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  1. I'm giving a B+. Honestly, I haven't done much draft research outside the prospects supposed to go in the first 2 rounds. I like that PFF gave us an A, however.

    Favorite addition: Joe Burrow. Of course. I've been following him with Mem since October. Cant' wait to see him play.

    Favorite pick: Tee Higgins. Dude is a player. Period. Great value here.

    Other thoughts: I actually like they went aggressive with the LBs. That would have never happened under Melvin. Will it pay off? Dunno. But I like the differences I see in Zac Taylor.

  2. On topic but a little bit not: 

    There’s a site I’ve been following that has live reports by each country breaking down the cases of the virus by category. Triage basically. 10 days ago, on the 2nd, China had around 80,200 reported cases. As of yesterday they had 80,700. It’s leveled off there SIGNIFICANTLY. The city of Wuhan has 11 million people itself. 

    I’ve come around on the shutdowns a bit since yesterday. I hope it works. I think it will help. I still think the media is full of shit. 

    And I do think we’re in for quite a positive turn around between now and mid April. 

    Wash your hands! For the love of god. 



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  3. 6 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

    This is not some food fad like low carbs or the keto diet. This is an actual infectious disease. And I would LOVE if we had a CDC that could take control but sadly the current administration decided we didn’t need a pandemic task force or to fund the CDC so now our hopes rest on people getting freaked out by their favorite actors getting sick. 

    Again, this is not panic. This is what you do when you have a new dangerous bug running through a community. Problem is it’s in 36 states now and we are a 300 million plus community.

    If a few weeks from now we are all laughing at posts like this I will be the happiest person here. I’m just not feeling it right now.

    Taking care of your body is priority #1. Period. It’s not about a fad diet. Try it. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

    Yup, for 80% of the people who get it, there’s little to no symptoms. Which is the problem! They go on about their lives, unknowing Typhoid Marys. And since the bug has an incubation period of up to two weeks, everything seems fine until all of a sudden it isn’t. The ones who do have severe symptoms all show up at the ER at once and you’ve got 20 people with pneumonia and only 10 ICU beds.

    The point of canceling events isn’t to stop people from getting sick, it’s to slow the spread of the disease so it doesn’t overwhelm the medical system like it did in Wuhan and Italy. You don’t have to cancel everything forever, but for now, you do what you can to make sure people get sick at a rate that doesn’t exceed the available care.

    I’m fine with this. It’s not panic, it’s common sense.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with the strategy for certain things for a certain time. But it’s also important that the CDC, etc is very clear about this strategy and reassuring people that it’s very temporary. Are they doing that? Or with what we’re seeing is it another run? A run on events like a run on TP. Or how about pushing the positive message to eat clean whole foods, drink water, exercise, and sleep well. Maybe a message that empowers instead of a message that says hole up in your house and be afraid. So yeah, I’m a tad bit skeptical of the messages being sent. 

  5. 56 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

    I’d love for that to be the case but I don’t think we will get that lucky.

    Why can't it happen? China is polluted as all hell and 50% of the people smoke there. Their cases of the virus have leveled off significantly. 

    When the sun comes out and the weather heats up, shit's going to turn in the right way, quick.

    Though I know the powers that be love a good scare. What's the saying? "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

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  6. Just cancel everything forever. I mean seriously, what outcome are we looking for here? Btw, find some videos of people who had it. For the vast majority it’s a moderate/bad cold that lasts 3 days. People are losing their minds and the MSM is fueling it.

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  7. There seems to be two different camps on this board regarding the draft and Joe Burrow. There’s the mindset of trying to build a roster efficiently. Then there’s the mindset of how to best change the culture.

    IMO, no amount of draft picks can make up for those players that can literally change the energy of a team. This is the biggest reason I think you take Burrow and spend your efforts on figuring out the rest of the draft. Get your leader. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, membengal said:

    It really is. Trading back in round 2 and picking up an additional 3rd and then finding picks for Dalton, Glenn and Price would be swell. 

    It's ideal. All of the Bengals main scouts (the coaches) had eyes on the best prospects during the Senior Bowl. Get more draft picks by trading down. Get even more by trading the above mentioned players. Capitalize on an ideal situation.

    Now will they do it?

  9. 5 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

    Two things stand out to me in this Burrow-to-Saints speculation.

    First, why would the Bengals be targeting a RB so hard when they have Mixon-Bernard? Why wouldn’t you want at least the Saints best OL. Do they really think the Bengals would sign Bernard to an extension only to have him on the bench behind Kamara?

    Second, sure you get all of these picks but who is throwing the ball to them? A QB with the Saints 26th pick in the first? What QB is worth the 26th pick? Herbert, Tua, and Love will likely all be gone. Maybe Fromm too. Or you get a FA QB? Nice. Now you’ve just erased all the money saved by cutting Dalton.

    None of this makes sense.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

    Joe Burrow will be set up to fail if this team is out of the playoff race by Halloween.      The best way to get up to .500 AND to protect Joe Burrow is via Joe Mixon.

    Get him a road grader or 2.   That keeps Joe in manageable downs and distance.  Creates bigger windows to throw into.   Shifts total snaps back to our offense and away from the other team's offense so it helps our defense.

    I like this approach. Capitalize on Burrow’s mobility by giving him a line that emphasizes the run. He doesn’t need pristine protection. Feed Mixon. Open things up even more for Burrow.

  11. 6 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

     I think it's the reality it can be done multiple ways.   This draft class is deep with talent.   We are all dealing with unknowns and risk when laying out the plan for the draft.

    I tend to deal with reality and there's no way in HELL on April 23rd I would be dissatisfied with any of the above draft hauls. 



    I disagree in that I don’t think it can be done in multiple ways here. I think a stud QB is the best way to hide a bunch of flaws. And also elevate everyone else around him. A better roster isn’t changing the culture here. We’ve already had that. A better coach? Some would say 2003 in Marvin Lewis. 

    But we’ve never had a generational talent at QB. 

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  12. I seriously wonder, and this is no shot to anyone here, but I wonder if there is a misunderstanding about how organizations turn it around. 

    1. Coaching?

    2. The draft?

    3. The front office?

    4. A star QB?

    Of those 4, the only one guarantee is that they can TAKE the star QB. Will he turn out to be Joe Montana? We don't know. But you HAVE to take the shot. I honestly don't even know why there is any question at all here. I'll save the intangibles. BUT the guy has IT. Not Tua, not Herbert, non of the rest of those guys have what I think it would take to turn this organization around.

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