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  1. Baltimore has no fan site?

    Sorry Bengals fans for bringing this down to this level, but I can't let this guy just walk away. Now you're talkin' JohnieJerkoff- a little sensitive like a girly man, but you're talkin'. Didn't I see you on queer eye for the queer guy? Right, I'm going to fly in from Phoenix just to thump your dumb ass. Maybe I'll get to share some cell time with Lewis when he gets back from work release. Make him my bitch just like I've done you. What a redneck - don't you have a confederate flag to run up a pole? Maybe your trailer needs to be run through the car wash. I was over at Ravenstalk.com. They talk football over there. I told them they had a couple of pathetic monkey-strokers over here representin', invited them to come over and talk some ball. I'm done with you. Rode hard put away wet. Next.
  2. ESPN Power Rankings

    BengalBob - Great site. I've bookmarked it and will return often. Thanks for the effort. If I may be so bold to suggest an addition, how about some pictures of Melissa Stark?! Do you know this site? http://community-2.webtv.net/JJACONETTA/MelissaStark/
  3. Baltimore has no fan site?

    JohnieJerkoff - Is that the best you can do? Call me lame or my compatriots motorcycle ashtrays - that's the best you got? Oh no, wait - gotta reload my peashooter. You're pathetic. BTW, Boobie Clark was a Bengals' RB in the 70s. You know, back when you guys had the Colts. You're still bitter about that, huh?
  4. A sample from "Ravens Talk.com forum...

    JohnnieJerkoff- Speaking of bitch, aren't you the one they used to show on TV getting humped by all those dog-pounders?
  5. Baltimore has no fan site?

    One thing I've noticed in my visits to Pittsburgh and Baltimore fan sites - there aren't many Bengals fans there. But a couple of you morons from the coast always swing into the Jungle in your tights and on your vine beatin' the bushes like blind tee-ballers. Just an observation. Nobody gives a crap about the Baltimore Browns you freak, so take your smack somewhere else before we ratchet you doggy-style like you used to get it in Cleveland's dog pound.
  6. Online Article

    "You have to tip your hat to them," Ward said. "They came in, did a tremendous job and they came into our backyard and stole a victory. They did what they had to do. I can't put a finger on a reason why, but nothing is going right for us out here." I know why. It's cause they're a bunch of losers. Ward and Coward both said we stole a victory, they gave it to us. Whatever. Good teams find a way to win, bad teams lose and find an excuse.
  7. big blow out by the ravens

  8. ravens will win

    That guy (Lambert58) could spin a square wheel and was unshaken in his faith - even if a little misguided. He was obnoxious but not classless - not like this Raven's jerkoff!
  9. ravens will win

    Hey, this guy is Lambert58's inbred brother. Let's get it on. You guys have one quality win - Seattle. We've got Seattle, KC, and oh yea, we beat you - Scoreboard dude!
  10. Next week may decide the season

    Yeah, I wish I could get the radio broadcast. I was watching the game-cast. Talk about painful. I didn't know who won for several minutes. I could tell we were in the red zone, but had no idea what happened. Then they updated and the thing said 13 seconds to play Pitt 24 Cincy 18. I knew something happened, so I was running back and forth between the TV (of course there was no update) and my office to check the computer. Geez. how many times do I have to watch AZ or Oakland lose!!
  11. Bengals Problems!

    Maybe Deon Sanders will come back. He's familiar with the town. If we can talk him out of taking the Atlanta job, maybe he can put his skills to work.
  12. Upper cut, upper cut -OR- body blow

    I'll go with Melissa Stark. Oh, wrong question. I agree - RUDI! RUDI! RUDI! He just seems like one of those guys who get better as the game goes on. I only get to see ESPN highlights, so correct me if I'm wrong - he seems like he can take on Ray Lewis. I'm not sure CD can do that.
  13. predictions - Lets get it started

    Since the AZ game, the team seems to be much more focused. This is going to be a tough game, but I just have a feeling Marvin will have them prepared for whatever the Raven D throws at 'em. Bengals D should be able to shut them down. I'll sheepishly predict Cincy 27 Other scumbags, er, Baltimore 17
  14. Baltimore has no fan site?

    Cool. I did a google search for Raven's fan sites. Found one, but getting in the chat room was like trying to break into Fort Knox. I'll check out your site. Thanks!
  15. Next week may decide the season

    This game scares me. Baltimore can put up serious points and their defense is evil. We can win but our game will have to be flawless. The D has to step up and play a full 60 minutes. We already know the O can play a full 60 minutes - as proven today. SCREW THE STEELERS!
  16. Happy Thanksgiving

    jbengals1 - very nice. I was going to start this topic myself, so here goes: 1 - I'm thankful for all the obvious - family, friends, health, to be living in this great country, but mostly for my beautiful wife and wonderful 4 year-old son 2 - I'm thankful for football 3 - I'm thankful for Marvin Lewis 4 - I'm thankful for Katie and Troy Blackburn's wisdom and Mike Brown's wake-up call 5 - I'm thankful for Rudi Johnson because he made CD realize he can be replaced 6- I'm thankful for this website, so I can share the Bengals' Return with all of you Happy Thanksgiving!
  17. Are you Bandwagon Bengals or REAL fans?

