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  1. This thread is fu*king retarded. Cut Henry? Um ok, that makes a ton of sense. Let's cut the same guy that when he catches TD's everyone calls Moss Jr and he's a hero. The dude dropped the ball. He's been slacking lately. But cut him? Give me a damn break.

    He's been slacking lately???? :blink: I'm sorry, living way out in retardville we don't get to see all the Bengals games. We have our own little retard-clan running the Cardinals. But we get this little ol' thing called ESPN on the 'puter and picture box, and I've heard enough about Chris Henry to know he's a loser.

    No I won't give you a break and I won't give him one either. Cut the bastard.

  2. I ride a motorcycle to work every day...it's 50 miles one way. The high temp in Phoenix today is about 107. Sitting on a furnace with a skid plate on my head ~ I'm sure you can imagine how freakin' hot that is. Arizona doesn't require operators to wear helmets unless they are under 18; passengers must wear a helmet regardless. Some days I don't wear a helmet ~ mostly when I'm on two-lane desert or mountain roads and there's not much traffic. It's all about the amount of risk you are willing to take, and you or Ben in this case are the only people respsonsible for your safety. You can't leave your personal safety to others.

    The highest incident of motorcycle accidents happen in intersections. Motorcycle safety classes teach this. They also teach you to drive defensively. They are great classes. Again, taking responsibility for you own safety.

    I can't count the number of times people have cut me off and then flipped me off like it was my fault...but I pay attention and expect s**t to happen.

    As far as the license goes. Anybody caught without a permit or license will likely get busted...in Arizona, as long as you have driver's license, getting caught without the M endorsement is only about an $80 fine.

    Just my two-cents.

  3. Are you f**kin' kidding me! :lmao:

    I know you semi-made this point but if I were your boss I wouldn't want you on this site at work....period. I'm sure my boss doesn't want me on here. And it has nothing to do with naked chicks.

    Army man, we get your point. Geez dude, you're suppose to protect and defend our rights...you should be on the other side of this argument. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were in the Air Force. ;)

    Where the hell is Billy Broome?!!! We need a Marine in here.

  4. Billyboy you always have photos of the most delicious looking women. Nice collection here.

    How could I forget about you guys. I love this site and thought I'd pop in for the latest on FA.

    What do you think about the Cards trying to snag Edgerin James? You seen that freakin' toilet bowl they're gonna call home? I can't wait to get in and have a look. Hopefully it's unlike a regular toilet...full of s**t.

    Hey, Reds and D'backs the weekend of May 5th. You interested?

  5. I've been a Bengals fan all my life. I was born into it for better or worse. When I was a kid, my dad would take me to Wilmington. He was a ball boy for the Lions in the late 50s and knows Dick LeBeau from his days as a Lion DB. I remember meeting Kenny Anderson, Bill Bergey, Chip Meyers, Lemar Parrish, Jim LeClair, Bob Johnson, Tommy Casanova, Lyle Blackwood...s**t, even Bruce Coslet played for the team back then. Those are just the guys I remember from the early years. As time progressed, I met Collinsworth, Jack Thompson, Pat McInally and many others. I don't remember meeting Montoya, Munoz, Pete Johnson and some of the guys revered through the years...but I was there every year and am certain I did meet them at some point. At the time it didn't occur to me that dad was a cool guy but how lucky was I to meet these guys at such a young age?

    My 6 y.o. son is off on the same foot. No matter how hard I try and consistently repeat that we are Bengals fans, he has glomemed onto the Cardinals as his team. Like my dad did for me, I took him to Cardinals training camp. He got to meet a lot of players, got his ball signed and proudly displays it in his room. I think a life-long love affair has developed. Who am I to get in the way of a man and his team?

    I don't really buy into the band wagon thing...whatever...you want to root for us, go ahead...how's that going to hurt me? I say Welcome Lions' fans...but don't forget that you have a franchise with a long and proud history.

