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  1. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Where is Chris Evans? Not so he can block but so he can be a release valve to dump off to with the pass rush. Why do coaches refuse to play talent? And why do we have all of these "stud" receivers if we don't pass the ball? Which begs the question of if you don't have time to throw the ball why do you allow your offensive line to continue to be shit? FFS, watching this team try and rebuild since 2015 is like watching an aircraft carrier pull a U turn.
  2. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    I give the overall draft a B. The consensus on the grade seems to hinge on taking Chase as opposed to Sewell as well as taking Carman as opposed to a higher graded OT. My take, and guess, is that the Bengals graded Chase as having more of an impact long term than Sewell given they plan on drafting an OT in the first round in 2022. I’m thinking they’re banking on Reiff plus a OT/G in Carman being enough to make it to 2022 where they’ll land a top OT in 2022. This way they get in Chase a generational game changer while feeling confident Carman will make a difference at guard. If this is their long term plan and they get a stud at OT next year, then this year’s draft grade could be an A by 2023. Remember, the Bengals got heat for passing on QB (Haskins) for Jonah Williams. Only to take Burrow in 2020. How’d that work out? Can we see a replay in the 2022 draft that makes us forget about Sewell? We’ll see.
  3. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    He looks like a nice kid and I would bet he got some shit and was teased or bullied a bit as a kid. Now he's an athletic stud who's taking out his anger on the guy in front of him. I'd love it if he fell to the Bengals at 38.
  4. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I'm baaaaack. Draft time is always good. I've been sports deprived this year. It's definitely nice to follow some things that are simply entertainment.
  5. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    What if a team like the Panthers or Broncos want to move from 8-9 to 5 because their top QB falls? What if Sewell goes to the Dolphins and Chase to the Falcons? The Bengals trade down to 8 when Fields drops. Then grab Pitts at 8 and a decent OL and WR in the 2nd? That would be a nice surprise. Not likely but something to consider. Especially if both Sewell and Chase are gone by 5.
  6. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Those are my top 3 as well. I'd be curious to see if they would do a trade down. I don't think they will as from what I know of this team, the trade downs have been when they've had a mid to late round pick. I definitely won't hate it if they trade down. I just don't think they'll do it.
  7. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    That being said, there’s a 99% chance either Sewell or Chase is on this roster in 2021. Great news.
  8. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Drafting at #5 overall with lots of needs...take the BPA. Don’t over complicate it. For example don’t pass on the best player to get your need filled expecting your target 2nd round pick to be there. Don’t get cute. Just take the BPA. In the top 5 this should be the strategy.
  9. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    Good to hear of the good news with the injuries to Uzomah and Williams. I just really wish the Bengals, the FO, the coaches, the fans, would just stop focusing on injuries as a valid excuse to not winning. Only consistent winning teams can point to injuries as a valid excuse because their baseline is winning. The Bengals baseline is not being a winning team. But here's the kicker, while winning teams COULD point to injuries as an excuse...WINNING teams don't. They take responsibility and act accordingly. The Bengals? "Woulda, shoulda, coulda" and let's "hope and wish that if everyone is healthy, we'll see our potential." So tired of the losing mentality.
  10. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    It's a scary thought to wonder if Melvin was the unicorn HC pick. And that we may never see a more successful HC here again. I mean, what is their track record in hiring good HC's since 1991? But of course we "hope and wish" going into the season. That's what the FO does and it's what the fans do. That way when things go to crap, they can say "we tried". They'll get us all excited with some shiny draft picks and have Baghdad Hobson spin a few articles that get Lance McAlister and the rest of the goon media all excited. The "hope and wish" method is solidified by picking coaches that are "diamonds in the rough" and/or "have showed promise in the organization". They'll never go above and beyond because 1) they don't want a real HC to come in and take control (that gives Mikey nightmares about what daddy went through in the late 60's) and 2) no reputable coach wants to come here. Of course we can say the exception is Melvin, and I won't argue. But it makes my point even more valid that I think ML was the once in a lifetime unicorn HC. He might be our pinnacle, as much as it pains me to say it.
  11. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    Oh, for sure. He's awesome. As advertised. Good enough to get them to lose some playoff games at some point in the next 5 years.
  12. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    I mean sure, the Bengals could draft Sewell and have a great draft. And be a better version of incompetent and end up 6-10. If they ever creep to 8-8, whoever is the HC will get an automatic 20 year extension. There really is no desire to be great. I think this season might finally be the one that breaks me. The reason I'm feeling that is I'm not even upset. I've been waiting on the final evidence to put the speculation to bed. It's why I was so excited to see Burrow drafted. Put up or shut up. And it's not looking good. But at the very least we're getting a clearer idea of what to really expect.
  13. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Bengals are going to go into next season without having won a road game in 3 years. That's...a special kind of terrible.
  14. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I'm completely ok with trading down and they should be able to do so with only going down a few draft spots. Draft the top OT with that top pick, gather more picks.
  15. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Yeah, well they've also got their franchise QB out with a shredded knee.