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  1. 2020 Draft

    That .9% chance they fall out of the top 5 is if they can beat the Patriots next week.
  2. Time to begin the rebuild

    The Giants play the Dolphins next week. Then the Redskins play the Giants. So then even if the Bengals go 3-13, there can only be a scenario that has them fall to #3. The Bengals are a lock to get AT LEAST the #3 overall pick as long as the Patriots beat the Bengals next week. If the Bengals lose to Miami, the #2 overall is locked up. If the Giants win tonight and the Bengals lose to Miami or Cleveland, #1 overall is ours. If the Giants win a single game the rest of the way and the Bengals lose to Miami or Cleveland, the #1 is ours. Burrow is in our sights.
  3. 2020 Draft

    Burrow, to me, is the obvious pick at QB. His skill set is the best but what separates him is his tenacity, work ethic, and IQ. He has the "it" factor. No question.
  4. Time to begin the rebuild

    Honestly, I don’t think they have a plan in the traditional sense. Their plan has always been to let things come to them. In the draft, with lower tier FAs. So their plan develops in reaction to the rest of the teams’ execution of their plans. But right now it’s probably limited to draft their highest rated draft pick THEN go from there. See IF they can resign Green THEN go from there.
  5. It's NOT the Fault of the Front Office

    It's maddening. Agreed. Although, I've been a Bengals fan since 1981 (I was 5), I don't remember much of those lost seasons 1991-2002. I was fortunate to have a job in high school where I worked Sundays. Then I went to school at Virginia Tech and didn't get to see more than 3 games in those years. Having the Hokies be so good was a great distraction as well. I literally saw 3 televised games from 1991-2000. I don't remember the Akili talk. And for good reason.
  6. It's NOT the Fault of the Front Office

    There is no Hokie in this post. I am Who Dey Homer #1. Losing is underrated.
  7. Time to begin the rebuild

    I'm not sure asking the Bengals to get 5 positions correct and maintained is what we want to do. (Remember how they handled the last OL contract situation in 2016?) Do we really want the Bengals to have to try and handle 5 separate contracts again? With an ok QB? That's just what we got done with in Andy Dalton. The QB is one position but it has the most impact on the field. Do you really think there's something in Finley we haven't seen yet? If you do, then ok, I guess. But I think to most, QB is the glaring need. Then OL, then LB. You can improve both the QB and OL in the draft. If the Bengals have the top OL guy ranked higher than their desired QB, then go for it. Get the OL guy. But I think we'll see the QB positions being ranked higher by them. One good QB can change a team dynamic DRASTICALLY. Offensive line, while crucial, does not have that type of impact. Think about the best teams in the NFL. Where are the Patriots or Ravens without Brady and Jackson? The Chiefs without Mahomes? The Steelers without Ben? Go get the stud if he's there at the top. You don't know when you'll be drafting that high again.
  8. It's NOT the Fault of the Front Office

    You guys are full of crap! Things happen! Players get injured. Half the league loses every week! Someone HAS to lose. Learn math!
  9. Time to begin the rebuild

    You can use the “wait until later” logic as well as the “crapshoot” insight, which I agree with. But you have to realize that all of those 2nd round QB successes were done by mistake. If they knew that QB would be that good they’d have taken them earlier. Hindsight can’t be used in strategy. Plus you absolutely have to factor in immediate need. How many of the these QBs you listed were luxury or roll the dice picks? And then they developed later? The Bengals #1 draft need is at QB. Do you really want to roll the dice on a QB you really like hoping he’ll slide past other teams that don’t see how good you think he is? It’s as if the Bengals are out-scouting other teams with this implied philosophy. Ha! You can’t use hindsight of other picks in determining future success.
  10. This is the problem I have with the FO mentality. Woe is me. We’re victims of circumstance. They drafted a TE in the 2nd round instead of adding to the O line. Then didn’t capitalize with the remainder of the draft. Regardless of FA or draft, they failed. Bringing back Hart was TERRIBLE aesthetics. Terrible.
  11. As much as Taylor has been outmatched, the complete lack of attention to the offensive line and defense was a borderline crime. When they signed Hart it was the death knell.
  12. Right? It's 50/50. Teams lose as much as they win. The whole bad record thing and 12 straight losses is an illusion.
  13. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Dead Cat Bounce Express is firing up the bus. Catch the fever!
  14. Time to begin the rebuild

    Hurts would be the QB in the Jackson/Watson mold. If that's what they're going for, they just need a plan to go get him. I prefer Burrow to Herbert mostly because of the "intangibles". I like his demeanor. I wouldn't be upset with Herbert, though. If/when the Bengals pick in the top 3, he'll certainly be there. I'm beginning to wonder if the Redskins get the overall #1 that they wouldn't go QB seeing how Haskins is playing. If the Bengals get the 1 or 2 overall draft spot, they're in decent shape. If the Bengals want to draft the injured player, they'll draft Tua.
  15. Time to begin the rebuild

    With Tua’s health in question, Burrow is the clear favorite at #1. If the Bengals miss out on Burrow and can get Chase Young, that has to be an option. BUT, they’d better figure out a way to trade back into the first to get a QB and not wait until the second round. Burrow or bust.