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  1. Canadian Beer Commercial

    Yo man - you need to shut the f**k up. I don't give a f**k about you and sissy ass Canadian or European mother f**kers. You got that. I'll bitch-slap your ass back to the damn dark ages. We don't need to take s**t from some bitch ass mother f**kers that we had to save from themselves - twice!! Europe gave us Nazism and Communism. It's the most evil continent on the face of the Earth. You think they're better than us cause they've got nude beaches? f**k you. You think we're an empire? What the f**k public school system did you graduate from? Tell me one place that we've colonized in the past 50, 60, 70 years. Oh wait, you must be talking about The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which became part of the United States in Nov. 1986. Or maybe you're talking about Alaska and Hawaii entering the Union in 1959. Or maybe you don't know what the f**k you're talkin' about and should just shut the f**k up.
  2. Favorite Movies

    These days I mostly get to watch kids movies - Shrek is great. All time, geez...American Pie 1 is pretty damn funny. I like several Adam Sandler movies. Midnight Run with Robert DeNiro is a movie I'll watch everytime it's on. Black Hawk Down and Red Dawn are good, too. World According to Garp is good, but I liked the book better. John Irving has some pretty good stories to tell, though his recent work isn't as good - IMHO. Favorite movie not yet released (or made!!): Boobie and Sandra Bullock at the Motel 6!!
  3. Music

    #1: Rock & Country #2: Rock - Rolling Stones, The Who, Allman Bros., Lynyrd Skynyrd & old Van Halen Country - No favorites #3: Wife bought me Keith Urban's Golden Road CD for Xmas #4: No instruments - not a bad singer though #5: Last concert was Kenney Chesney/Tim McGraw (couple years ago, Cricket Pavillion, Phoenix) and it was great, but the best concerts I've seen are: The Who, 1989, Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego Triumph, mid 80s, Riverbend Jimmy Buffet, mid 80s, Kings Island #6: Concert I most want to see: Janet Jackson's bare-breasted ass at the Super Bowl - if only....
  4. Forum Member Diversity

    I tried to get on with the FBI's forensic lab after leaving the Navy. They wouldn't take me since I didn't have a degree. I had the right clearance and experience but no dice. Really wanted to lay into the guy but thought it not a good idea to piss off the FBI!! Blown aorta. Wow, that must have been cool - well, maybe not for the subject. Triage was probably the worst thing I've ever done. Don't mean to be crude or make light, but once they're dead...it's the ones who live that haunt my memories. Some of the stuff I did and saw changed my life forever. As far as Gore goes, in the last election they talked about his service. There was much debate about what he actually did, but most people said he was well behind the lines and had some bodyguards - since his daddy was a Senator back then. Don't know what the truth is. To be fair, when I was in the bush they always sent a couple Marines along. You can't shoot a gun and a camera at the same time!!
  5. Forum Member Diversity

    Wasn't Al Gore a journalist over there? You guys should have shot his ass while you had the chance. My photos were published in several places. Many went to the Pentagon. It wasn't all fun-n-games. When we had down-time we had to do other shoots - like take pictures of clap-infested, log-pole size peckers after leaving Subic Bay. (Got to love the PI - love it long time.) Those went to D.C. as well; nice color, glossy 8x10. The Soviets were our targets in the late 80s, Saddam in the early 90s. Flew many missions around Soviet ships to gather intel, over beach heads to help the Marines plan assaults and spent some time in the jungle. Most of the time I didn't know where the photos went or what they were used for. Worked with an F-14 squadron in the Gulf. Helped get aerial recon for retaliation in '93 after the Iraqis tried to hit Bush I. We bombed an intel center and some other stuff. Lots of other Spook crap. It was cool though.
  6. Forum Member Diversity

    I graduated from Deer Park High in Cincy (1984), went to Wilmington College for awhile, joined the Navy for 9 years as a combat photographer stationed with jar heads on an amphib, been out for 10 years this September. Wanted to go to Central/South America to be a photo journalist - got married instead. It's all combat one way or the other! Currently work as a Geographic Information Specialist for RBF Consulting - a civil engineering firm in north Phoenix.
  7. Clarett wins vs the NFL...

    Hey Billy, what happened to you last weekend? Did you end up in Vegas? I went to Ty's in Flag. Left Surprise @ 3:00, got there @ 5:00, watched the game, left @ 9:00, home by 11:00.
  8. Clarett wins vs the NFL...

