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  1. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    The misconception here in this game is comparing the last few games looking at the Chiefs playing the Bills and Steelers and what they did to those defenses. Yes, the Bills have the better statistical defense and the better D line. But the Bengals have a good D line but a BETTER and faster secondary than the Bills. The Bengals won’t stop the Chiefs completely but their defense will be the difference as they will make more stops and key plays than the Chiefs defense. This will be the difference in the game. The easy and lazy way to break this game down is to look at the Bengals last 2 wins vs. the Chiefs last 2 wins. This is an error. The Bengals have the edge. This is a matchup question. Not statistical. And that’s why the Bengals win.
  2. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    We’re going to win this game. The defense will be the difference. 2 INTs.
  3. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    In a stack formation, the point man is first. At least in military terms. I was confused too at first.
  4. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    This is the winning recipe. Also, I do believe we need to be at least +1 or +2 in the TO margin to win. I don't think an even TO margin this time will do it.
  5. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    An emotionally exhausted KC team. Feeling their overconfidence and planning on Arrowhead to win it for them. Bengals fuel the disrespect towards them and formulate the perfect gameplan and execute it. This is how the Bengals win.
  6. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    I’ll take a 49ers Bengals SB. It’s a team we should have beaten this year.
  7. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    The 49ers are going to the Superbowl.
  8. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    BTW, I could completely see the 49ers making it to the SB.
  9. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    The Steelers also got lucky in that game vs. the Colts. The Steelers were destined to win that year.
  10. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    AFC Championship, fellas. That’s right.
  11. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    I’m stunned. How did that happen? Lol! Let’s gooooooooo!
  12. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    You have to find a way to not take the sack
  13. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Let’s go defense
  14. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    This is not your Marvin Lewis Bengals. Great drive.