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  1. Sick this morning

    Worry about it or simply venting? This thread started with fan after fan writing about what he was most sick about after the loss to the Texans. Some said they were done with the head coach. Some said they were done with the defensive coordinator. Some said the were sick of the conservative playcalling. I said I'm sick of us, and I gave my reasons why, thereby prompting the same familiar voices to pop off about why their involvement with this team is strictly limited to stuff they can do for free and why this team is best supported by row after row of empty seats. I listen to it all and wonder why any Bengal player would risk his health playing for a bunch of miserable fans like us. Worse, I start to realize why so many of them feel compelled to punch the clock and feel perfectly satisfied with mediocrity. Mediocrity is exactly what this teams fanbase deserves. Well how do you do that? Seriously, I'm asking. And the reason I'm asking is because my past is littered with scraps and fights with every pseudo-fan who calls this place home and it seems to me there are far more of them than the type of normal fan you see rooting for any team you care to name. Frankly, we can all pretend we're not the worst fans in the NFL but I doubt any of us can pretend we're normal. And like the thread title says, I'm f**king sick of it.
  2. Sick this morning

    Why wait when nobody, including me, is suggesting the numbers won't improve? IMHO the empty seats this season are just one impossible to ignore sign of the staggering negativity that surrounds this franchise, and that's still going to be true next season even if most or all of the empty seats are filled. We're still going to be the fanbase that boos the home team during a playoff game. We're still going to be the same fanbase that boasts of an amazing number of so-called fans who adamantly refuse to financially support the team in any way. And we're still going to be the same fanbase where half of the so-called fans on a Bengal messageboard are whining fed-ups who not only refuse to f**k off, but think it's their duty to piss in the punchbowl.
  3. Bengals @ Rams Pregame Chatter

    If judged soley on performance I'd keep Andre, but I know that's not the way it works. His performance has to be coupled with his contract and then weighed against the contract that would be paid to an early round rookie selected under the terms of the new CBA. Frankly, I've always felt the Bengals were wise to demand an out clause in Smith's contract, and as unpopular and embarrassing as his holdout turned out to be I think it was a price worth paying. In fact, I wish they had bought themselves the same protection when dealing with the following years 1st round pick.
  4. Sick this morning

    And there's your problem. Because you don't deserve anything when you do nothing. In fact, you're not entitled to a football team at all, and if you deliberately refuse to support it due to your sense of entitlement you deserve to lose it. But sadly, you won't....because there's 20 years remaining on a lease your leaders keep trying to get out of due to that same misguided sense of entitlement.
  5. Sick this morning

    As long as we're willing to accept who we are as a fanbase, and most of you have been very reluctant to do so, that's actually a point that's hard to argue. It's sorta funny how loudly some of you protest when faced with attendance figures that rank dead last in the NFL. For example, if the Bengals running game were ranked dead last you'd all admit the problem and demand change. Or if the Bengals starting QB were ranked dead last you'd all loudly call for that player to be replaced with someone better. But when the dead last ranking is a reflection on us as fans most of you quickly begin bleating about how smart and passionate all of you are. In reality, what most of you are is summed up rather neatly by empty seats and empty excuses.
  6. Sick this morning

    Absolutely. But remember, in the dead thread where this subject was first discussed the question was asked if the poor attendance was proof Cincinnati couldn't financially support an NFL team, and if true, no longer deserved one. See above. The fact remains that whatever might be true of an individual due to personal circumstances is a very poor excuse for collective behavior. And there's the rub because you can point to your kid as a reason for why you no longer attend games, but TJ and ZooBoy point directly to their hatred for Mike Brown. In fact, TJ just bragged about how every single fan pointed to Mike Brown when answering the question of why fans weren't going to games on the CincyJungle website. Apparently, nobody used kids, the zoo, the weather, or the economy as an excuse. And that's what makes us special, right? Because where else in the NFL landscape do fans make their choice about attending games based upon a person who doesn't play and is rarely seen? In other cities fans go to see football games and watch players play because they're actually ....(wait for it)....football fans. Here, people go to the zoo instead because of their hatred for an old fat man who sits in his corner office ignoring hate mail. The last time I came back to the hinterland when the Bengals were playing I ditched family obligations for the day, rounded up a few old friends, and dropped $530 bucks on Bengal tickets and food. Plus, I spend more than that every year for NFL Sunday Ticket just so I can watch the Bengals play every week. And no, when I'm making those choices I don't give one minute of thought to the fat man in the corner office. And why should I? As a football fan I actually WANT to watch football games.
  7. Sick this morning

