it lol.
  16. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    100% agree with this one, I was thinking of add something to honor him on those Tigra picture. something like "For Boobiemiester" but at end decide to not do it.
  17. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    that artist made correction to sleeve, here it is
  18. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    Yeah but I just couldn't come here anymore as It doesn't feel same since Billy died, he is the main reason why I stay here for years. without him I just lost interest to come here.
  19. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    fyi there is a picture of her showing her tits. but not going to post it here lol. I am waiting for that artist to post it on DeviantArt site then I will add link to it here.
  20. I know most of you guys will hate me for this. but I have been thinking and research on this. I have question related to Who Dey. first part focus on who invented first, Who Dey or Who Dat. my biggest puzzled part on is DEY and DAT is black culture words. Cincinnati is black Cultured town?? I dont think so. New Orleans is black cultured town? HELL YES. so I think it is obviously it is Cincinnati Bengals as the copycat one. second part focus on chant, correct me if I have it wrong, "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals? Nobody" I am going to focus on one keyword "think" I think it is pretty obviously every team go into game thinking they will win, if a team dont do that, they dont belong in NFL. so it should be EVERYBODY not NOBODY, they all think they will win but they dont all win in end. so in end as I always say WHO DEY thing is idiotic.
  21. my point of view on Who Dey

    yep it is possible it is because of my deaf culture is different. but unfortunately I dont know any other deaf person who are Cincinnati Bengals fan since I am not from Ohio, so I couldnt find out their point of view and see if they feel same as me or not.
  22. my point of view on Who Dey

    my purpose for doing this is because I alway think WHO DEY is dumb my whole life, so I decide to do research to understand this and history behind this, so that way I might respect the word better by understand it. thats why I hope you guys might be able to help me on that.
  23. my point of view on Who Dey

    this is maybe why I look at this chant differently, I am deaf so I will never be part of collective thing the fans can do in unison lol. that word THINK in chant seriously threw me off and confuse the hell out of me. can you explain this part of chant
  24. my point of view on Who Dey

    ok, can you guys recall who think of this up in 80's? someone in crowd in game start chant for hell of it and everybody else in game start follow that guy?
  25. BengalszoneBilly

    I know I said I will never come back to this forum ever again, but I am here for this. I check this forum today because I havent heard from him for a while. didnt expect it to be this reason. it hit me hard than I expect. He is one of guys here who always care about me as he always say, I am his ARIZONA BRO. I will never forgot him for rest of my life. even on the day Bengals win Superbowl it will be sad day for us.