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  1. Hope all but lost for Odell

    Calm down Gregory. All I did was ask why it was moved. If you can't answer the question, then why respond ? And asking a question does not equal "having a beef". But it does seem like you have one with me. We root for the same team. Remember? There are a lot of players that are no longer Bengals, does that mean they aren't worthy of the Bengals forum? The dude was drafted by the Bengals, and was released 2 weeks ago under what some thought were "heartless and unreasonable" circumstances. Whether he is still on the Bengals roster or not, it's still Bengals news. Why close a thread because you don't want to talk about the topic? That's over-moderation at it's finest. I can "drone" on about it on A LOT of Bengals forums. None of them moved it to another Forum. I was just asking why this board was so quick to move Bengals news out of the Bengals forum is all. Geez.
  2. My Brother...

    I feel your loss. My Brother died of heart failure at the age of 42 back in February. I also lost an Aunt in January, and my Step Dad in March of this year. No farewell words were spoken. No time for good-byes. You were taken so suddenly. And only God knows why. R.I.P. And may God carry you and your family through this awful time in your lives.
  3. Hope all but lost for Odell

    Well, I did post it on 2 other sites, then went to login here, forgot my password and had to be emailed another. And can I ask why my thread was moved to the NFL forum? Odell was drafted by the Bengals, was cut by the Bengals just 2 weeks ago, and will probably never play for another team now. So even though he isn't with the team anymore, it is still Bengals news. I doubt a thread made about Anthony Munoz, Boomer or other former Bengals would have been moved. Are we only allowed to talk about former Bengals that left on good terms or that you all deem worthy, in the Bengals forum? No big deal. Just wonder why you all are so quick to move threads here. Ecspecially one that is very Bengals related.
  4. Hope all but lost for Odell

  5. Palmer Fires Back!!!!!!!!!!

    I`m sure someone could have recapped it better. But this is what I got . . . He said he was cold. He said he personally needs to watch every game, and find a way to iron out the negatives and find more positives. He said it`s hard watching other teams in the Playoffs. He said as a team they didn`t play well. But he needs to work on his own game. He needs to watch film on his game, and become a better player. He said he took 2 weeks off. And is working out now. He said there is a sense of urgency to get to the Playoffs, and Super Bowl. He says their window is still open. He says they knew that their season was over. And they were talking about how bad it sucked to not be in the Playoffs. He said it was a long year when he came back from the injury. And he is thankful for the people that helped him get back. He was asked about Chad. He said Chad is a big part. He is a star player. He said he is one of the better players in this league. He said Chad and TJ are 2 of the best players in this league, and they have to be on the same team. We all need to get on the same page. He said it is special to have Jordan on the team. Being 4 years older than him, they never had the opportunity to be on the same team. They are going to work out together. He said Jordan has his work cut out for him. But he has a good shot to make the team. He has to learn the Offense really fast, because he has 2 QBs that have a year in the Offense ahead of him. They said something about Carson voting for Jordan in the Heisman. He loves when the QB kisses the trophy and then hands it to the Coach or the Owner. He asked about Brady. He said he wished he had a chance at knocking them off (again). He said it`s unbelievable how they play. It`s fun and amazing. He wants to play in this league as long as he can. (He is pimping some G2 drink). He said he does everything he can to be in the best shape, and take care of his body the best he can. It`s over. That`s all I got . . .
  6. You act like Belichick took over one of the worst Franchises in all of sports, and has been rebuilding them ever since. Belichick followed one of the best Coaches in the NCAA. And before that, they were coached by a Hall of Fame Coach. They already had a foundation, and winning culture installed. Oh, and I would love to see how great the Patriots would have been if Brady wouldn`t have panned out . . .
  7. Because we need another Chad thread...

    That`s just dumb. Anyway, what does the Organization have to aplogize for ? Chad started out saying the rumors hurt him. Even though the rumor was cleared up MONTHS AGO. Now it has turned to he just wants to win. Like the other 52 players on the roster, the coaches, the Front Office doesn`t. Chad is the one in the wrong here. Accept it.
  8. http://www.springfieldnewssun.com/o/conten...greener_aw.html
  9. Because we need another Chad thread...

    That has to be taken as a shot at Carson . . . http://www.670thescore.com/topic/play_wind...audioId=1380129
  10. Because we need another Chad thread...

    Chad Johnson Bengals WR Chad Johnson stops by with the boys on radio row, and expresses an interest in playing here in Charlotte alongside Steve Smith. Hear the interview . . . http://www.wfnz.com/topic/play_window.php?...audioId=1381105
  11. Because we need another Chad thread...

    This is REALLY getting old. And I would gladly take the 7th overall pick from the Pats for him . . . http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patr...ough/?page=full
  12. Because we need another Chad thread...

    Chad has went on National broadcasts and said the same old stupid, uninformed, tired, lame and played out s**t. Mortenson made it clear that the team wanted Chad to tone it down. Mortensen SPECULATED that if he didn`t, the team MAY try and trade him. Chad has totally ignored that though. And keeps on crying about something that wasn`t EVER true. He looks like a complete immature dumbass right now. Quotes from Chad on October 22nd, right after Mortensen`s report of a trade . . . http://www.daytondailynews.com/s/content/o...07bennotes.html Quote from Chris Mortensen on October 24th 2007 . . . http://www.bengals.com/news/news.asp?story_id=6386 Quote from Mike Brown on November 4th 2007 . . . http://www.bengals.com/news/news.asp?story_id=6416 Now Chad is saying the rumors hurt him. That no one ever had his back ect ect bulls**t ect. Someone needs to send the quote from Mortensen to Chad. Because obviously he missed it, and Rosenhaus has failed to point it out to him . . .
  13. ArmyBengal is leaving Afghanistan !!!

    Congrats ! Thank you for your service ! And WELCOME HOME !!!
  14. Chad to Parcells: "Call me"

    John Thornton on Chad . . . http://www.jt97.com/lounge/?cat=5
  15. Odell Thurman