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  1. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    This is getting hard to watch
  2. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Need 7 here
  3. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    The side of the ball nobody was talking about is dictating the game. The defense is on fire.
  4. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Bring home a winner! I’m 0-3 watching them at PBS in the playoffs. I’m staying home for you guys.
  5. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    I would also expect Burrow to take off running quite a bit in the game. If they’re going to rush 4 and sit 7. If Mixon gets going, play action time. Lights out.
  6. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Something nobody seems to be talking about. The Bengals defense vs. the Raiders offense. The Bengals very well might be held in check (relatively) concerning scoring a lot of points. But does anyone think the Raiders are just going to plow through the Bengals defense? I can see some timely turnovers and consistent pressure on Carr all game. If the Bengals get some short fields, the Raiders have little chance.
  7. General AFC North thread

    Wow, Duus. The old board looks like it's reforming. This is cool.
  8. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    You guys realize we're going to win this game, right? I might even go as far and say that ass will be kicked on Saturday. We win by 2 TDs.
  9. Most Impressive Moment of the Season

    KC game. Going for it on 4th and 1 with 58 seconds to go in the 4th quarter with the division on the line.
  10. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Ok, this Saturday 430pm start is ideal. Raiders matchup is ideal. The potential to play the Titans in the next round is ideal. Go Bills. Otherwise, we’re playing KC. First thing's first. Beat the Raiders and end the curse.
  11. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Any thoughts on the day/time slot? I'm hoping to avoid the Sunday and Monday night games. If the Raiders come here I can see getting a day game. If the Patriots come here then it is possible we get that Sunday or Monday night slot.
  12. Chiefs Fans

    My god. I know it was a tough loss for them and we all know what it's like to get the majority of game influencing calls going against us. But damn, I've never seen such a whiny fan base before. I thought the Steelers and Ravens fans were bad. The Chiefs are odds on favorites for the AFC to make the Super Bowl. They have a great team and will likely beat the Bengals if they meet in the playoffs. On a neutral field, the Chiefs win 7/10 times. "The refs gave the game away. The NFL is rigged. All Joe Burrow does is throw up 50/50 balls." If the Bengals ever win a SB and we turn into a whiny, soft, pathetic mess of a fanbase, shoot me. Here's a link for what I'm talking about. But it's also their show hosts, etc. Chiefs fans, if you want to come over here and discuss, please do so. We won't block you out of here like you're doing to Bengals fans on Chiefs Planet. https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=341646
  13. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Ah shit. ZT gave them Monday off again…
  14. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    I'm pretty sure the Bengals would get the #2 seed based on a conference record tie breaker with Tennessee. So if the Bengals win and Tennessee loses at Houston, the Bengals would get the #2 seed. Same thing if the Chiefs lose and the Bengals win, the Bengals get the #2 seed. So it looks like the 1-4 seeds are open.
  15. Chiefs Fans

    This is very true. They really aren’t. Of course with sports it does bring out irrational thinking and emotion. If there’s at least one upside to being a Bengals fan it is that we generally know how to lose. Some fanbases can’t tolerate it.
  16. Chiefs Fans

    There is a 50 page thread about how the NFL is rigged. But only when they lose. Not when they are on 8 game winning streaks or making back to back Superbowls. Just when they lose. Mass psychosis.
  17. That's what they did. All traces of Melvin Lewis and "Melvin Ball" have left the stadium. This team has played to win the last 3 games.
  18. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Which, if things stand, the Bengals have a chance to beat the Raiders at home then travel to KC to play the Chiefs in the division round.
  19. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    If they want to play the Raiders at home and keep it that way, they play to win next week.
  20. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    You guys deserve this. I've been a part of this message board for 18 years. We've seen some shit. Good and alot of bad. You all are true fans.
  21. The Bengals DID NOT fall apart. AFC North Champs.
  22. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Having Reader back is HUGE.
  23. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    Jehhhh-reeeee! Jehhhhh-reeee! Jehhhhh-reeee!
  24. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    It’s 5 degrees that day. Bengals are up 31-0 at halftime. Reggie Williams does a halftime speech for his last home game. Crowd is insane. Bengals onside kick to start the second half. And recover it.