  6. Is it the same place or a new place? I just interviewed for a job in downtown Phx...if I get it I'm moving into an apartment complex about 2 blocks from BOB and AWA...thinking about getting Rattlers season tix if this happens. Yeah, yeah...cart before the horse...a man can dream! :D

    and if I don't get it...I start massage therapy school in January. Getting out of engineering to rub bodies for a living! :rolleyes:

  7. I joined this site in Oct 2003 and am member # 74. I see that Haf5er joined just days ago and memebership is approaching 1700. That's amazing!

    Says a lot about the moderators and their ability to keep everyone's attention.

    Says a lot about the Bengals and their success the past two years!

    A round of Who Deys...Hudepohls that is...for the Bengals Zone nation!!!!


  8. I'm just wondering how the rest of the world see this team. Being a Bengals fan, I can easily identify with the fans out here, and they seem to accept my presence with out so much as much as a remark like "You like the BENGALS!?!"

    I've been dropping by their practice field daily on the way home from work (5 minutes from the front door!) and watching an improved team work out, so take it from me...don't be surprised if they too go to the playoffs. Both the Cardinals and the Bengals are farrrrrrrrr overdue! :player:

    Nice photos...I was up there for the scrimmage a couple weeks ago...took Nathan with me...his first camp....I rembember when my dad use to take me to Wilmington...now I know how he felt to see me so excited.

    We took a ball and got the thing covered with autographs...all the players were very cool...especially Tim Chang and Robert Tate (a UC alumnus)...but Ronald McKinon, Larry Fitzgerald and Leonard Davis were cool too.

    I wanted to meet Stepanovich, get that OSU signature on the ball, but he broke his hand and ended up in the locker room.

    I think the Cards are going to have a solid year but seem to be a year or two away...not a player or two...just a little more experience.

  9. Huggins gets the everything his players are willing to give him and goes and gets even more out them.  ...When teams play Cincinnati they know they are in for a fight of there lifes.

    Can't argue with this...or Billy's comments about the who could do the job better.

    Here's hoping they don't choke against Iowa...then it'll be time to whoop UK's ass - you know, like Fla. did... :rolleyes:

    Billy, love the beer drinkin' guys! Let's talk about seeing the Reds when they come to BOB, which I believe is July 8, 9 & 10.

  10. Alright...I expect to get boxed about the ears for bringing this up...but is it time for Huggins to go?

    I love the Bearcats and Coach Huggins...all the consecutive 20 win seasons and conference championships are great...but he's never been able to get the team to win big in the tourney. If KMart hadn't been hurt in 2000, they had a real good chance of winning it that year, but that's it.

    Perhaps moving to the Big East next year will interest a previously untapped group of recruits. Maybe not.

    I know the history...the conference championships and 20 win seasons are nice, but are they enough? With a fresh start in a new conference, is it time to bring in a new coach? And if they made a change, who could come in and do a better job?

    I love Huggins, and wouldn't be upset if he stays until retirement, but I'm not sure I'd be terribly upset if he left.

    Be gentle Bearcat fans.....

  11. I'll say it before anyone else does...laws against Marijuana are rediculous considering alcohol is legal, and it kills vastly more people every year than pot has EVER done! Hypocricy marches on in this country unabated!

    What do you guys think? If a presidential nominee would say mari is legal (not decriminalize but completely legal), do you think he'd get elected? Do you think most of America is over their naive fanaticism about it yet? I have no problem with Ricky getting high, hey, it's his choice and his life; f**k everyone else. I do however, acknowledge he broke the NFL rules though, but a four game suspension? Give me a break...

    I don't think a guy could get elected specifically on that issue. I'm not even sure I'd vote for him if I didn't agree with the rest of his platform.

    If I want it, I can get it - regardless of the law. So, why f**k everything else for this one issue.

  12. I could not agree more RedsFan33....

    Boobie, don't forget th Co-Nat'l champ plays in the Pac-10 and trounced the Big-10 champ last year..... but this has been said a million times....

    Trojans in 2004

    Time out there turbo. You're gettin' ahead of yourself.

    USC made a good run last year but apparently not good enough to be the undisputed National Champ.

    I'm not about to over-sell the Buckeyes after losing 13 starters to the draft.

    I don't like PAC 10 football because it sucks. I've seen it, been a season ticket holder. It ain't good.

