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  1. I've always said the Mike Brown led Bengals are the organization that breaks your leg then somehow makes you feel forced to appreciate the crutch they sold you.

    Par for the course is sub mediocrity with some good seasons and absolute turds sprinkled in there. That is the baseline. Sub mediocre. Think 7-9.

    I don't think it's an overreaction from fans when they see things go south ala the 90's. So they had a good run 2011-2015. But that's not the baseline. That's the anomaly. 

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  2. The fact is everything is an illusion. The Bengals aren't the victim, the fans aren't the victim.

    The Bengals could move on and make things work if they make changes. They could stay here and make it work if they make changes.

    The city isn't destitute if the Bengals leave. Life will go on. Emotionally and fiscally.

    The city would find a way. The NFL and the Bengals would find a way.

    But this is how change happens. From experiencing consequences in life. Nothing is going to completely fall apart. Everything holding the "same old, same old" in place is fear, speculation, and panic. Not a recipe for success in anything in life. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, AMPHAR said:

    Most communities that lose a major league sports team go through some kind of replacement phase. 

    Look everyone gets pissed about a 0-7 season and all sorts of bad logic gets thrown around about how to destroy Mike Brown’s ownership.

    Hamilton County will try to keep Mike Brown and the Bengals.  If they don’t then they’ll have an empty stadium and have more operating cost because they will lose  economic impact and tax revenue and still have the debt. 

    The county saves nothing by saying bye to the Bengals.  Their fiancés probably get worse. At a minimum they are losing an equivalent of 100+ CEO paying jobs. 

    There are 5 NFL franchises within 5 hour drive of the Bengals.  Hamilton County doesn’t want the NFL and Mike Brown they would be happy to move because they would have a better market.   

    Cincinnati would easily be absorbed into the Cleveland, Indy, Pitt markets. 

    Do you honestly think 32 billionaires aren’t going to be able to figure it out? 

    There is no leverage.  Citizens love sports and especially football.  Maybe when we all dead and gone it might change. 

    If Cincinnati doesn’t want the NFL they’ll easily  move on.   

    I understand all of that. But what makes anyone think that if Cincinnati can't even put up with the Bengals that another city would do the same. The fact is that BOTH the Bengals and the city do benefit from the team staying here. That's why it's not like the Brown family can't just sleep walk with the lease coming to an end in 2026. 

    Of course the NFL will figure it out and things will move on. But why is it implied that those billionaires give a shit about the Bengals? Why would the NFL need to enable the Brown family? To your very point, they don't need to. They'll figure it out from their perspective. 

    The leverage is that the Brown family needs Cincinnati. Whether it's monetary, psychologically or both. It makes no sense to shoot themselves in the foot when it benefits them from putting a more consistent product on the field that is moving with the rest of the NFL. 

  4. Just now, COB said:

    Birmingham - easily fooled populace.

    Salt Lake City - Desperate for the legitimacy pro sports brings.  The Jazz needs a partner.

    Lol. That's awesome re: Birmingham. 

    But the Falcons aren't even strong in Atlanta. Birmingham isn't much better than Cincinnati.

    I can't see the Bengals doing progressive West type things. With west type people. So Salt Lake would be a better option for an expansion team, IMO.

  5. Just now, ArmyBengal said:

    Fuck the Bengals. I would personally help the Brown family pack their shit. That being said, I honestly don’t think they go anywhere. The local government is simply going to have to be more creative. Thinking tax layers would agree again is wishful thinking.

    I feel the same way. If it were 2026, I would vote NO if I was given a choice.

    The Reds and FC are going to be a positive influence on the Bengals. They won't be able to ignore it. They'll want a piece of that fan focus. 

    This year is shit. Next year we need to see something that resembles a plan and direction. Or we'll just tune out. And that's ok with me. I don't need this team like I used to. Life has gotten way more complex as I've aged. My vote will be to tune out completely. Likewise with others. The Bengals know that and things aren't like they used to be a few decades ago. People have more options.

  6. 3 minutes ago, COB said:

    Even though the Cleveland Browns would hate it, Columbus would love an NFL team.  Central Ohio residents are pretty familiar with Mike and his obstinate ways, so they’d probably like a different ownership group.  

    I think that would be a reasonable option but it'd be hard to cut through that Cleveland (and Pittsburgh) fanbase in Columbus.

  7. 23 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

    Wishful thinking.  Couple things:

    1. New concert venue in which the Bengals gave back $30 mil to county.  County is now buying land for parking and maybe leads to further development along that west section of the riverfront.   There will be an extended lease at some point

    2. Nothing is paid off.  The county can’t afford to have a stadium sit empty.  

    3. Life in general should tell you that Government officials are never against expanding government which is exactly what these stadiums do.  Creates new stadium authority departments etc. So yes there will always be a town willing to work a deal.  

    They love to run commissions, studies, planning to figure out new taxes and ways to spend it. 

    Many towns with a promise of a Super Bowl will bite.  

    But would those cities sustain them? I don't think they move. And the leverage is with the citizens right now. It's actually ideal. 

  8. I would find it hard to believe that the Bengals would leave Cincinnati. This is too perfect of a scenario for the Brown family to leave. They don't want to leave. As Hoosier mentioned, a lot can happen in the next 7 years. The good news, IMO, is that the Bengals know they have to do something significant to get more of what they want. And that puts leverage to the residents of Cincinnati and the fans. 

    This is a crossroads for this organization. It just is. While this abomination of a season is painful to the fans, it's exactly what is needed. Certainly not more mediocrity. Changes are coming. In what form, we don't know. Eventually MB will pass. And just like any family, the passing of the old brings change in some form.

