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  1. Cincy Favorites

    I remember The Bat. I remember walking by it all the time thinking "man that would be cool to ride" cause the damn thing was always closed. Didn't they have a serious accident (i.e., death) on that thing or was that another ride?
  2. Cincy Favorites

    How about this one: "I'm Al Shottlekotte (sp?). It's 11:00. Do you know where your children are?" When I was a kid, that dude use to freak me out - just the way he said it. I remember the Cool Ghoul. And when Uncle Al would go visit the giant. It took me years to realize he was in the cave at the Natural History Museum. I honestly feel very fortunate to have grown up there. I feel sorry for my son - Phoenix is a s**tty place for a kid to grow up. Got to work on that.
  3. Cincy Favorites

    yeah, i miss kings island too. we don't have anything like that around here... I've been to Six Flags here, and it doesn't even begin to compare. I saw an episode of Newlyweds on MTV last week (I don't want to hear any sh!t for watching cuz Jessica Simpson is HOT) where they go to King's Island. It sure brought back allot of memories. I used to work at Kings Island back around '84/'85. Worked one Winterfest and one summer. Man, that was a great job! Haven't been back since but hope to take my kid there one day.
  4. Cincy Favorites

    You betcha! Shoenling "Little Kings", or "Little Green Monsters" as we called 'em! You could fit a s**tload into a cooler on ice on a hot summer day, and by time it was just starting to warm up, you were done and it was time for another ice cold one! It was about the only local beer I drank regularly. Man, I loved Little Kings!! What were those bottles - 7 oz.? I swear, one of these days I'm moving back to Cincinnati. The website Find Your Spot asks a bunch of questions about your interests, etc. and then spits out 20 or so spots that meet all your criteria. I've done that quiz several times (you can change your responses) and Cincinnati is always my number 1 city. It's my destiny!
  5. Bill Parcels' Jap Attack

    ...or am I too insensitive? You guys hear about this? Apparently Parcels was talking about his QB coach and D coordinator in a press conference and made some reference to a Jap Attack - meaning suprise attack. There was a Japanese or Japanese-American reporter in the room and he wasn't offended. Of course someone from the Japanese-American Citizen's League was offended. My brother married a Japanese girl but I'm not calling Japan to find out if she's offended. Let's see, they bombed the s**t out of us, killed 2400, wounded 1200, destroyed 300+ aircraft and sunk 8 battleships. Coincident to this Parcels' story, it was a surprise attack!! Now that's offensive. Will Parcels weather the storm or will he be given the Marge Schott/John Rocker treatment? Is this just stupid s**t or do I need cultural awareness training?
  6. Bill Parcels' Jap Attack

    T - it's cool man. I don't mean to be condescending towards Kirkendall, but people feel compelled - consciously or otherwise - to stand and be counted. No matter how you position yourself, this conversation is always an emotional loser. Look, I don't know about this Japanese-American league dude, but because I am culturally aware, I think people in Japan might be embarrassed by his antics. People say s**t. It happens. You don't have a right to not be offended. I recall Dan Wilkinson and some Portland Trailblazer once made comments about the folks in their respective towns lynching them. Seems like that might piss some people off. I couldn't care less. They're big mouth dicks, what are you going to do? I'd guess there's about 350 - 400 members of this site. The fact that we're here means we all have something in common. And I'd bet not one of us looks like the other. It's not important. Unless you're a Frenchman...that's a different story.
  7. Pocono 500

    Pocono has 3 turns instead of 2 - it looks like a triangle vs. an oval.
  8. Bengal Pride

    I hear ya. I've been to several stores asking for gear. They usually have one t-shirt either XXS or XXL - it's buried under 50 Cowboy jerseys, 1000 Packers t-shirts, a Broncos penant, a Cardinals key chain, and a Dale Earnhardt sticker. My sister sends care packages from Cincy or I'd have nothing. I'll have to check to see if they're on the band wagon or should I say bank wagon.
  9. Bengal Pride

    I live Surprise, AZ - just outside Phoenix. Okay, so we're competing against the Cardinals. I was at the Cincy/AZ game last year and was amazed by the number of Bengals-clad fans walking around. It was a beautiful site!! All that said, just about everyone here is from somewhere else. Running into a native Arizonan is about as likely as running into a Bengals' fan!
  10. Bengal Pride

