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  1. Matt Barkley Signed at QB

    Definitely - Barkley is an interception on legs, not impressed at all. Just hoping that Dalton stays healthy enough through the season to keep Barkley away from any play time at all. 5 years in the League and now with his 5th club - that says a lot about his capabilities as a back up
  2. i thought it was Cleveland that effed up the paperwork and not meeting the deadline - ??????????????
  3. 2018 season

    HOME GAMES: Pittsburgh (13-3), Baltimore (9-7), Cleveland (0-16), Denver (5-11), Oakland (6-10), New Orleans (11-5), Tampa Bay (5-11), Miami (6-10) AWAY GAMES: Pittsburgh (13-3), Baltimore (9-7), Cleveland (0-16), Kansas City (10-6), L.A. Chargers (9-7), Atlanta (10-6), Carolina (11-5), Indianapolis (4-12)
  4. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Totally disagree - this is the guy who was creaming his jeans with the Ooglie pick in the draft and Oogle turns out just as much of a liability as Newhouse was. I don't believe Alexander developed any talent, Zeitler, Whit etc were good in spite of him not because of him IMHO. Fisher cam out of college as a highly rated O-lineman and what did PA do to develop his talent ???
  5. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I still think we could have upgraded at OC by taking A.N.Other - Lazor did nothing different than Zampeze. I am not inspired for next season, with Lazor calling the plays (which will invariably be 3rd and long, quick lateral pass for 2 yd gain) we'll not be putting teams to the sword. Incapable of building big leads and incapable of coming from behind unless teams blow coverage ala Baltimore in final season game. We would never have come back from a 2 TD deficit cos offensively we just ain't good enough.
  6. Potential Coaching Candidates

    It would be a good move but will it happen?? Bengals never release confirmation until contracts have been signed
  7. Holy crap.....

    No matter what else is happening in and around the franchise, Paul Alexander was a turd in the gusset. Glad he's gone.
  8. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Marvin back ....Lazor still here.....Alexander continues to exist. WTF just happened to my 2018 ??? Hmmmm having SERIOUS second thoughts about the family trip over for a couple of games next season.
  9. NFL Playoffs

    I'll go for cheering my step son's team, New Orleans, - and I'll also root for the Vikes just cos of Zimmer
  10. 2018 season

    I see somewhere between another 7-9 to and a 10-6 season which can bounce up or down a couple of games due to home/away fixtures, coaching changes(or not), draft, and free agency departures/arrivals.
  11. 2018 season

    Pick up, dust off, get ready to go again. Whatever happens with the coaching carousel will all be revealed in the fullness of time. Whoever we take in the draft and whoever we lose/gain in free agency it will be what it will be. But we do know who our opponents will be next season :- Pittsburgh (13-3 AFCN champs, 2017 play offs) Baltimore (9-7 second in AFCN) Cleveland (0-16 fourth in AFCN) Miami (6-10 third in AFCE) Indianapolis (4-12 third in AFCS) Kansas City (10-6 AFCW champs, 2017 play offs) L.A. Chargers (9-7 second in AFCW) Oakland (6-10 third in AFCW) Denver (5-11 fourth in AFCW) New Orleans (11-5 NFCS champs 2017 play offs) Carolina (11-5 second NFCS 2017 play offs) Atlanta (10-6 third NFCS 2017 play offs) Tampa Bay (5-11 fourth NFCS) We play 7 teams with 2017 winning records, and 5 teams that made the play offs. If the home/away schedule is good to us we could potentially have a fair shout next season, all things being equal.
  12. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I didn't see any real difference between Zampese and Lazor - I'd be happy for Lazor to be replaced, it's the same old shit of 3rd and long and throwing a lateral ball that really grinds my gears. Alexander too -Santa, I asked you nicely so please deliver a new O-line coach.
  13. James Develin

    In the front office it's spelt "Account Ability" and is used to determine potential profit margin, nothing more nothing less
  14. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    So we are sitting with 10th pick in the draft before the final weekend of games. A Bengals win and other teams around us losing would end up with us picking 12th worst case scenario. ?? Who would / should we go for? Offencive Line - this may depend on how the coaches view Ooglie's development and if the doctors think Fisher will be able to play again?? LB - Burfict misses too many games and the D misses him when he's not on the field?? CB - Will the team pick up the option on Pacmans contract or cut him before 1st June and lose just $666,668 in dead money QB - will a new HC want a new trigger man ?? TE - will Eifert ever be able to play a full season?? WR - will Ross ever be able to play?? RB - lacking depth ??
  15. Merry Christmas Bengalszone

    sounds like a porn name