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  1. Bengals 1981 NFL Yearbook

    I caught a little bit of it as well. I was 5 that year and I vaugely remember the Super Bowl. What the 81 highlight did for me though was remind of the mid-late 80's in Riverfront...man, that place got insane loud. And Phil Samp, that voice will always remind me of the good times in the 80's. The Bengals were never much of a road team, but damn, could they play at home. You made some good points about the loyalty of the fan base here in Cincinnati. Most cities will never go through a test of 12 extreme years of losing, and we'll never know just how some of those fans in other cities would react to 12 years of nothing but despair. Of course the consensus crack on the Bengals now is that ALL the fans are bandwagoners....we all came out of nowhere after 12 years of not following our team. The Browns fans are the worst about accusing the Cincy fans of being bandwagoners. Ehhh, I really don't care too much about it...I chose to stay away from the games from about 1998 to 2003 because it was just to painful too watch...as bad as they were I still got way to into the games and it just ruined my Sundays. I gave up not on the Bengals, but on Mike Brown. I think that is the difference that many other fans do not understand. I did not stop supporting the Bengals, I stopped giving my money to Mike Brown. Things are definitely looking up and I think that even Marvin is going to be surprised on the spirit and attitude of the city come the 2005 football season...this town embraces a winner like none other.
  2. Boulware bounced by Birds.

    http://kffl.com/player/137/nfl Of course we read something similar to this with Sharper.... I'm not getting my hopes up.
  3. It's that time again

    Yeah right....24-10 Hokies. Nice try.
  4. I'm in Iraq here serving but my family was at the game... Seems there was quite a few drunk obnoxious Bills fans there starting crap with the Bengals fans...apparently antagonizing it all.... Not cool to talk crap to my 57 year old mother and my sister and dad.... My father was trying to help out a family next to them and apparently they left after being cussed at all first half. Glad to see my family sticking up for themselves and those around them....but if I was there I would have unloaded a year of frustration on their a$$es.... Way to show class Bills fans. May you miss the playoffs and may the Steelers kick the sh*t out of you.
  5. Bills fans show class at PBS

    I'm sure that the majority of any fan base is not as rude as some of those at the games. And yes, there are some groups of a$$hole Bengal fans. I do not mean to step on any of those fans that show respect, no matter for what team they cheer for. My comments were not intended to come out and label all Bills fans. My apologies. I was just pissed yesterday about my family being yelled at for just simply cheering their team in their stadium.
  6. Bills fans show class at PBS

    QUIT YER BITCHIN!!!! I'm right on the border with Iraq, and in the same boat, so GET REAL!! MAYBE if you wouldn't PRETEND to act as if you HAD a better team than you actually do, talking megasmack when you are 6-7, THEN you wouldn't incur the wrath of the Bills fans. Funny how Cleveland Browns fans didn't have the same reactions as you. We only give back what you give us, and the Browns fans were very gracious and cool, and we were in turn. You guys really need a reality check. You mean, you're in Kuwait.
  7. Bills fans show class at PBS

    Nah, I'm more pissed that I didn't get the satisfaction of shoving my fist down some punk's throat for talking s**t to my mother, no less. But alas I am here in Mosul, Iraq. Having a good time is one thing...acting like an a$$hole is another. I'm sure you'd appreciate that too, but then again you are probably the type of spineless prick that has no concept of respect and dignity.
  8. Bills fans show class at PBS

    You know damn well you guys would be doing the same thing if the Bengals won, so don't try to act all high and mighty. Ah, I will resist the urge to get into a meaningless internet debate.
  9. Bills fans show class at PBS

    All Bills fans? No I'm sure they're all not drunk a$$holes... BUT...after being on this board this week and hearing about the Jills fans at the game, I have to say that they may even stoop below Browns fans in my opinion...and that is hard to say. Congrats to the Bills fans for winning the game and being the better team. Just have some damn class. When you get your sh*t given to you in YOUR stadium by the Steelers and they end your playoff hopes....you fans may be a bit more humble.
  10. Bills Fans Inablility to Face The Facts

    Next question, have you seen the bills play? Can you honestly say that you have seen the Bengals play? Look...we're all in agreement that the Bills are a good team, but some of the Bills fans want us to acknowledge that they are "god" because they held the Browns to 17 yards. Whoop-dee-friggin-doo....congratulations. I'm sure Luke McCown had nothing to do with it. I just don't think that you understand how much better the Bengals play at home against teams, especially in the second half of the year.
  11. Just wanted to throw this stat out there, this is what the Bengals D has given opposing offenses at home this year: Dolphins at Bengals- 13 points Ravens at Bengals- 16 points Broncos at Bengals- 10 points Cowboys at Bengals- 3 points Steelers at Bengals- 10 points Browns at Bengals- 48 points (ouch) Also....in the last 2 years the Bengals have only lost 2 games at home by 14 or more points. Denver game (2003) and Ravens at home this year 23-9. The predictions of Bills winning by 17 points or more, for example, are pretty far fetched. This is going to be a good game...with the Bengals winning. 28-20 Bengals