    I've got a Bengals shirt and wear it all the time - it's a comfortable shirt and a damn fine one, too. Every time I wear the thing someone makes a comment. Usually it's a surprised "Bengals!?!". I just laugh. I've also got a Bengals 2004 wall calendar hanging over my work desk. People always comment on it. Occassionally it's childish (Clevelander?) and rude (Baltimoron?) but people seem to be sincerely interested in talking about the Bengals. It's amazing after all these years.
  11. uni pics galore

    I hope your underwear doesn't reflect your statement here. As far as change for the Bengals...I'm all for it! Think about it! It's time for a change. In the former uni's we were the BUNGLES (sorry...but I'm siding with Barbarian on this point only! ) The transformation is occuring, and the Bengals will re-emerge!! Now Marvin Lewis is turning this organization around, and the look MUST follow suit!! Out with the old losing traditions and in with the new winning look and spirit!! :player: I'm with you. When I first saw the jerseys I thought World League. Now that I've seen the combos, I can live with it. They're not too far out of line with what the Seahawks did. I didn't like theirs at first but they're not terrible. I think Cincy's are more dramatic. Let's hope for an equally enthusiastic effort on the field.

    All you guys are far more schooled than I am on the Bengals, Dillon, etc. I just don't have time to keep up but often read through the posts. CD is obviously a big topic. The Redskins gave LB Jeremiah Trotter permission to seek a trade. I loved the guy when he played for Philly. He was a bust the first year with the 'skins but picked it up last year. I can't think of any 'skins player who has had a great year since Snyder took over. Trotter is going into the 3rd year of a 7 year, $36 mil contract. He's 6'1", 262 lbs, 27 yrs old and has 7 years experience. He had 113 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 INT and 1 forced fumble last year. Would we benefit in a straght up Dillon for Trotter trade? I don't even know if the 'skins need a RB. We might not need a LB. Is this better or worse than a 2, 3 or 4 pick?

    Well, there you have it. I feel like I've been stuck in a cave. Working 12 hours a day, commuting 162 miles round trip, and when not making a real living I work on my own website. What can I say? Okay, work with me here. If the 'skins needed a back...would this type of trade interest any of you? I know most of you prefer a lineman or d'back. That said, would Trotter make the Bengals a better team? And if so, do we have a body to pull it off?

    Billy, what the hell are you doing up so late? You should be over at my website!!
  15. @#$&!!! CB Now Priority 1

    That team is Ray Lewis'. He isn't going to take any of TO's s**t. The only thing holding TO back was his attitude. After he gets bitchs-slapped by Lewis, he might be even better. There QB situation isn't great, but they won it all with Dilfer. This isn't good. It may not be the end of the world, but it's not good. There's got to be someone in our backfield that can line up against that guy or it'll get ugly. Dealing with Heap is enough and this adds another threat. This division is going to get tougher and tougher to play in. If Marvin can keep us on track, these next few years will be a blast to watch!
  16. J.Lewis busted on drug charges

    What a freakin' crock of s**t. Okay, if you do your time the crime shouldn't be held over your head. But come on, a first time offender? This whole thing is whack. If you look at it, this would have been the first offense in chronological order. So lets say he can't be busted as a two time drug offender, isn't there something about bringing shame to the league or, damn I can't think of the wording, but you know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's not a league policy. Perhaps a team policy or contractual issue. All that said, I don't want to give the guy soap on a rope and tell him to be careful where he bends over, if you know what I mean. At this point it's all speculation. But IF he is guilty, I can't believe he would be treated as a first time offender.
  17. J.Lewis busted on drug charges

