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  1. The Unofficial Bengals-Patriots Prediction Thread

    The Patriots D backfield has been without Poole and Law since the Pittsburgh game on Oct 31. Our D has been playing with two rookie FAs. In the 5 games since 10/31 the D has allowed only 65 points while the O, D, ST combined have scored 126 points. Let down? Over-confident? You just don't get the TEAM concept, do you. Albeit the Patriots have had 1 real bad game in 2004 losing to the Steelers (injuries aside), tell me in the past two seasons when the Patriots over the past two RS and POs were overconfident or had a let-down taking ANY opponent lightly. We as fans are not over confident. We are realistic in our hopes for the Patriots success just as you are for your team. Go ahead, be overconfident about the Bengals defeating the Patriots, but you had better not bet your house or job on a victory. Can a Bengals victory happen? Anything can happen on a Sunday afternoon. But you are playing in our house, not yours. Patriots home record in 2003 and 2004 is unblemished (14-0 in RS games and 2-0 in PO games). The Patriots haven't lost at home since December 22, 2002. AS a STH, I've seen 17 home game victories in a row and 18 in-person victories in a row to date (I attended the Patriots/Miami game down there last season). I am really looking forward to continuing that streak on Sunday afternoon. BTW, I had to travel to Dayton this past October to a College Hockey Tournament and decided to fly to Cincinnati Int'l Airport (how did it end up in Ky?) and had to pass your stadium on the highway. I couldn't see much but it looked really nice for the little I saw. Good Luck on Sunday!