    I'd like to see the Rose Bowl played at the Horseshoe or the Big House every other year. I've long believed the 3,000 mile trip to a different climate has an impact on the Big 10 kids. I think the only way to prove it is by alternating host sites. Rose Bowl one year, Snow Bowl the next.

  13. I picked David Greene because Georgia is going to be tough this year - top 3 in most polls I've seen.

    USC will also be tough and they are ranked 1 or 2 in most polls.

    Here's the difference to me: While I'm not crazy about SEC football, PAC 10 football sucks. I think Greene will win it due to strength of competition.


    I'd like to think Justin Zwick (possibly OSU's new QB) is talented enough to win it but he's a sophmore. He's got good size (6-4, 225)..."has a lightning quick release and is very accurate … a classic pocket passer blessed with great instincts and a feel for the game … throws a soft, easy-to-catch, ball … a Parade All-American in high school and one of the most highly-recruited quarterbacks in Ohio State history ... threw for 10,500 yards and 112 touchdowns during his prep career, including 3,821 yards and 40 touchdowns as a senior ... was named to every prep All-America team as a senior and was a consensus All-Ohio selection … was the Associated Press Co-Offensive Player of the Year as a senior."

    Krenzel was nice, a good leader, smart, a winner and a national champ. Before that - Steve Bellisari. I hated that guy.

    With OSU having a record 14 players drafted this year, it could be a long year - maybe Zwick can be our savior!

  14. I use to have season tickets to Arizona State football. The Pac 10 sucks - at least as it's represented by the State of Arizona.

    Now, I did see the Buckeyes play at U of AZ back in 2000. The place was packed with OSU fans. The score was 27-17 but it wasn't that close. OSU beat on them like UA was a practice squad...of little girls.

    Bigger, stronger, faster, tougher - Big 10 football.

  15. For college BB: Cincy

    Favorite team of all sports: Buckeyes football.

    I was in Columbus this past week for training (all the way from Arizona). Made sure to get down to campus. Actually got into the stadium and had a buddy take some photos. Tried to get on the field but the grounds crew wouldn't let me.

    I wanted to roll around butt-naked at the 50 yard line. (Uh, sorry...too much info. :rolleyes: )

    We saw a guy that looked a lot like Coach Tressel but we were about 40 yards away. Coach (maybe) and a couple other guys got up and left before we made it close to where they were sitting. (And no they didn't leave cause I was starting to disrobe - which I wasn't!)

    Got back to The Valley Saturday and popped in the Nat'l Chmp. DVD. I still get teary-eyed when Coach Tressel says: "we've always had the best damn band in the land...now we've got the best damn team in the land!". Then a few minutes later I think Mike Doss said, "we've got the best damn fans in the land!" And the trophy presenter commented on the number of OSU fans at the game - the whole place was packed with Scarlet & Gray. Oh, what a site!

  16. Boobie:

    I would choose KC/Denver because it is one of the best rivalries in the NFL IMHO. The only way it could be better was if it was played in beautiful Arrowhead.

    You can try the link below for the skinny on Mile High tix:


    good luck!

    Wow! Went to this site and found two places you can purchase tix from. Prices are $150 - $630 per ticket. Maybe I should just go to a bar for the game - probably spend only 1/2 that $150 the whole night.

    Panther tix are about the same but one guy is selling upper bowl, back corner of the end zone for $35. This game isn't even available via Ticketmaster.

    Oh well, I'll probably end up in Denver and will have to see what I can come up with.

    Thanks all for your feedback.

  17. I'm going out of town during the first week of the regular season - for business. I have an option to go to Denver or Charlotte. Right now it looks like Denver.

    KC plays at Denver in the 1st Sunday night game. MNF's first game of the year is GB at Carolina.

    Which do you think would be the better game?

    Anyone know which ticket would be easier to get?

    Any scalping laws in either place?

    Is it crazy to think I can get into either without incredibly deep pockets?

  18. Anybody remember the ride called "The Bat"??? One of the best rides ever because it was soooo rough!!!!

    I remember The Bat. I remember walking by it all the time thinking "man that would be cool to ride" cause the damn thing was always closed.

    Didn't they have a serious accident (i.e., death) on that thing or was that another ride?