    February 25, 2004 RAVENS’ STATEMENT ON JAMAL LEWIS General manager Ozzie Newsome’s statement on Jamal Lewis “We are aware of the situation and we’re trying to learn more. These allegations go back to 2000, prior to Jamal’s first training camp and contract. We’ve talked with Jamal, and he’s returning to Atlanta to meet with authorities. We believe in due process, and Jamal will have his day in court. There are two sides to every story. From what we know of the charges, these seem out of character for the Jamal we know.” >>>>>>>>>>> Right, this isn't the same guy who was suspended for four games after violating the NFL's substance and alcohol abuse policy. I don't care whether or not the Bengals benefit. Any bad day for a Ravens' fan is fun watching. Notice how Newsome tries to distance the team from Lewis - "These allegations go back to 2000, prior to Jamal’s first training camp and contract." Is that a statement of support or CYA spin?
  18. Clarett ain't no Earl Campbell

    ESPN ran a piece on Earl Campbell this morning - anyone see it? At the beginning they implied that Clarett has no idea what he's getting into, but the story really didn't say much about him after that. Campbell, considered one of the most punishing backs ever, looks like an old man. I think he said he's 48 (didn't take the time to research) but when I saw him I thought "man, he looks like he's in his 60s". Gray hair and beard, fat, can barely walk and has to use a cane. He looks awful. Now, he did say he wishes he'd run out of bounds more often instead of over people, so maybe Clarett won't end up the same way. All I can say is... ...good luck Maurice.
  19. Canadian Beer Commercial

    You sure know all the buzz words - spewing venom!! Oh, that's a good one. Your parents should sue the Maryland public schools - their tax money was wasted. But I'm sure they're proud of you. I have nothing else to say to you - probably much to the delight of everyone on this board.
  20. Canadian Beer Commercial

    Bottom line is you're pathetically ignorant when it comes to basic American freedoms and America's role in the world. You didn't criticize a facet; you said America makes you sick and made some incredibly stupid comment about building an empire. Your mouth got ahead of your brain and now you don't know how to get out of it, so you attack me. I never said you couldn't run your trap. I didn't say you had to shut up. I said you need to shut up. You are free to speak your mind but freedom of speech doesn't protect you from criticism, otherwise you would be violating my rights. Is that your intention? You've got the tables turned. I responded to you and you got your panties in a bunch. See, that's what the Taliban does. They put out some stupid s**t, people respond and the Taliban cuts their heads off. Not in this country, regardless of what you'd like to do to people who share my viewpoint. I've found there are three kinds of liberals: 1. The intellectually immature. Those are people who just don't have enough experience to know better - usually college age and younger. 2. The intellectually incapable. Those are people who will never have sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the world around them. 3. The intellectually dishonest. Those are people who know they are wrong but perpetuate their lies to maintain control over groups 1 & 2. Since I don't know you, it's hard to tell which group you belong to but it's most likely 1 or 2. You have a lot to learn about this world.
  21. Canadian Beer Commercial

    This has got to be the best damn quote I think I've ever heard.... I'm with Boobie on this...I live in a foreign country, I see what people think of America. But I tell them how it really is...People hate America cause they see bullox on TV, either from tv shows or very biased news outlets....I can't count how many times I've had to explain things to clueless people that were flapping their jaws about how bad and evil America is...And they tend to go oh, really...didn't know that and then they turn around and shut the f**k up... I don't think America needs naked women on free TV talking about sex...I don't want to hear profanity all the time on TV...Kids do watch this stuff...Have you seen how many little kids acting way too grown up? It ain't good! (For the record I work at a school for girls...I see it everyday) I've seen the effects of allowing profanity, nudity on TV, lax drinking laws, and "liberal" views on things...It's where America is heading if things don't change and it ain't a good place to go... kevnz- some people just don't get it. Kirkendall - believe me, I'm with you. I've mentioned many times that I have a young son. He has no idea what I do. Is that hypocritical? Hey, whatever. I'm just a guy trying to make a buck. I'm not pushing it on anybody. I don't use spam. They have to come find me. They freely decide to buy what I market. I tell my wife everyday that I want to move back home. She's from Omaha, which is probably even more conservative than Cincinnati. I can't stand raising my kid in this city. My regular job won't ever make it possible for us to get out of here. Starting an Internet porn business is only one of a couple different enterprises I've got going. The money I make from them will let me live my life on my terms. It's a battle my conscience fights every day, but in the end, people have to make decisions for themselves - that goes for my customers. BillyBroome - I haven't known you very long, but I definitley think there's something wrong with you!!
  22. Canadian Beer Commercial

