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  1. From NFL.com


    Late bloomer who came to school as a skinny wide receiver with 4.7 speed and leaves with outstanding height, weight, speed measurements and a shot to go on Day 2 as a cornerback. Brown's athletic ability and recovery speed increases his opportunities to make plays and flip the field, but he needs to trust his instincts and sharpen his eyes. If a coach can improve his assertiveness against big ball-winners, he has the physical and play traits to become one of the surprise cornerbacks in this draft.


    • Prototype for height, weight, speed at the position
    • Elite level athletic ability with rare fluidity for size
    • Traits and cover talent are scheme independent
    • Above-average ball production as three-year starter
    • Feet and hips to mirror and trace routes from press or off
    • Good bend and balance to stay connected to multi-breaks
    • Long speed to handle vertical challenges
    • Stick and click twitch to smother routes underneath
    • Above-average closing skill
    • Former wideout with soft hands and feel for attacking passing lane
    • Weather-tested
    • Weaknesses
    • Plays light for being a bigger cornerback
    • Gets out-muscled at break point too often
    • Unusually short arms for a tall cornerback
    • Lack of length shows up at times and could hinder trail technique
    • Needs to play more assertively against size
    • Gives away critical body positioning in potential 50-50 situations
    • Needs better eye-balance to read quarterback clues
    • Can improve his read and squeeze off routes from off coverage
    • Will get jostled and bounced as run supporter.
    • Sources Tell Us

      "He's big and can run and that's what we need. Hell, that's what everybody needs now. He's not soft, but I just wish he had more dog in him to impose his presence on receivers. If he had that, he would be a top-40 pick." -- Director of scouting for NFC team

  2. When we're grading the draft we're grading the strategy, right? Not trying to look into the future and see if these picks pan out.

    I have the same feeling about this draft as I did when the Bengals hired Zac Taylor. I love the picks. Who knows what happens, but damn. It's nice to see a change. 

    And you can clearly see where Zac Taylor has a heavy influence on who is drafted vs. Marvin. Hallelujah. ***damn and good riddance, Melvin. Zac Taylor is building HIS squad here and this is the first crack at it. This is an unfinished product but you need to give credit for them sticking to their plan.

    I'll give it a B+. 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

    *sigh* I stopped reading the draft profile after the first sentence......"Pratt only started one game in three years with the Wolfpack"

    I tell you what.....I will bulk up a little, but some pads and gatorade, and go play LB for the Bengals.  I've only started 1 fewer game than this guy, so I should be fine


    I don't think this is accurate. He started last year and led NC State in tackles in every game.