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  1. real or fake ?

    Are you serious?! I'd like to have a couple of them feeding me grapes, waving those palm frawns over my head!!
  2. Dillon wants out?!

    Two sides to this one: cut him some slack or send him packin'. Hmm? I've been a Bengals' fan for over 30 years and he's probably the most accomplished player we've ever had; though my all time favorites are Tommy Casanova and Isaac Curtis. Boobie Clark has one of the all-time great names. I don't want to see Dillon on another team. There's no reason for it. However, I did say before the trade deadline he should be gone. Mostly because of his attitude. Seems like he got away with all kinds of crap with previous regimes and now he's called to the mat. He's missed camps (not good even if voluntary); he's been running his mouth for a while. Can he still produce? Probably. I'd love to see it. Is he becoming more trouble than he's worth? I don't know. He's been a stud on crappy teams. His time may have arrived. No matter the reason, shouldn't he be pushing the cart to keep the heading instead of pulling it off course? Dillon's the one jumping off the bandwagon. I'm not going anywhere. This was my team before it was his. Am I the one taking the beatings, working out like a madman, banking the cash? No. Have I stuck with the team for 30 years when they were strictly awful? You can bet your backside on that. We should be celebrating the dawn of a new era. We should revel in our victories - be they wins or loses. We shouldn't be worried about Dillon throwing a tantrum, or dare I say, becoming a…shhhh…cancer.
  3. BENGALS vs Arizona

    This might be an old topic for most of you, but I'm a FNG. What's the town saying about Dillon? Out here, people think he should be traded before the next draft. I actually thought they'd do it before this season's trade deadline. That's a tough one, giving up on a player with his skills. At some point he's got to be more trouble than he's worth. I'd rather see him ditch the attitude and stick it out; status quo and he's gotta go. Any thoughts?
  4. BENGALS vs Arizona

    I live in Arizona, just outside Phoenix. Been a Bengals fan since the early 70s - all things considered, not hard to do since the Cards are the local team! I'm a Cards season ticket holder and will be at the game Sunday. My sister and her boyfriend are coming in from Cincy and he'll be going with me. If it were any team but the Bengals, there'd likely be more visiting team fans than Cards fans. I bought tickets with three other guys - all fans of other teams (Vikings, Rams & 49ers) and we all bought just to get tickets for those games. Usually the heat gets to the visiting team. The past couple weekends it's been 100 degrees or warmer. I was actually in my swimming pool last weekend!! This weekend it's supposed to be in the 70s, about the same as Cincy. The heat is about the only excuse the Bengals could have. This is a pathetic team with Mike Brown-esque management tactics. When the Packers were here, it was hotter than hell - last weekend, too. The cards are capable of making big plays. WR Anquan Boldin is a potential stud. Marcel Shipp is a promising RB. Not much else. I don't see how the Bengals can lose, but you never know. I'll say Bengals 27, Cards 10.