    Alright, one idiot’s point at a time: 1) This is the quote that started the whole thing. I don't have a problem with the commercial. You're like the Dixie Chicks - you want to run that gash on your face and then portray hurt feelings when someone calls you out. 2) I'm fully aware of the cultural divide in this country. I'm not selling porn on the church steps or at the school house. It's on the Internet, which is generally a subscription service and not free, national TV. It’s not even free porn, it’s a subscription service. I only brought up the porn issue to make the point that this wasn't about the commercial but about him trashing this country. 3) Is this supposed to be an insult? I don't like you because you're an a**h*** not because of what you think about me. I don't like you because punks like you are going to get people killed. Boy, you don't know s**t about what makes people despise this country. You ever been out of this country? Wait, let me guess – Mummy and Poppy paid for your college trip to France? You ever been to a third world country? You ever been to a Muslim country? If not, you need to spend less time on this site, less time listening to NPR and CNN and more time educating yourself. 4) The "veteran clause", huh? You are incapable of following an argument. Your friend brought up the F-16s over his house and said he knows what it is to be an American. He was trying to imply some special insight because he lives close to the site of the attack. He threw his meat on the table. I was just comparing size. I don't care if other countries laugh at us. We are the most charitable people to ever grace this planet. I served this country so US citizens can live freely. I don't care about Europe. Yes the French did help us gain independence, but they've been repaid many times over. Let's not forget that we (amongst others) saved the French in Vietnam. They colonized the place but couldn’t handle it, which seems typical for the French. They got out, we got f**ked. We saved their ass in both World Wars. For a people that had a thousand-year head start on us isn't it odd they're not any more advanced than a country that's been around only 225 years? I couldn’t possibly care less about changing your mind. I’m not on a crusade. But, you start trashing this country and you’re going to get it back. You might be free to run that hole in your face, but that doesn’t mean you can do it with impunity. Instead of being embarrassed by this country, you should be embarrassed by your own deficiencies.
  23. Music

    It's 11:45 pm and about 45 degrees in the Phoenix area. Up where Billy lives it's about 25. He's in a more mountainous area at about 5300'+, Phx is in the low desert, a valley, at about 1200'. BTW, it'll be 80ish out here next weekend!! I once read a Willie Nelson interview a year or so ago in a country music magazine. The guy is amazing. He's nearly 70, still jogs several miles a day, plays golf all the time and does hundreds of shows a year. Not to mention he smokes pot all day. He said he can't remember the last time he bought pot because someone is always giving it to him. Don't want to glamorize his lifestyle, but if you're Willie, it's got to be a good life.
  24. Music

    Billy, you kill me!!
  25. Canadian Beer Commercial

    I know exactly what neo-colonialism is, and while it would be difficult to argue that we don't influence others through economic and political means, we certainly don't do it through language or culture. Come live in the Southwest and then tell me we're pushing language and culture. You said empire and this is not empire building. See, what's really going on is that you are practicing cultural colonialism, which emasculates a nation through its education system as well as other aspects of cultural life, including art, theater, cinema and television. You did say that we need to take a hint from Europe and I'm telling you to f**k yourself. I'm not God, but I can pass judgment because I'm an intelligent, thinking person and I know wrong when I see it. I'm not some spineless p***y. And if you can't pass judgment on Nazism or Communism, then you my friend are a Frenchman, which is no different than being a p***y. Just so you can get that "I'm much cooler and sophisticated" stick out of your ass, I happen to be putting together an Internet Porn empire. No, that's not a typo. I'm a smut peddler. Still think I need to lighten up? Maybe after you remove that stick you can come buy a pocket p***y from my website. I never said one word about the Super Bowl. My problem with you is your anti-American p***y-ass bull s**t. And I don't give a good god-damn about F-16s over your house. You want to swing your meat around? Wrap your hands around this: I live near Luke Air Force Base and they're over my house as I type this. I live near Palo Verde nuclear power plant, which is constantly under threat. I worked on the flight deck of the USS Nimitz and USS Belleau Wood. I've put my life on the line against the Soviets. I've defended your freedom of speech. I've defended your right to be a dumb ass. I've defended my right to tell you to go f**k yourself and I'm exercising that right.