    You're right. And this guy just keeps bangin' on it!!
  9. Clarett wins vs the NFL...

    Clarett can f**k himself. He's a punk. I wish OSU would just cut ties with him cause he's never been anything more than dead weight. Could OSU have won the Fiesta Bowl without him? Maybe not. But in the end is it worth it? It's like selling your soul to the devil. If this is the price, I'd rather not be National Champs - and I am a life long Buckeye. My world stops when OSU plays. The guy has been nothing but trouble, and he's not a team player. But you know some team will pick him up. Just like they did Lawrence Phillips. They'll get what they deserve. In the end, he'll be another CD. Frankly, I'm sick of all these kids coming out. I don't begrudge the money they get. I love money. I'm not jealous. I'm a 38 year-old, overweight, white guy with no skills. What the hell would I be jealous about? It's not like they're getting an opportunity I equally deserve. LeBron James was refering to himself as "LeBron" before Cleveland ever drafted him. "LeBron love ballin'", "LeBron don't care where he go", "LeBron gotsa new ride". Lebron can kiss my ass. And so can Maurice. I agree. Let's hope the Bengals can resist the temptation - though I don't view it as very tempting. And even more important, let's hope Coach Tressel doesn't bring him back.
  10. Attitude at the Jungle

    I haven't been to a Bengals games in Cincy since the mid-80s. I don't know what y'all are like at games. Cardinals fans, even the hard-core (yes, both of them) are pretty tame. They'll get into fights with Cowboys fans, even though they're outnumbered, and get a little rowdy, but it ain't Oakland. What about PBS? Is it like Oakland? Philly? If it isn't, how would you guys feel about it becoming a nasty place to play? A place where they throw batteries at the other team? A place where they have a court in the stadium? Okay, maybe not like Philly but you get the idea. My four-year old son is standing here asking me what I'm doing. He's already a Bengals fan. I'm such the proud dad. He kills me when he says Go Buckeyes! Well, he wants to type a little something to you all. Sorry. tomiboiiyiymyotiybiohbkmbhotmykhtymotkhhkomnpoynmlynoymkoyynmoynmynpoynohyoiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiroimrtoinrnhjjhjij And there ya have it. We're off to Disney dot com to play Kim Possible. Is the Super Bowl on yet?
  11. " Homecoming for me "

    Sorry Josh. You gotta move out here to Arizona to become an official lizard. Feel free to drop your tail anytime after that. Right now in Prescott Arizona, it's 12:30 am Saturday, and it's a balmy 32 degrees. That's right. We pay for it from May until October with 100+ degrees, but right now (Saturday, 2:50 am), it's a brisk 48 in Surprise (NW of Phoenix). And today it will be a very bitter, but sunny, 67 degrees. Believe it or not, we're freezing our asses off now, too. When it's 115+ in the summer, 48 is not warm. This is our 10th summer here, hated the previous 9, wanted to get the hell out of here. Had a pool built recently and can't wait for summer - bring it on! Wish I could join you all in taunting Spikes. Screw him. Where I am, I've got snow piled up 4 or 5 feet. Now that's from where I've used the snowblower to clean out the driveway and sidewalks, but that's still a pretty good amount. We've actually got about 12 to 14 inches on the ground, because its just higher than the top edge of my smaller snowthrower. Last night when I had to go out and get my friend who was stranded, it was 8 degrees, snowing, and about a 20 mph wind. I've got a Wrangler by the way, and I've been wanting to get to Arizona badly to do some off roading. Don't know that I'd want to move there, but I sure would like to visit from time to time. The standing joke up here is that we only have 2 seasons. Winter and the 4th of July. Sometimes that's not too far off the mark. Back to Spikes ............ Dillon gave me an idea when he threw his jersey etc. into the stands after the last game. When Spikes shows up anybody who has an old Spikes jersey should throw it at him. If they wanted to weigh it down with a couple of rocks to make sure it got there, that'd be OK too. After all he is wearing all that equipment and stuff so there's no way it'd hurt him AND it'd probably make everyone else feel a lot better in the bargain. Same could be done for Dillon when he shows up at PBS wearing the wrong clothes. Would be kinda like throwing the other teams home run balls back onto the field in baseball. God I don't miss that weather. I lived in Detroit for three years and I used to shovel my ass off. Forget about it. There's some awesome off-road tracks and trails. Your Wrangler would love it. I just got rid of an XJ that had a 3" lift and 31's on it. I loved the thing, the wife hated it. Now I roll around in an Explorer. It will get me where I need to go, but not where I want to go! Up by Billy, outside Prescott, there's a State maintained off-highway trail system. It's nice up there, but what I've seen is fairly tame. Then there's the back road to Crown King and the Old Senator Highway from there atop the Bradshaw mountains into the southside of Prescott. Too many others to even start. If you every decide to come this way, I can give you some good info. If you come in the summer, almost the entire state is in a fire restriction. Too many idiots starting forrest fires, so they either completely shut down the forrest or make you stay within a very small buffer on major fire roads only. The best place to go in the summer is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I went with a friend last summer - the only place you could have a fire in the entire state. It took about 3 hours or so from Flagstaff. I don't know about extreme 4 wheeling, but you can get out on some fire roads that roll through awesome coutnry and you'll find camp sites with no people for miles and miles. It was amazing. We didn't have time to go but you can go all the way to the edge of the canyon. It's worth the trip. And back to football - good idea about the jersey toss. Is security at PBS cool or would they toss your ass. Wouldn't you love to load it with nickles and quarters - or rocks! That gives me an idea for another post.
  12. " Homecoming for me "