    Fact is you didn't offer speculation. You offered an empty unprovable claim as fact, and then you repeated and expounded on it until it collapsed. As for me, I can point to statistics ranking the Bengals dead last in attendance. Or I could point to the 2nd smallest crowd ever to attend a game at PBS at last weeks critically important game. Or I could simply point to the television screen during any Bengal home game. Or I could point to the things you and TJ have written in this very thread. I don't have to speculate. You're my proof.
  8. Sick this morning

    How many NFL teams have been eliminated from the playoffs already but have better attendance than the Bengals? Ten? And how many teams that have a poorer won/loss record than the Bengals can boast of better attendance? All of them, right? I should have written "consistent winning". In retrospect you shouldn't have written anything at all. Because all you're doing is kicking the excuse can down the road in the same way that SeaRay and TJ have done. The old give it two more years of this or that and I'll start to care routine, right? Right. And now we're not. Now we're the worst in the NFL in most measurable ways, but according to you and others we're a sleeping giant just waiting to be roused from our slumber. Or maybe we're not really a football town at all. Maybe we're zoo people?
  9. Sick this morning

    Good for you. And now we've reached the now predictable part of the thread where you offer nothing but lies and strawman arguments. What seems odd, at least to me, is how someone like you can offer death wishes and blatant lies, but some people get angry and offended by what I write. Go figure, huh? I think we're done here.
  10. Sick this morning

    Frankly, that's pathetic, but I'm guessing you knew that already. What I don't understand is how someone like yourself could say something like that in one breath and in the next claim Bengal fans aren't the worst in the NFL? Of course YOU are. Again, a freebie for you. Scroll up to post #133 where I challenged you to name anything that proved your fandom beyond rooting for Mike Browns death and activities you can do for free. In response you said you could name "plenty" but instead you just repeated the death wish and then listed how long you've been coming here for free. Fail.
  11. Sick this morning

    Actually, you've explained at length why you don't support this team. If asked what you actually do to support the team I guess we could start with the way you pray for someone to die and then move quickly to the way your interests are confined to things you can get for free....and often illegally. Beyond that?
  12. Roster moves

    @ "bird" :lmao: You're all going to miss me when I'm gone.
  13. Sick this morning

    As of yesterday afternoon I f**king hate the Bengals. But I'll probably get over it. I have not gotten over it yet. Still pissed. Yeah, me too. Then again, I've been pissed off about alot of things lately.
  14. Sick this morning

    Making up stuff again? Or are you just delusional? It seems to me if you're going to take credit for Brat being fired you should be able to show how doing so had some impact on ticket sales afterwards. (Cause and effect, right?) And if there was no impact, and there clearly wasn't, then Mike had no motivation to appease fans. Far more likely he canned Brat at the request of Marvin OR as a last ditch attempt to appease Carson Palmer.
  15. Sick this morning

    LMAO. I wonder how long Mike will hang in there. He seems pretty damn resiliant. He's no quitter, that's for sure. Have you seen him lately? He looks like one of those butter sculptures you see at state fairs. Regardless, someday the old coot will croak and when it happens I'm certain the fine folks of Cincinnati will quickly demonstrate the class we've all come to expect whenever we hear the words Bengal, Bearcat, Musketeer, or street riot.