    Lambert58: I agree it doesn't matter how long you've been posting. I just recently found this site. But I've been a Bengals fan for 30+ years. Funny, I always thought true fans stuck with their team thru thick-n-thin. We've had plenty of thin and are still here. We boo our team/mangagement because we love them, not because we hate them. We get excited when our team wins. We'll be plenty excited this weekend. Speaking of bandwagon fans: I was over at McSteeler checking out your Top 10 Reasons Steelers Beat Bengals post. Very creative. (You know what they say - when fact fails convert to fiction. If your team could convert third downs (33%) they way you convert fact, you guys might be in first place!) Anyway, I noticed that only 6 people responded to your post. Your own fan, Terry12, admits the Steelers are bad. Don't talk to us about bandwagon - you're so buy twirling your flaming baton out front of the wagon, you don't even notice people jumping off the thing! Go bang your monkey somewhere else!
  18. Bengals Luck is over

    Kirkendall said: "But I have to agree with you on another point, I'd definately be for the Steelers if the Bengals didn't make the playoffs and the Steelers somehow did." Dude! Are you crazy? I'd never support those guys - EVER! Wake up and smell the stinch floating from upriver. Even if they beat us I won't give them props. Those guys can firmly plant their lips on my backside!! BTW, anyone know why my Quote thingy won't work? You know how you click on the button and it puts your quote in a white box? It was working and now it's not. Some kind of Pittsburgh cyber-attack?
  19. Bengals Luck is over

    God bless Boobie Clark.
  20. Bengals Best Bolts

    I didn't get to watch the game. In Phoenix they televised the KC/Oak game (ugh! Every week it's GB, SF, Denver or Oakland! I hate it, but that's another story. San Diego is closer than any of them and the Cards are never on the TV cause they can't get 12 people to the game.) I did keep up with the game over the internet, although I couldn't get streaming audio. You know it's a good year when you're willing to follow the game on play-cast, waiting for the stupid thing to refresh. It was worth it and actually kind of exciting in a sick way!! Everytime I checked, the Bengals were moving the ball. Yeah, that old "here we go again" feeling was lingering late in the game, but once again they got to finish the game by taking a knee. This isn't the same team I watched play the Cardinals. They're much better. If they can win 2 or 3 more, I'll consider it a great season. The past decade has been painful. Thankfully, once again, it's fun to be a Bengals fan. Cheers to all my brothers (and sisters) in Cincy. I wish I could be back home to enjoy this with you all. I'm trying to convince my wife we need to move back to the motherland, but she says "why the hell would I leave Arizona to live in Ohio?!" Forgive her ignorance.
  21. Bengals vs. Chargers

    In the last two games, San Diego has given up 65 points, 900+ yards & 53 first downs. Bengals' 23rd ranked defense against San Diego's 23rd rank offense - defense wins. Bengals 14th ranked offense against SD's 30th ranked defense - offense wins. Two keys to the game: 1) Kitna. If he shows up, it's over. If not, it'll be close. I was at the AZ game. I think if he'd thrown a better ball that day, they would have won. 2) Run defense. If they shut down Tomlinson, it'll be a blow out. If I can figure it out, so can Marvin. I like the way he gets the team focused. I think they'll be dialed in for this one. They got to SD yesterday to adjust to the time. It's the little things that win games. Probably the only time this year I'll get to do this: Bengals 41 SD 10
  22. Our Boltz your Catz

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Chargers. I actually proposed to my wife at a 1989 pre-season game at Jack Murphy - Bolts vs. Cards. Planned on doing it at the beach after the game, but the half-time fireworks made a great back drop. Hey, any dork can propose at the beach. Only a real man proposes at a football game!! BTW - she said yes immediately and I spilled my beer. I always thought that a bad omen, but 14 years later so far so good. Okay enough sissy talk. I'm glad Junior's gone. He's getting old but is always a gamer. We need a physical DB to handle Boston - the guy's a monster. Nail Flutie a couple times. If Marvin can keep everyone focused, this game will put us at +1.
  23. Sore Losers

    Man those KC fans are bitter. Cincy won't be their only loss this year. When I watched Tony G's post game interview, I swear he was on the edge of a breakdown; tears in his eyes, a quivering voice. If it wasn't for the painfully long drought the Bengals have made us suffer through, I'd say it would be better to watch the Chiefs self-destruct than see the Bengals make the playoffs. Now I'm no fool, so I'll take the playoffs and seeing the Bengals b*$ch slap KC again will be great fun!!
  24. Another Slap in the Face!!!!!!!!!

    The local radio guys actually didn't say much about the Bengals after the game. They mostly smacked the Cards around for showing absolutlely zero progress. The Bengals should have won that game but they could never get into the flow. Kitna didn't throw a good ball that day. Since the week before the KC game they've been talking about the Bengals. Mostly it was "how stupid is Chad Johnson? These guys are going to get punked. Chad Johnson is nobody. KC is great, blah, blah, blah...." It's been a different tune since Sunday. I don't take the local paper, so I have no idea what they're saying. Damn, it's great getting all the attention, but I hope it's not too much too soon. I just keep saying - don't wake me, I'm dreaming! Isn't it nice to hear CD change his tune. It's amazing what winning will do. Hey, we got room on that wagon for Corey? Whatever - we can sure use a guy with his talent. But no more chances!
  25. Another Slap in the Face!!!!!!!!!

    Living in Phoenix I've been hearing a bunch of crap about the Cards game. I was at the game with my sister's boyfriend who came in from Cincy. We were amazed by the number of Bengals-clad folks walking around the stadium - it was great! I'd say about 20-percent of the fans were Bengals fans. Granted that's still only a couple thousand, but still.... I've been a Bengals fan since the early 70s. I've taken a lot of crap from my co-workers. Most just think it's funny that the Bengals actually have such passionate fans - what's that say about them if their team starts losing? They're all fans of Denver, Dallas, San Fran, Minnesota and Green Bay. There's only 1 Card fan in my office. I haven't lived in Cincy since the late 80s, but I bet through all those years the fans were still better than the pathetic bunch out here. Anyway, the point is that our wagon is going to get fat fast. I remember it happening back in the first Super Bowl year. You know what? Let 'em come. It makes it fun!