    Sorry Josh. You gotta move out here to Arizona to become an official lizard. Feel free to drop your tail anytime after that. Right now in Prescott Arizona, it's 12:30 am Saturday, and it's a balmy 32 degrees. That's right. We pay for it from May until October with 100+ degrees, but right now (Saturday, 2:50 am), it's a brisk 48 in Surprise (NW of Phoenix). And today it will be a very bitter, but sunny, 67 degrees. Believe it or not, we're freezing our asses off now, too. When it's 115+ in the summer, 48 is not warm. This is our 10th summer here, hated the previous 9, wanted to get the hell out of here. Had a pool built recently and can't wait for summer - bring it on! Wish I could join you all in taunting Spikes. Screw him.
  13. And the Con Man Continues...

    How about if it's over 100, they have to go topless? Then the capital could be Phoenix, where it's about 100 from May until October!!
  14. And the Con Man Continues...

    What?! Are you kidding me? You actually justify saying Pete's not all over the HOF because his gear is ONLY in the museum? I haven't been there, so I don't know about the layout, but come on...that's just a silly argument. Are all you bashers prepared to have everything Rose-related removed from EVERY part of the HOF? Baseball is making money off him. They're selling his autographed balls in the HOF store. Wasn't he on-field for the greatest team crap they had a few years ago? What was that all about? They get to pick how they want to use him? If they're really going to ban him, then all references to Pete Rose should now and forever be removed from any and all MLB sanctioned items, events, etc.
  15. And the Con Man Continues...

    Alright. I can live with your argument. Pimping his gear might violate the spirit of the ban, but not the ban itself. Sammy Sosa isn't much of a ball player, but he get jack it. Some would argue that's enough to get him into the HOF. Maybe, though I don't agree. But let's say it is enough. Is he disqualified for being a cheat?
  16. And the Con Man Continues...

    Hey, I don't care what Rose did. If they can let crack heads like Strawberry and Steve Howe back in the league, I don't what to hear about what a terrible person Rose is. Did they ever say he bet while playing or just as a manager? Fine, don't put him in as a manager. He was a better player anyway. The fact is that Pete's already in the HOF many times over. If they don't want him there, they should give back the unis, bats, balls, bases, cards, programs and anything else that has his name on it. Remove his name from World Series trophies, pictures and game programs. They want to punish him AND make a buck off him. If I ever get to the HOF, the first thing I'm going to do is search for the Rose items. He was a childhood hero to me and all my friends. Probably to many of you as well. Tell me baseball hasn't been harmed by the strikes, by the tied All-Star game, by David Wells book. Go ahead, tell me that. Why do you guys want Rose's head? I just don't get it.
  17. AZ Cardinals