    I do think there will be positive change but it won't bring playoffs for 2020. It will be a glimpse into the future and into some form of hope. That's just my take. Hard to see now but I stand by it. This is how life works. We deal with reality. And if we're hard to accept it, it keeps coming around until it slaps you in the face.

    Maybe by 2021 or 2022 there will be a more solid foundation of identity of what this team can be. Keep in mind a new QB is coming. Expect coaching staff changes in mass. Expect some things that are unexpected. For now. We suck and the old can't sustain. All we can ask for is movement and that's probably as good as we'll see for now. Onto the draft.

  9. Even if they move, and that is a very serious possibility, where would they go?

    St. Louis (they couldn't keep the SB Champ Rams)?

    San Antonio? You think Texans are going to put up with this crap football?

    San Diego? HA! 

    England? There's no way in hell the Brown family would be open to that kind of change. Plus England would turn their back on them so fast. They need an aggressive ownership from the start.

    So where else? I can't think of where they would go. Anyone?

  10. The stadium lease for Paul Brown Stadium is up in 2026. The team will face a new levy passing by the county to sustain operations at PBS, from my understanding. So the county taxpayers will have to approve the lease proposal for the team to remain in Cincinnati. Or at least that's the gist of the upcoming situation.

    So here's my question. If the Hamilton County residents don't pass a stadium levy what's the guarantee there's another city that will cooperate. And even if that happens and the Bengals relocate, how patient will this new city be of the Brown family ways of doing business? The Brown family has become more than comfortable in making the Cincinnati Bengals their cash cow business and milking the city for decades. Keep in mind Cincinnati is a very patient and conservative city in and of itself. It's a perfect match. Will the Brown family be so lucky in another market?

    I doubt it. Not only that but I think we're seeing the beginning of the end of the Bengals as we know them. Either they're on their way out of town or they're going to have to join the 21st century and the rest of the NFL and change their ways. You could even point to the Reds and FC Cincinnati as organizations that are fully embracing new ways of doing business. And the fans have responded. I do think better days are ahead for FC and the Reds and those fans will be rewarded.

    Just because the Bengals are the Brown family business and they've been able to be profitable maintaining their status quo doesn't mean they can do so forever. What other city would put up with them (after the honeymoon of excitement)? What says the NFL doesn't take the money of another owning group and starts a franchise to REPLACE the Bengals? Just because the Browns own the Bengals doesn't mean they get infinite immunity and access to participate in the NFL. As Mike Brown gets older and eventually dies along with his other owner pals, the allegiance and owner ties to the Bengals might die with that generation. 

    Everything changes. Everything evolves. Either you change with things or you "die". 

    So to the Bengals FO, what are you willing to do? Change here in Cincinnati or stay the same and go off to wither and die in another city that won't be as accepting?

    FYI, as of now I'm voting NO to a stadium levy in 2026. I'll live without the NFL in Cincinnati.

  11. So ownership gets to improve by hiring the right coach. 

    It's kind of both. Ownership and coach have been sucking. Ownership can't fire itself. They just make the best decisions from here on out.

    I really like the decision to hire Taylor. Now, we'll figure out if he's as good of a coach as the decision was to hire him.

  12. This was an 8-8 team before the injury. At best. He'll be back for next season.

    In the meantime, it'll be interesting to see Taylor's impact on the season despite the setbacks. 

    Do they bring in a decent FA at OL? A veteran camp cut? 

  13. Marvin Lewis coached the Bengals for 16 years. He worked as an assistant in the NFL for 11 years before that. With nearly three full decades in the NFL, has it been a difficult transition for Lewis to leave pro football?

    No, it has not,” Lewis recently told Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio.

    Does he miss it?

    “I do not.”

    Will he return at some point?

    “I don’t think so. I’m fine.”

    Lewis was talkative in response to most of Gelb’s questions. But the answers became short and quick when certain topics came up, like why did the Bengals fail in the postseason on his watch?

    “The other team ended up with more points,” Lewis said.

    Lewis, who will work with former NFL coach Herm Edwards at Arizona State this year after giving TV a test drive, sounds like he won’t be paying much/any attention to pro football in 2019.


  14. 4 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

    They are so short on DT’s there’s no way they don’t keep everyone. How and where the new coaching staff decides to utilize them is anyone’s guess.

    Just read about the new linebacker coach who’s name I still can’t recall and it reminded me that we won’t be able to base anything off of what we used to do.

    Sounds like anything but the boring we’ve grown accustomed to.

    I have a feeling this season is going to make us more pissed at Marvin. And all the wasted talent and years. Not that I think they'll make the playoffs. But I do think we'll see a difference in performance in much better and refreshing way, like you said.

  15. What if this guy puts on a more weight? What if his arm strength increases a bit? It's not crazy to consider. It's likely.

    I think that the Patriots draft Finley if he's there for them. And then everyone is talking about how awesome he is going to be.

    Should be interesting to see what develops. But for now, Ryan Stidham is the next Tom Brady. Don't forget.

  16. This shouldn't surprise anyone. From the same coach who refused to play the best players in favor of the veterans on many, many occasions. The same coach who didn't want to hurt fe-fe's by actually disciplining players' behaviors that were clearly disruptive. Chad, Burfict, Jones, etc.

    Marvin brought this team out of the basement.  But then throttled the talent when the teams could have been so much better. You wonder why Palmer wanted out? No accountability. None.

    I won't be shocked at all if this team does pretty damn well this year simply from the change in culture. All I hope is that I don't look back and say "what if?" as we're looking at AJ Green exit his prime.