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  1. My concern isn't that Zampese can't get the job done with a talented unit, it's that we'll waste 3-4 more years letting him prove that he can't get the job done. In any other town, he is on a short leash. If shit goes south again this year, cut bait and get someone else in ASAP. As I've mentioned before, I've met the guy in person and he did not impress me at all. I did not like the hire and I felt that the Bengals just took the lazy and easy route in finding Hue's replacement. I'd love to be proved wrong, though, because Mixon and Ross could be pieces that make this offense elite.
  2. Someone needs to send our inept OC this article. He's more of a concern than the O-line, IMO.
  3. Only 9 More Years of Disappointment?

    Hey! It's just like Social Security!
  4. Only 9 More Years of Disappointment?

    In 2026, I will be 50 years old. My kids will be 11 and 14. And at this pace...I. won't. give. a. shit. Let them leave, there's more to life than watching and following a football team. The Bengals have not done jack shit in the last 25 years under MB to prove they are worth keeping.

    Hey look! It's another attempt at recapturing the magic of 2013! All duct taped together and limping into 2017... I like Gilberry but this organization is a fuching joke.
  6. Peko to Denver

    It's something. Yep.
  7. Free Agency Watch

    Have the Bengals had a good LB corps under Marvin Lewis since he's been here? Have the Bengals EVER had a good LB corps? I'd hate to see them get better and faster on the edges to actually compete with Pittsburgh. God, my sarcasm is taking over me. This steaming pile of horseshit team. Eff them.
  8. Peko to Denver

    Yes, good human, past his prime DT. Of course the Bengals had to let him run out his contract. Truth is that he should have been let go at least 2 years ago. But it's all about the loyalty!
  9. Free Agency Watch

    Rookie signings will eat that up, I suppose.
  10. Just checking to see the dumpster fire because I've been off the page for a few days. *tosses on an empty Natural Light box and a couple of jerky wrappers* Yeeeppp! Good to see the flames are still burning.
  11. Draft Pick Watch

    I'm with you, brother. Far removed are our days of chatting about the Bengals in a hopeful tone in the VA parking lot.
  12. Yep. I remember as a kid in the 80's, the day of the SB ESPN would play all of the previous SB highlight shows back to back leading up to kickoff. I was glued to the TV all day. It was like another holiday. I used to get so pumped for that game and that day. The culmination of an entire season. Now, the NFL is nothing like I remember, not even 5-10 years ago. Stale is an appropriate word.
  13. Free Agency Watch

    Never fails. After a good week, I come on this site and get depressed immediately! However, reading the continual updates of this joke of a team DOES make the beer taste better!
  14. Roster Situation (2017)

    I'll always remember that one play he made that one time. In that one game....