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  1. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    And AJ Green. All 4 of them played together.
  2. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    Good move by the Bengals. And very surprising. The Bills have the 12th and 22nd overall pick. My guess is they are not done. They'll probably try and move up again into the top 10 to get their QB.
  3. NFL Playoffs

    This game will come down to 3 points. It's going to be a close one.
  4. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    I really really hope Bodine becomes a stud with Pollack as the OL coach. From sources I know with contact to the team Bodine is a really good dude and teammate. But yeah, Marvin sounds like he has full on Mike Brown loyalty-itis. He's gone.
  5. When it comes to the way the Bengals operate, it makes so much sense that they have a TOP QB. For them to have to manage the roster of a great defense, let alone a great D line, or O line, it leaves too much room for error. I give them credit for drafting Palmer seeing that he could have been that guy that could carry a team. But it didn't work out that way. Thanks, Kimo. What they are looking at is getting a top 5 pick down the road PLUS it being a good QB class if they are to ever get a top tier QB. So, sure, the Bengals can be competitive with Dalton but I seriously doubt he'll ever get them over the hump. Not because of Dalton but because there are too many other roster pieces to hit a home run on and manage for the Bengals FO to ever put it all together. They don't manage the roster well. They draft ok but can't manage the pieces. They refuse to get creative in FA. The reasons go on and on. It's a long standing losing narrative that's just good enough (when the stars align) to break your heart.
  6. Indeed. I stand corrected. 8 different QBs in 15 years.
  7. My eyes were just healing then I read that and had to gouge them with a fork again. Jeezus...holy shit is that man facking isolated from top to bottom. Nothing is getting through that ginormous ego.
  8. Passing stats are one thing. A QB’s leadership skills are another. Passing offense is one thing. Being able to lead your team through the playoffs is another.
  9. In the last 15 years the AFC has sent 5 different teams to the Super Bowl led by 4 different QB's. One of which was Joe Flacco in the 2012 season. So basically in the 14 of those 15 years, the AFC team in the SB has been led by Tom Brady, Payton Manning, or Ben Roethelisburger. Patriots - 7 times with Tom Brady. 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017. Steelers - 3 times with Fat Ben. 2005, 2008, 2010. Ravens - 1 time with Joe Flacco. 2012. Broncos - 2 times with Peyton Manning. 2013, 2015. Colts - 2 times with Peyton Manning. 2006, 2009. This is a question posed by Mo Egger from ESPN 1530 in Cincinnati. "Is it easier to win by going all in on a QB or win by going all in on a supporting cast of good players, good line, or good defense, or some combination?" We'll have potentially some interesting info based on if Nick Foles can lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win. However, in the last 15 years only 6 different QBs TOTAL have won the Super Bowl. Brady, Fat Ben, Flacco, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson. Is it likely that a team can win the Super Bowl and sustain a winning stretch with a mid-tier QB? The Bengals are married to at best a mid-tier QB. The 2017 draft is, in my opinion, about to introduce the next generation of great QB play. The Bengals are likely to stay with "Blandy" Dalton. Can they win the SB with him?
  10. Yeah, Paul, maybe they'll be good players in a year or two. It's just that it took them 5 years to get there at the cost of team suffering from the lack of line play. The fact that a coach, coaches, or the organization in general can allow this type of systemic approach to exist is indeed...staggering. It's unchecked ego at it's finest. None of this was about Ced or Fisher or Bodine. It was about Paul A. and his massive ego.
  11. Wait for it.....wait for it! http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Alexander-calls-last-season-his-most-rewarding/8138a30f-dd80-4150-8a4a-606a6c7579f6 “Everyone is going to hammer Cedric and Fisher but a year from, now you’ll say, ‘Paul was right. These guys are good,’” Alexander said Tuesday as he drove around Dallas looking for a place to live for the first time in 24 years. “Remember when Tennessee wanted to get rid of Taylor Lewan and (Eric) Fisher was terrible for Kansas City and (Jake) Matthews wasn’t playing well for Atlanta? These guys are good players now. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it does. Willie (Anderson) was pretty good young. (Andrew Whitworth) was pretty good young. Most guys were not that way.” Alexander says his departure from the Bengals as the NFL’s longest-tenured offensive line coach for 23 straight seasons with one club was “mutual.” After the season head coach Marvin Lewis motioned Alexander into his office with, “Let’s talk for a minute,” and Alexander said, ‘Let me talk first.” “I told him I wasn’t coming back,” said Alexander, who said he thought Lewis was thinking along the same lines. “My kids are in college, I’d been in the same place for a long time. I loved my time here, but my wife and I wanted a little adventure at the end of our lives and we wanted to go explore. And this was the best year to do it. There were a lot of jobs open. I got a little nervous, but you’ve got to have a little confidence yourself and I ended up getting the best one out there.”
  12. Does it count that I just jammed a fork through my eyes?
  13. NFL Playoffs

    Ben was whining about wanting him replaced. So he got it.
  14. I've read that this draft is OL talent heavy. If that's the case, why corner your choices with HAVING to draft an OL. There's FA and the later rounds. If there's a steal at LB or S or DT, pull the trigger. This team has more holes in it than the OL. One of the holes left already. Paul "I earned tenure" Alexander.
  15. Bengals

    Welcome! Your life will never be the same again.