    Looks like the Cards are bringing on Denny Green. Living in Phoenix, I've tried to be a Cardinal supporter, but the past 10 years have been really tough. Yes they've recently been to the playoffs, so I don't mean to compare them to our beloved Bengals, but they never sell out Sun Devil Stadium. I and many others are not inclined to shell out $ for a 12" piece of metal without chair backs. Anybody ever been to a game out here? They get about 20,000+/-. It's pathetic. Now, that said, I did go in on season tickets this past year and took the Bengals game. I got the Ravens game too, but sold them. If I remember it was still about 100 degrees out here then. We paid $15 per seat. We're building a new stadium in Glendale. I wonder how much the stadium and Green's $11 million contract will push up the prices. Anybody got info on Green? I know he was in MN for 10 years and had some trouble there, but otherwise I didn't pay much attention to him. Does he do a radio program? Is it any good? Does Marvin do a radio program? Thanks for the info.
  18. Ahmed Plummer

    Well, you're definitely right about the pass rush, but do you see them turning over the entire line? Probably just a couple or three or maybe just one big-time player. There's a lot of other changes that can be made. They can address the line and still sign a decent FA. I'd rather do that than bring in a draft pick. How many quality FAs came to the Bengals the past few years? For example, we haven't had a Jeremiah Trotter come here. I don't know what Trotter's doing in Washington, but he was a hell of a player when he left Philly. Who was our last Ray Lewis? The DBs might have been okay, but if we can make them better, why not?
  19. Ahmed Plummer

    Thanks. Winfield and Springs are also free agents. Springs is injury prone. Winfield is one of the best tackling CBs in the league. He's from Akron - probably grew up a Brown's fan! He was a 1st rounder (#23), taken after Bailey & McAlister. He could be a nice pick-up.
  20. Ahmed Plummer

    I'd take Plummer any day. If we could get him, Antoine Winfield, Mike Doss, Damon Moore and Shawn Springs, draft Chris Gamble - make it all Buckeye DBs. I'd be in heaven!! All those guys (except Plummer and not yet Gamble) were All-Americans. Mike Doss was a three time All-American. Put Springs/Gamble and Winfield/Plummer on the corners; Doss and Moore at the safties. Oh s**t, I'm about to wet my pants. Who had that free-agent link? Any of these other guys available this year? Alright, alright. I know it'll never happen, but a man can dream can't he? Maybe we could sign Maurice Clarett as a FA! Okay, maybe not. He'll probably be playing for the Garden City CC Broncbusters or the Scottsdale Community College Artichokes.
  21. Excited about the team

    Copy what Billy said. I'm a Nav Vet - 9 years. Spent too much time in the Gulf. Much cooler to be home with the dish and Sunday Ticket. I know what you mean about always finding a way to get the score. I was on an amphib off Alaska's Aleutian Islands for Super Bowl XXIII. The Skipper had every scoring update announced. It was killin' me!! Definitely much cooler to be home. BTW, where's home? You never know who you might meet running around the Bengal Nation. Ain't that right Billy? Welcome!
  22. Favorite Bengal of all time

    Favorite - I was a big Tommy Casanova fan when I was a kid. More recently, David Fulcher. Least favorite - Levi Jones drives me crazy. If coaches count, I never really liked David Shula either.
  23. sorry, cannot bash corey dillon

    I heard Steve Czaban talking abou this on KGME 910 sports radio in Phx. He said that if we release CD after June 1, his bonus can be defered over two years, which would be about $1.5 mil per year (if I heard him right). He also made it sound like his salary wouldn't be counted against the cap. I'm not a cap wizard, that's just what the guy said or implied.
  24. Corey Bashers!!!

    Dude, you're killin' me. I'm sittin' over here trippin' on this. People are really frustrated - a lot of people. I love it! It's good to see a little love for the team. No more monkeys bangin' in the jungle - it's time to bitch like family. Let's hear it. I know why you all want CD. Too bad he doesn't want to be here - just like Spikes. You want us to cry about? Not going to happen. I'm not smackin' Mike Brown for CD bein' a punk. Check out the same little game being played by Terrell Owens. Where are the 49ers? What about Keyshawn Johnson or Charles Woodson? Where are their teams? Corey Dillon? Well, he's not the reason we didn't make the playoffs. He's also not the reason we played for it in our last game.
  25. Jim Fassel

    Billy - we'll have to hit the road. Maybe we can catch them in San Diego or Denver or Dallas before the next 8 years. Or better yet, I think just go home and hang with our Bengal family at PBS.