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  1. Offseason Thoughts

    Let’s not forget, Hurst was added to the receiving corps. This unit is deeper because of it. It’s not the deepest of the deep but it’s improved. The TE position is not what it used to be.
  2. 2022 Schedule

    There’s literally no way you are finding 10 seats together. You might have to settle breaking them down into a set of 4-3-3. Try and get in the same section. Hangout before game, at halftime, and there are some good areas in south end zone to congregate and watch the game. I take that back. You can find 10 seats in a row on seatgeek but it looks like you’ll pay around $200 per ticket depending on the game.
  3. 2022 Schedule

    I just got 2 tickets to the Miami Thursday night game. I can get a full refund 72 hours from kickoff. So if prices drop I’ll just ditch the seats I just got and get cheaper tickets closer to game time. Update: I got seats in sec 341 row 19 for $120 each including fees on Seatgeek. I just found 2 tickets on the team site through Ticketmaster in sec 341 row 23 for $185 each including fees.
  4. 2022 Schedule

    Seatgeek is like TruCar. It’s a search engine that grabs ticket info from all available vendors and second parties. It rates the ticket based on retail value vs. what you’re being asked to pay. I’m not sure how the fees compare. But I do know I’ve scored some really affordable seats to different events. That alone offsets the cost of the fees.
  5. 2022 Schedule

    Use Seat Geek. I just got better seats for less than I could find on Ticketmaster.
  6. Offseason Thoughts

    Can anyone think of the last time there was a player who held out and then went on to progress in their playing performance? I can’t think of one. Neither someone who was traded or eventually played with their team. Hold outs are a reflection of scarcity mentality. I got to get mine. I don’t oppose getting your worth. But your play and attitude will get you that. It may not be exactly when you want it. But you will get it. Bates is rushing to the finish line and it will be his downfall.
  7. General AFC North thread

    Also, the Ravens did not draft one WR and they have nobody to catch the ball besides Andrews. The Steelers O-line is trash. They did nothing to help that in the draft.
  8. General AFC North thread

    This is the most awaited NFL season I can remember. At least for AFC fans.
  9. 2022 Offseason Roster Notes

    Aside from Bates, I like this situation. Resign Bell and Pratt, possibly Hurst. This next offseason is definitely ideal.
  10. Offseason Thoughts

    Don’t forget that FA isn’t done. And look at what the Bengals did last year. Traded for BJ Hill a week before the first game.
  11. Offseason Thoughts

    This is true. The draft is a crapshoot. Spread the effort thin around multiple position groups, you’re going to miss more than hit. I like what they did at secondary and at DL. Addressed a need and got top talent at DB and depth at DL.
  12. Offseason Thoughts

    I’ve noticed the Bengals drafted players very high on the RAS (raw athletic score) this year. Even Volson was very high percentile. Players in the past like Jordan and other OL didn’t grade high. Also, the thing with Volson is that his athletic skills are good for a guard. Not a tackle. Overall the Bengals has the 5th highest draft in terms of RAS.
  13. Offseason Thoughts

    The Bengals had a draft plan and they executed it. They went with speed, athleticism, and versatility on defense. There’s something very important to remember about fits. Scheme fits but also personality fits. They take serious consideration into the type of mentality a player has. Look into why they got Taylor-Britt and you’ll see why.
  14. Round 3 (95): Zach Carter, DL, Florida

    Go BPA.
  15. Round 2 (60): Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

    Load the defense with talent. BPA. Love the picks so far.