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  1. Yeah, Paul, maybe they'll be good players in a year or two. It's just that it took them 5 years to get there at the cost of team suffering from the lack of line play. The fact that a coach, coaches, or the organization in general can allow this type of systemic approach to exist is indeed...staggering. It's unchecked ego at it's finest. None of this was about Ced or Fisher or Bodine. It was about Paul A. and his massive ego.
  2. Wait for it.....wait for it! http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Alexander-calls-last-season-his-most-rewarding/8138a30f-dd80-4150-8a4a-606a6c7579f6 “Everyone is going to hammer Cedric and Fisher but a year from, now you’ll say, ‘Paul was right. These guys are good,’” Alexander said Tuesday as he drove around Dallas looking for a place to live for the first time in 24 years. “Remember when Tennessee wanted to get rid of Taylor Lewan and (Eric) Fisher was terrible for Kansas City and (Jake) Matthews wasn’t playing well for Atlanta? These guys are good players now. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it does. Willie (Anderson) was pretty good young. (Andrew Whitworth) was pretty good young. Most guys were not that way.” Alexander says his departure from the Bengals as the NFL’s longest-tenured offensive line coach for 23 straight seasons with one club was “mutual.” After the season head coach Marvin Lewis motioned Alexander into his office with, “Let’s talk for a minute,” and Alexander said, ‘Let me talk first.” “I told him I wasn’t coming back,” said Alexander, who said he thought Lewis was thinking along the same lines. “My kids are in college, I’d been in the same place for a long time. I loved my time here, but my wife and I wanted a little adventure at the end of our lives and we wanted to go explore. And this was the best year to do it. There were a lot of jobs open. I got a little nervous, but you’ve got to have a little confidence yourself and I ended up getting the best one out there.”
  3. Does it count that I just jammed a fork through my eyes?
  4. NFL Playoffs

    Ben was whining about wanting him replaced. So he got it.
  5. I've read that this draft is OL talent heavy. If that's the case, why corner your choices with HAVING to draft an OL. There's FA and the later rounds. If there's a steal at LB or S or DT, pull the trigger. This team has more holes in it than the OL. One of the holes left already. Paul "I earned tenure" Alexander.
  6. Bengals

    Welcome! Your life will never be the same again.
  7. Potential Coaching Candidates

    If the Bengals can bring in a legit LB or 2, it will help immensely. The rest of the defense is very sound for the most part.
  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    The Bengals make a couple of moves that are trending in a positive direction. Good to see. The real "I see better than I hear" moment will be FA. The draft is the draft and I completely expect them to take the highest graded OT. But we all know that everything is dependent on the Lumina and how it holds up in the winter. If Mike has to cover some repairs, say goodbye to any chance of a real FA move or two.
  9. Potential Coaching Candidates

    How does that work? "Hi, I'm an assistant DB coach. But I'm also like a vee-pee of coaching operations! I'm not really sure what that means, though." It's the assistant to the assistant guy that assists with things. Seems like a cheap way of throwing a title at a guy you really like but can't make your DC. I'd surprised if he took a gig like that. It's a demotion no matter how much money you throw at him.
  10. NFL Playoffs

    The Chiefs pulled a Bengals! And for a second with that fumble and return that wasn't, the Titans tried to play the Bengals too! It was like a "Bengals Bowl" in KC tonight.
  11. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I actually like this potential move.
  12. Potential Coaching Candidates

    The Bengals are constantly at the plate with the winning runs on base. Yet they stand there with the bat on their shoulder and take 3 strikes without swinging at a single pitch. All because they are too afraid to strike out swinging.
  13. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Paul Alexander and his wife will be back. Because Mike’s wife needs a bridge partner.
  14. Lewis given 2 year contract

    I can't wait until they sit that drafted CB until 2020.
  15. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Well, close this thread. Dalton is back. Expect a WR or TE in the first round. Yep.